Air conditioning made easy, difficult to build! Miss Dong bumpy road cars


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"Miss Dong" equal to anything in the car Dong Mingzhu, this thing, is completely lost.

" - source: Oriental IC

in small and medium shareholders veto a bill, in order to continue to promote the acquisition of Zhuhai a long silver, Pearl Dong Ming made many compromises, also showed strong patience and resilience:

small the shareholders are not willing to issue additional shares diluted its revenue, Dong Mingzhu said, that we!

Shenzhen requesting GREE electric "explained the situation," Dong Mingzhu said, that we patiently explain to you!

because of the identity of the system to her leadership GREE caused constraints, Dong Mingzhu said that I resign from the position within the system!

but all this effort, the final return is just a disappointing outcome: in the small and medium-sized shareholders was denied, Zhuhai long silver shareholders also abandoned Dong Mingzhu, they decided to terminate the transaction with GREE electric.

" - source: GREE 16 evening announcement

Dong Mingzhu

from the beginning of rough road cars in February 22nd this year, in order to build large planning industry, GREE electric suspension lasted for half a year. August 19th, GREE disclosed the draft merger shows that the company intends to 13 billion yuan price of the acquisition of 100% equity interest in Zhuhai bank, while raising 10 billion yuan of funds to support the next step in the development of Zhuhai silver long.

to enter the field of new energy vehicles, Dong Mingzhu keeps its rhetoric of the winning hand -- Dong Mingzhu had promised, GREE revenue to achieve 200 billion. But the air-conditioning market is already saturated, to achieve such a goal, Dong Mingzhu had to rely on new products and sources of income.

but Miss Dong repairer plan was announced, immediately triggered doubts: there is overwhelming public opinion that Zhuhai silver long income data authenticity is in doubt, said Zhuhai long silver price is too high, there is no need to say to raise 10 billion yuan of funds and diluted equity, and Dong Mingzhu said, the subscription of additional shares (i.e. the price is too low to raise matching funds) … &hellip

; this challenge, eventually led to Dong Mingzhu the most reluctant to see the results, due to the small and medium-sized shareholders jointly voted against, GREE acquired many motion in large area of Zhuhai long silver was rejected, especially supporting the motion to raise funds spared.

but Dong Mingzhu did not give up trying. In order to take care of small and medium-sized shareholders demands, GREE said the company has identified the reduction or cancellation of the matching funds raised, while the issue of shares to buy the stock of assets pricing benchmark will be adjusted according to the relevant provisions.

acquisition of Zhuhai long silver has become a target for all, Dong Mingzhu's change of position and the storm to another climax, she left GREE group (listed company the largest shareholder GREE chairman).

Dong Mingzhu is the founder of "I" in the program on the pressure

a lot of people will be Dong Mingzhu's change of position and the acquisition of Zhuhai silver long link. But according to WeChat, "the public report" (sponsored by the SASAC News Center, China Economic Publishing House) analysis, Dong Mingzhu stepped down as chairman of GREE group office may have the following reasons:

retirement age limit. In August 2016, Dong Mingzhu, at age 62, as chairman of GREE group, Dong Mingzhu appointed by the Zhuhai SASAC, Zhuhai, as a prefecture level city, four team first officer to departmental level, department level cadres can only stem to 63 years old to retire. According to the system's argument is that Dong Mingzhu is currently enjoying the retirement age treatment.

employee stock ownership restrictions. Dong Mingzhu intends to invest 937 million yuan to subscribe for additional shares of GREE electric appliances, if successful, then her shareholding ratio will rise from the current 0.74% to 1.4%. However, in accordance with the relevant policies and regulations, the proportion of personnel within the system should not exceed 1% of the individual.

salary limitation system. In 2016 the central enterprises salary limit standard, according to the new standard of remuneration, executives annual salary is 2 times the average wage of workers, the performance of income according to the appraisal of the situation should not exceed 2 times the basic salary, incentive term of not more than 30% of the income of basic salary and performance. But Dong Mingzhu 2015 annual salary of 6 million 980 thousand yuan.

if Dong Mingzhu give up the identity within the system, these three natural barriers were eliminated, so she could continue to lead GREE electric cars, including the follow-up plan.

is the adjustment scheme, and give up the identity within the system, but all the efforts of Dong Mingzhu, in the evening came to naught. Because the counterparty also abandoned Dong Mingzhu and her under the leadership of GREE.

11 16 evening, GREE announcement, received on November 16, 2016 Zhuhai silver long written this letter, because the transaction after the adjustment plan failed to get Zhuhai long silver shareholders will be considered by the Zhuhai long silver based on voting results decided to terminate the transaction. In view of this, the company decided to terminate the planning issue of shares to buy assets.

Dong Mingzhu is not the only losers

"Dong Mingzhu (source: Oriental IC)

Dong Mingzhu defeated, but she is not the only losers. Zhuhai, for example, many of the shareholders of silver long, the same is also lost, they are forced to suspend the listing of the curve. Note that the Zhuhai silver long list of shareholders is very luxurious, such as JETCO investment group, sun life, North Pakistan media, Hengtai capital and so on.

but the story does not end there, because GREE shares tomorrow (November 17th) will resume trading. Market concerns mainly, GREE electric appliances in early September resumption, the stock price limit for two consecutive days, third days or 7.28%. The acquisition of Zhuhai silver long after bathing, GREE shares will decide on what path to follow?

"GREE share price (source: flush)

11 16 evening, the daily economic news (micro signal: nbdnews) interviewed two people in the market. The Tibet gem investment Wang Lin said, from the industry perspective, there are a lot of very good development enterprises in cross-border development of a problem, when the horizontal development once the capital chain stretched too tight, may be prone to problems. For businesses such as GREE, although the cash flow is very good, but not very successful in the case before the phone is not very successful, so if you continue to transition to the new energy vehicles, then the greater the magnitude. So from the industry perspective, this is a good thing, maybe the restructuring fell through.

Wang Lin also said that before the reorganization plan of GREE electric appliances in the shareholders' meeting was rejected, then many shareholders including gold card company, the fund company, voted against, because at that time the market generally believes that the restructuring plan before was a little over. As for the

GREE stock market outlook will behave, Wang Lin said to see how the market to understand, on his personal point of view, the impact on the company's share price may be more positive, while the share price performance is to combine the market and the industry to judge.

addition, Tibet silver Cci Capital Ltd general manager Li Zhixin believes that due to GREE during the suspension of the market trend is relatively strong, which may affect the company restructuring hedge paotang, eventually its shares may not have too much influence.

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