Regal Joseph Lau appeared to accept the interview worth 63 billion 900 million

Hongkong Regal Joseph Lau social status

shijuezhongguo· 2016-11-16 21:37:29

1/112016" reported that in November 16th, the Hongkong billionaire Joseph Lau 15 days suddenly in Hongkong newspapers published a front page statement, announced with his girlfriend Lv Lijun 16 years feeling broken, another was rumored to be the confidante Gan than force. But Joseph Lau told reporters, stressed no forced, even denounced Lv Lijun with a different excuse for money insatiably avaricious, with him. Also revealed that during the exchange to Lv Lijun about 2 billion Hong Kong dollars (about 1 billion 600 million yuan) of the gift, even if there is no him, Lv Lijun can live a rich life. Class= img_box "

2/11 Joseph Lau, Chaozhou Guangdong people. Joseph Lau sharp eyes, with great courage, sniper attitude to surf in the Hongkong stock market since 1985, the rapid rise of. Has now developed into a comprehensive group owns 4 listed companies, total market capitalization followed the ten consortium, become Hongkong alternate chaebol, business expansion and real estate, media, construction and manufacturing. The picture is an interview with Joseph Lau.

3/11" in 2007 before the outbreak of the financial crisis, he in the "Forbes global rich list with wealth of $2 billion 100 million ranked 458th. 2015, Joseph Lau to $10 billion 900 million worth ranked sixth in Forbes Hongkong rich list 2015. According to Hongkong media reports, Joseph Lau is now a net worth of about 63 billion 900 million. Class= img_box "

4/11 Joseph Lau looked distressed. Class= img_box "

5/11 Joseph Lau.

6/11" in 15, about 5 am, the daughter of Lv Lijun Liu Xiuying take the car back to school Perkins road house, behind a car bodyguard to follow, show off after interference by several bodyguards to protect her black umbrella array.

7/11" after about 5 minutes, long haired Lv Lijun wearing a black dress on a luxury car to return to the house.

8/11" on her deadpan, the car that hurried into the house, in the face of separation statement Liu, helpless in the face of. Class= img_box "

9/11 reporter shot Lv Lijun house environment photos.

10/11" for his girlfriend Liu in the Cambie goldsmith road outside the house, there are a large number of media gathered waiting.

11/11" house before the security guard.

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