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tuwanwang· 2016-11-17 02:18:52

7.1.5 version of all prospective occupation big change, they cut the core.

death knight general skills icebound fortitude: now is the general skills.


ice breath: damage increased by 43%.

purgatory: now only 4 minutes per trigger time, up from 3 minute.

: now use up to 5 layers of stone bone shield, down from all layers. For each layer, you get 6 point symbol energy, up from 3 points, absorbs 6% of your maximum life value, up from 3%.


Gorefiend's grasp: now has a 2 min cooldown, down from 3 minutes.

Frost Rune enhancement: now has a 1.5% chance to get a rune, up from 1%.

demon hunter

deadly attack: now makes your critical strike chance increased by 5%, down from 10%.

imprisonment: it is now 15 seconds cooldown, up from 10 seconds. Animal and human form can now be imprisoned.

deep strike: now reduces the cooldown of the fire to 8 seconds, up from 5 seconds.

the pain of the flame: now make your damage increased by 20%, down from 30%.

blade twisting: now increases your next Spiritbreaker the pain increased by 65%, up from 50%.

blind anger: now also causes the eye to produce 35 points per second.

chaos strike: Chaos strike now attacks near all targets, from 1 up to, resulting in an additional 25% damage, down from 50%.

devil's Blade: your auto attack now has a 65% chance to cause additional shadow damage and a demon rage, down from 75%.

Magic: now lasts 8 seconds, up from 5 seconds.

demon appetite: Chaos hit probability now has 25% produced a small pieces of soul. The devil

perfusion (New): from the distortion of extraction of energy in the sky, immediately activate and supplement the demon spike number. 60 points of pain. 2 minute cooldown.

desperate instincts: the disease will also cause you to be reduced by 35%. Desperation can now be triggered only when the disease is not cool, not every 30 seconds.

FEL barrage: damage increased by 20%.

evil can erupt: damage increased by 30%. Now consume 10 rage, down from 20. Now is 30 sec cooldown, down from 35 sec.

first blood: damage increased by 50%.

rupture: now consumes 20 points of pain, down from 40.

the last stroke: now can only trigger once every 8 minutes, up from 3 minutes.

nemesis: now you make the target damage increased by 25%, up from 20%.

void walk: it is now 2 minutes cooldown, up from 1.5 minutes.

sharp Thorn: now increases your physical damage increased by 30%, up from 20%.

Chain Charm: it is now 1.5 minutes cooldown, up from 1 minutes.

soul barrier: absorption increased by 50%.

split Soul: now allows you to get 70% of the blood sucking, down from 100%.

ghost bomb: now lasts 20 seconds, up from 15 seconds. Your damage to vulnerable target 20% is converted to life value, up from 15%.


PvP demon origin (New): cooldown reduced to 2 minutes, but now lasts 15 seconds. When no demon is deformed, your damage is increased by 10%.

: now that the duration of detention detention extended 1.

Illidan's grip: now is 1 minute cooldown, down from 1.5 minutes.

Mana Burn: now cause the maximum life of 15% instead of 210% chaos damage, attack strength, to create up to 70% maximum life. Now it's 1 minutes cooldown, down from 1.5 minutes.

mana fracture (New): you call 6 yards under the feet of the scope of the mana crack. After 2.5 seconds, the fracture erupted, causing damage to the enemy's 8% largest life value, and burning the maximum mana of the enemy 8%. 20 devil wrath, 10 minute cooldown.

endless Rage: now that you get 10 points of the demon rage, up from 5.

: no longer causes havoc dark friendly target stealth.

revenge demon Warding: now increases your stamina is increased by 55%, up from 45%.

metamorphosis now will make your armor increased by 100%, and greatly enhance your Spiritbreaker skills.

: Druid feral displacement now lasts 2 seconds, down from 4 seconds.

the earth keeper: now you blow in the trigger caused direct damage, but not every 6 seconds to trigger.

Guardian affinity: thick skinned allows you to reduce the damage by 6%, down from 10%.

bright moon shines: it is now 1.2 minutes cooldown, down from 1.5 minutes.

group winding: now the target will be 30 seconds, up from 20 seconds. Omen of clarity:

specialization now under the influence of the 3 wild pieces, or blow sweep, instead of panther form skills. Recovery will make the healing specialization improves the therapeutic effect of 15%.

smash: damage increased by 50%. Now the damage you are being reduced by 9%, up from 8%.

removal of corrosion (New): every 2 seconds to treat the friendly target of 5% maximum life value, and remove all the curse and poisoning effects, lasting for 6 seconds. 13% base mana, 8 sec cooldown.

star falls like rain: now the same time can only trigger a star fall.

's roar: it's now 30 sec cooldown, down from 60 sec.

female bear (New): you support a companion within 15 yards, making their maximum life value increased by 15%.

earth grip (New): Entangling Roots can no longer be dispelled.

rage cut (New): you cause physical damage by 500%, and disable 8 seconds. Any damage that would break the effect in addition to the bleeding effect. Leopard form. 35 point energy. 6 sec cooldown.

ferocious scars (New): the maximum life of Ferocious Bite make the target value by 10% for 12 sec, stacking up to 3 times.

Malone's swift (New): in the field of battle or in the arena, the movement speed of your travel form increases by 20%, and always moves at a speed of 100%.

deformation master (New): your wild, balanced or restore affinity to obtain additional results.

restore affinity: after the release of a quick cure, the treatment of contact time to shorten the duration of 30%, the treatment effect increased by 30%, 8 seconds.

balance: affinity in Moonkin form, you get 30% haste, lasts 10 seconds.

wild affinity: in the leopard form, your damage increased by 30%.

rage frenzy (New): your rage recovery will generate 60 rage in 3 seconds.

roar speed (New): cooldown reduced to 60 seconds running roar.

sharp claws: redesigned to improve sweep and crackdowns damage by 100%.

tooth and claw (New): maximum life the bear form increased by 20%.


infected wounds: now reduces the target's movement speed by 30%, down from 50%.

skew: now reduces the target's movement speed by 30%, down from 50%.

wild / guardian


thick skinned: now all the damage you have been reduced by 6%, down from 10%.


marker shot: vulnerable now lasts 7 seconds, down from 30 sec. Now make the mark shooting and aiming at the damage of the damage increased by 100%, up from 50%.

freeze trap: it's a common skill.

tar trap: it's a common skill.

barrage: the damage to the main target will no longer increase.

patient shooter (New): get the patience of the veteran striker, with the added bonus of 15% per second.

sentry: now is 60 sec cooldown, up from 30 sec.

ring tail Snake: no longer to be hit by the target of injury. Now produces 35 point value, down from 50.

CTM CG combat skills: now lasts 10 seconds, up from 8 seconds.


aimed shot: damage increased by 23%. If the target does not enter the battle, the damage is increased by 100%.

Arcane Shot: damage increased by 15%.

(New): ambush survival in 2 seconds, your trap is completely ready, so they are not very into combat target triggered devastating: Increases damage

stainless steel trap 100%, and not in the first 8 seconds because of the damage to be broken.

frozen trap in the first 8 seconds will not be broken because of injury.

tar traps in the first 8 seconds to reduce the enemy's movement speed by 90%.

Explosive Trap damage increased by 300%.


Alexstrasza (New): Wrath of the dragon's breath always crit, and can trigger hot batter. 45 sec cooldown.

: Austria orb damage increased by 512%.

shock wave: it's now around you, not around the target. Damage reduced by 50%. The primary target is no longer subject to additional damage.

blazing souls (New): fire damage to replenish your body on fire within 8 yards of the target around you, equal to 40% of the damage.

time transfer (New): Arcane Barrage the enemy movement speed by 30% and your movement speed is increased by 30% for 8 seconds.

controlled burning: now has a 20% chance to trigger, up from 10%.

arson: now also affects inflammation. Now more than 90% of the life value of the target is always burst, up from 85%.

flame Dancing: re design, shorten the cooling time of Flame Shock in 3 seconds, maximum number increased 1.

: the fire damage has been increased by 100%.

crazy speed (New): cast burn so your movement speed is increased by 30% for 3 seconds.

biting wind (New): all of your cool effects make the target's movement speed an extra 15%.

frozen touch: redesigned to produce ice layers to improve the chances of that 40%, maximum number increased 1. Isolation of

glacier (New): ice barrier activation makes your armor increased 50%, ice barrier disappears when you apply for ice barrier. The

glacier spike: damage increased by 33%.

: now is the ice frost spec.

Mana Shield (New): Lengguang barrier has no cooldown, but it will consume 50% of the damage absorbed by mana.

meteor: damage increased by 96%.

void storm: damage reduced by 15%.

super energy: re design, arcane reinforcement to make your damage increased by 100%, mana cost reduced by 100%.

: now is the leisurely arcane mastery level 30 talent, up from level 15.

acceleration: re design, Arcane Blast and magic blast to provide rapid 5%, and make your mana cost increased by 3% for 10 seconds. This effect stacks, cast Arcane Barrage when you remove.

spell power: now increases your spell damage by 40%, down from 50%.

super nova: damage reduced by 11%.

time eddy current (New): each layer of arcane charge can make arcane impact of the cast time reduced by 5%.

unstable Magic: Arcane Blast now has a 20% chance to explode, up from 15%.

energy spell: now every has 25% mana to Arcane Missiles chance to trigger increased to 1%, up from 20%.

: the outbreak of ice damage decreased by 58%. The depth of

fragmentation: improve your Frostbolt damage to freeze the target by 150%, down from 200%.

ice form: now is the 60 second cooldown, up from 45 seconds.


arcane impact: damage increased by 6%.

Arcane Missiles: damage increased by 6%.

wake: now reduces the cooldown by 50% instead of 90 seconds.

primatic barrier (New): for you put a shield that lasts 30 seconds, 700% spell damage absorption strength, makes you suffer the magic damage reduced by 15%, the duration of all harmful magic effects you have shortened 25%. 3% base mana, 30 sec cooldown.


flame barrier: you put a shield that lasts 30 seconds, 700% spell damage absorption intensity. Your melee attack allows the attacker by 50% spell Fire damage. 3% base mana, 30 sec cooldown.

Moxibustion: now every 5 minutes can only be triggered once, up from 2 minutes.

burn: now allows you to get the equivalent of 50% critical strike mastery, down from 100%.

: critical flame re design, your spell crit rate increased by 15%, and from all sources of crit property increased by 10%.

fire / frost

Flame Shock: now up to 1 layers.

Black Arrow: the damage has been increased by 22%. Now trigger cold wisdom, instead of obtaining 2 fingers of frost layer.

rapid cooling (New): cooldown reset, Cone of cold, Frost Nova ice barrier and ice barrier. 6 minute cooldown.

: Cone of cold damage has been increased by 99%.

refers to the ice storm now has a 2% chance to trigger, down from 5%.

ice barrier: now lasts 30 seconds, down from 60 seconds. No longer prevent spell pushback, but you make a melee attack speed by 50% attackers.

Ice Lance: damage increased by 34%.


control fog: now every 10 seconds to trigger, down from 20 seconds.

spells and: now make the treatment effect of the fog of recovery increased by 135%, down from 150%.

Impenetrable Defence: redesigned to protect allies within 15 yards, for 15 seconds, so that you can resolve them hurt 30%.

hot Brew: blood circulation wine on the 10 yards to resolve all the enemies to resolve the damage caused by 50%, up from 25%.

will now make wine: flames of fire breath damage increased by 100%, but the cooldown of 100%.

: now the private aging wine embolden the cooling time is shortened by 50%, down from 75%, no longer shorten the duration.

rotary spark: it's always a combination of punches.

dense fog fog surging: now has a 7 sec cooldown, up from 6 seconds.

crane way: now is also immune to stun.

Zen moment: now costs 3 Qi, down from 5.


fabric brewmaster on the wind fog

soothing mist: treatment effect is reduced by 9%.

holy knight

faith road sign: no longer have the cooling time.

virtue road sign: the light that you cast on the target and the light will return 30% mana cost.

divine intervention: now reduces the cooldown of the Holy Shield by 20%, down from 50%.

sanctions Fist: Retribution consumption per one point of the sacred energy that the cooling time shortened to 2.5 seconds making hammer.

holy wrath: 50% of the damage to enemy players that have lost their lives, up from 35%.

trial: now is the sacred / disciplinary specialization.

Vengeance: now consumes 35% base mana.

purification of light: purification of 15 yards in the companion, remove all poisoning and disease effects. 13% base mana, 4 sec cooldown.

holy Guardian: no longer reduces the mana cost of the flash of light.

Holy Land: it is now immune to slowing effects.

: now only triggered by meiko peer treatment.

endless sacrifice: at the expense of the blessing in your life is less than 20% when no longer canceled.


holy light path standard: no longer has the cooling time. Pastor

auspicious: now generates 3 frenzy, down from 4.

Clifford: Prayer of Healing now has a 40% chance to make a recovery, down from 50%.

: Legacy of the void to the world, frantic at or above 70 points to cast void outbreak.

void Lord: re design, void morphology at the end of the rapid addition of 2% per second, to reduce the immediate removal of.

has 3 points: each Carnival frenzy make your movement speed increased by 1%, down from 5.

: now also makes you suffer the humiliation of damage reduced by 10%.

pray (New): when you cast your resume, you will be reduced by 10%.

: now will make the devout prayer of healing to shorten the cooling time of 2 seconds.

shadow covenant: treatment effects and absorption decreased by 18%. Now is instant cast, down from 1.5 sec.

shadow collision: damage increased by 50%.

flash force field: now is 45 sec cooldown, down from 60 sec.

crazy into Gaohuangshu: now make the frenzy by I Austria 100%, down from 150%.

hope symbol: now lasts 12 seconds, up from 10 seconds.

: no longer affects the spirit of burning the void ray.

away from evil: re design, the leap of faith cooldown reduced to 60 seconds, and removed all mobile restrictions.

: now that the Holy Spirit body guardian spirit of cooling time shortened to 2 minutes, no longer shorten the duration.

light cover: now make PW: avoidance of damage reduction increase of 45%, up from 25%.

improved fade: redesigned to remove all the threat, so that your movement speed is increased by 100%, and all melee, ranged and spell on your misses, lasts 6 seconds.

Greater Healing: re design, your treatment of the target to apply incentives, so that the maximum life value increased by 10% for 15 seconds, up to a maximum of 2 times.

holy guard: now is 30 sec cooldown, down from 45 sec.

to create a miracle (New): holy words: static now has 2 layers.

PW: Tough: maximum life now that the target value is increased by 20%, up from 15%.

rapid healing: now will make the prayer of healing jumping range increased to 20 yards.

hope light: now is 45 sec cooldown, down from 60 sec.

searing light - now increases smite damage by 15%, down from 30%.

Trinity: now the duration of the redemption to extend to 30 seconds, down from 60 seconds.

discipline / shadow

dark word: pain: damage reduced by 9%. Shadow Mastery now produces 4 points from 3 points up madness.

Desperate Prayer: it is holy skills.

prayer of healing: the treatment effect is improved by 25%. Now is the 40 yard range, up from 20 yards.


mind blast: now generates 15 frenzy, from 12 points up.

: Mind Flay now generates 12 frenzy, from 8 points up. Dark word: 100% copies of the pain of the damage to all nearby targets.

Shadow Word: death: now have 15 points from 10 points up madness. Vampiric Touch:

now generates 6 frenzy, from 4 points up.

void arrow: re design, void arrow will be near all the targets on the dark language: pain and the duration of the vampire touch extended x seconds.

void burst: now is 1.5 sec cooldown, down from 3 sec.

void form: now increases shadow damage, not all damage.


latent curtain (New): X code of all teams and team members wrapped in shadow, with stealth 15 seconds. Need stealth, 6 minute cooldown.

the pain of the ointment: each attack now has a 30% chance to poison the enemy, up from 20%.

: your skills sharp end of each combo point has a 20% chance to provide 2% haste, up from 1%, stacks up to 10 times, down from 20.

A: you have a maximum of 10 combo points from the 8 increase.

shell barrage: damage increased by 12.5%.

dead: now only 6 minutes per trigger time, up from 2 minute.

skyfall: damage increased by 22%.

deep trick: your end skills damage increased by 5%, down from 10%.

: your foresight skills that you end the damage increased by 12%, down from 15%.

blood: the bleeding effect is now up to 80%, down from 100%.

: ghostly strike damage has been increased by 10%.

internal bleeding: damage increased by 16%.

Shadow Dance: damage increased by 24%.

shadow master: you immediately get 25 energy, down from 30.

keen master: now lasts 5 seconds, down from 6 sec.

shadow concentration: now reduces your skills consumption by 75%, up from 50%.

cutting: now also increases your energy recovery by 15%.

: now that the false lock throat damage increased by 125%, up from 100%.

dagger throw: now also make the radius of the knife fan to expand by 100%.

shock: now lasts 2 seconds, down from 4 sec.

's assassination of the

reduction in the ointment: now make the enemy's movement speed decreased by 30%, down from 50%.

fragmentation: now causes damage to 600/900/1200/1500/1800% attack strength from 100/300/600/1000/1500% up.

: the median between fanatics crit is no longer four times the damage caused by.

pistol shot: damage increased by 10%. Now reduces the enemy's movement speed by 30%, down from 50%.


night blade: now reduces the enemy's movement speed by 30%, down from 50%.


Aftershock: now returns 30% of the whirlpool, up from 25%. Now is the master of elements 60 talent, down from level 90.

: now that your ancestors prompt the rapid increase of 6%, down from 10%.

Rose: enhanced specialization now produces 12 points per second from 10 points up vortex.

wrath of the earth: damage increased by 10%.

the thorn of the earth: the damage increased by 37.5%.

sink Totem: the winding time now lasts 8 seconds, up from 5 seconds.

element impact: damage increased by 30%. Now is the master of elements 75 talent, up from level 60.

element fusion: Flame Shock probability of triggering Lava Burst increased by 10%, up from 5%.

Elemental Mastery: now is the master of elements 60 talent, down from level 90.

to strengthen the scourge of the storm: now the scourge of the scourge of the storm increased by 50%, up from 35%.

air rage: damage increased by 200%.

gust: now is 20 sec cooldown, up from 15 sec.

ice Rage: damage increased by 400%. Now is the master of elements 100 talent, up from level 75.

Lightning Shield: damage increased by 50%.

Magma Totem: damage increased by 37.5%. Now is the master of elements 90 talent, down from level 100.

overload: Lightning Bolt now consumes up to 40 points, down from 45.

flame road: now increases the damage of Lava Burst 10%, up from 5%.

cleft surgery: now consumes 20 points, down from 60.

life release: the treatment effect increased by 8%.

up stream: the treatment effect is improved by 20%.

wind song: now is 40 seconds cooldown, down from 45 sec.

lava control: now the Lava Burst Damage increased by 100%, down from 150%.

Earth Shield: the effect of treatment increased by 38%. Now triggered when the target is equivalent to 8% of their maximum life value, up from 6%.

water ripples: now also make the current level of the rapids increased by 1.

Soul Link: the target is connected by your treatment chain and the torrent of therapeutic effect increased by 100%. Now consume 28% of base mana, up from 15%. No longer has the cooling time.

thunder charge: now allows the cooldown of the ability to speed up to 70%, up from 30%.


earth element: now lasts 60 seconds, up from 15 seconds. Now is 5 minutes cooldown, up from 2 minutes.

Earth Shock: damage increased by 15%.

Frost Shock: damage increased by 15%.

element / restore

Lava Burst: damage increased by 25%.


frozen: now costs 35 whirlpool, from 20 up.

Lava Lash: damage increased by 24%.


treatment chain: the treatment effect was reduced by 5%.

treatment of Spring Totem: the treatment effect increased by 17%.


Wizard of slavery: the demon is now enslaved to the highest level 57, up from 55.

death Wrap: now for you to restore maximum life of 20%, up from 11%.

: now under the influence of the 2 explosion burned or Chaos Bolt, but not for 5 seconds.

Cataclysm: now is the destruction of specialization level 60 talent, up from level 30.

demon fire: now also causes a half damage to nearby enemies:

demon's arrow: every activation of a demon makes the damage increased by 18%, down from 20%.

enhanced life streaming (New): Life streaming allows you to increase the damage by 10% for 10 sec.

kill: now is the destruction of specialization level 30 talent, down from level 60.

Magic: Demon sacrifice: damage reduced by 25%.

collaborative magic Dictionary: now makes damage increased by 35%, down from 40%.

haunt: now will make you on the target damage increased by 10%.

: now the impending doom will make the end of damage caused by the speed of 3 seconds.

disaster grasp: to guide the soul when you continue to damage the effect of damage on the target increased by 20%.

energy circulation: the devil has a 65% chance to increase the chance to produce 1 soul fragments, up from 50%.

: Shadowburn now produces 1 pieces of soul, if the target is to generate 1 additional deaths. Now consume 12% of the base mana instead of 1 soul pieces. Now it's 12 seconds cooldown.

soul harvest: now lasts 15 seconds, up from 10 seconds, up to 35 seconds, up from 30 seconds.

shadow curse (New): causes the target to be subjected to all spells to continue to damage the damage effect to increase 50%, lasts 10 seconds. 4% base mana, 20 sec cooldown.

death embrace (New): the life value of 30% or less of the target body corrosion, pain, uncertainty and pain caused by the frequency of damage increased by 100%.

immolate: now lasts 3 seconds, down from 4 seconds.

essence draw: now make the enemy damage to your damage by 5%, down from 10%.

focus chaos: now the damage to the chaos of the arrow increased by 100%, down from 150%.

decay: no longer affects life.

soul crushing: re design, immediately remove the 40 yards from the last 5 enemies who continue to damage the effect, and caused the equivalent of 10% of the maximum value of life damage. Each enemy that is hit by a soul fragment can cause you to gain 1 soul fragments and 10% spell haste, for 8 seconds, up to 5 times.


to draw the soul: damage increased by 97%, but the treatment effect of 200% damage, down from 400%.

the pain of uncertainty: to break up the damage increased by 100%.


charge: now makes the enemy a second, down from 1.5 seconds.

pain kill: re design, revenge every hit a target damage increased by 5%, up to 5 goals.

extinction (New): automatically attack your physical damage caused by X, to generate 5 rage, cooling time and the remaining 30% chance to reset the shield slam.

revenge: now the effect of revenge, rather than the focus of anger.

guard: now the impact of Shield Slam, not revenge.

death wish: now up to a maximum of 15 times, up from 5. Now it's 10 seconds cooldown. To

(New): disarm enemy weapons and shields, lasts 8 seconds. Disarmed the monster damage greatly reduced. 30 sec cooldown.

duel (New): you initiate a duel challenge to the target. When a duel, you and the target for all of the target damage except for 50%, lasts for 8 seconds. 25 sec cooldown.

command master (New): cooldown reduced to 2 minutes.

the shadow of the giant: now will make the rage from the charge to increase 15 points.

grinding blade: now is the 15 second cooldown, down from 45 seconds.

storm of destruction (New): cooldown Bladestorm reduced 50%, and impose lethal injury on Bladestorm all hit the target. The

flag (New): you throw at the foot of a banner, encouraging your partner. All the standard peer within 40 yards of the rapid increase of 15%, speed increased by 15%, the control effect is to shorten the duration of 50%, lasts 15 seconds. 1.5 minute cooldown.


broken ribs: damage increased by 2000%.


devastate has no cooldown: 30% chance to reset the shield slam.

intercept: now makes the enemy a second, down from 1.5 seconds.

Vengeance: no longer to reset the cooldown of vengeance, but to make the next free cast.

shield block: now consumes 15 rage, up from 10.

Shield Slam: the remaining cooldown Thunderclap now have 30% chance to reset the shield slam.

thunder strike: damage increased by 100%. Now produce 3 rage.

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