Independent high performance carbon fiber technology to break the international monopoly

Monopoly carbon fiber high performance international

kejiribao· 2016-11-16 11:20:03

map: Jiangsu constant God the first breakthrough in the domestic T1000G carbon fiber technology

science and Technology Daily News (reporter Wang Zhongliang Ding Xiuyu) "for the period after 4 and a half years Aerospace user evaluation in harsh, simple technology ZT7 series of carbon fiber first, to achieve a comprehensive stability in the field of batch application, first used the new defense equipment. To seize the high performance of domestic high performance carbon fiber. Recently, Yang Yonggang, general manager of the Polytron Technologies Inc, said in an interview with reporters, very proud to say.

carbon fiber material is a new material for the national economy and national defense construction, and is known as "black gold" ". Its production process is complex, spinning equipment, oxidation furnace, carbonization furnace, graphite furnace and other key equipment technical threshold is high, design and manufacture is difficult. China's carbon fiber industry started late, the core technology and key equipment for a long time by Japan, the United States and Western European countries monopoly, there are high performance carbon fiber production line, severely squeezed profit margins of domestic enterprises, restricting the industry development of domestic carbon fiber.

2008 in April, China Academy of Sciences, Shanxi Institute of coal chemistry raw carbon fiber research group leader Dr. Yang Yonggang led the technical team and the T700 carbon fiber preparation technology in Changzhou hi tech Zone, founded in Jan technology company. The company undertakes the Ministry of science and technology national high technology research and development program (863 Program) key project of high performance carbon fiber, after repeated testing thousands of times, mastered the key technology of the core production equipment, engineering equipment for production of more than 98% independent R & D and domestic manufacturing, key equipment to achieve full localization. Now the company has built a total of 1600 two tons of raw silk production line, the domestic first 300 tons / year of domestic ZT7 series of high-performance carbon fiber production line, and to achieve stable production. To achieve T300 grade, T700 grade, T800 grade engineering stabilization and M40J graphite fiber key technology breakthroughs, breaking the international monopoly of high performance carbon fiber technology. In 2015, the company's sales revenue reached 150 million yuan. The company has 8 patents, 14 utility model patents, and through the military license production of weapons and equipment, quality management system certification. To Dr. Yang Yonggang for key areas of science and technology innovation team leader of the honorary title of "aviation high performance carbon fiber innovation team.

"in September 27th, the Jiangsu provincial Party Secretary Li Qiang held a forum to listen to my speech, and encouraged us to put the carbon fiber into Jiangsu beautiful name card, Chinese made of carbon fiber industry benchmark enterprises. Last year, the company started 1000 tons / year of domestic T700 carbon fiber expansion project, will be completed in 2017 to run. We are now planning to build carbon fiber industrial park, aiming at the international carbon fiber materials leading edge technology, improve the development and production of carbon fiber series products. "Yang Yonggang said with confidence.

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