The United States is actually the Chinese cigarette black market goods, the annual profit of tens of billions, drugs can only stand...

Profits the United States the black market Chinese goods

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black cigarette boom surging, characteristics of low risk and high reward that it deserved to be underground trading king, and those who have smuggled cigarettes China group but found that it is actually &hellip made in China Chinese manufacturing; really is everywhere 2333... But the underground world is becoming more and more standardized, in addition to the illegal, it is efficient model of modern enterprise. Come and watch it with your home page!

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black market cigarettes of low risk and high reward characteristics make it into the underground trading king, mafia boss sitting in Wall Street the whole floor office and stared at the transportation satellite map, each red dot represents hundreds of profit of $one hundred thousand.

as for the sale of drugs, which are handed over to the Columbia and Mexico, the soil steamed stuffed bun to do it.

black cigarette with high return on investment and risk return rate, which is completely beyond the drug business. Only the truly powerful people to meddle in this business, it is related to the information system and the advanced supply chain management, mafia has satellite transport management terminal, and from Silicon Valley computer whizkid.

underground world is becoming more and more standardized and standardized. In addition to illegal, it is a highly efficient modern enterprise model. Tax policy is the leading foundation for the vigorous development of this underground industry. The unbalanced cigarette tax means huge business opportunities, the light from the scary people can earn money on the poor tax.

"we have done SWOT analysis, and then put the business into the annual strategic planning. "An accounting consultant for a mafia.

" a pack of cigarettes in the United States taxes, New York is the highest, each pack of cigarettes 4.35 us

New York city's cigarette tax higher in ordinary tax based on $4.35 to add a special tax of $1.5. This is a disaster for smokers, and this is an opportunity for the black community.

so in New York, more than 60% of the cigarettes are smuggled cigarettes. Analysis of

" from Michigan Mackinac Center for public policy, the national distribution of smuggled cigarettes, including illegal market inflows and outflows, can be combined with a picture together.

government tax policy in disguise to encourage the smuggling of cigarettes, if through legal means, a pack of cigarettes wholesale price is $12.5, retail sales of $13, each package can earn only 50 cents. And the wholesale price of smuggled cigarettes only need $5.5, the owner of the market wholesale price of $12.5 sales, both to improve sales, each package can earn $7.

low price is competitive, as long as it is not stupid, no one will purchase from the formal channels. A bar

Brooklyn Bedford, the boss of aka chain is a small distributor. "Broolyn's every store has a cigarette, and here it is an open secret. "

" I can only say that smoke from Virginia, North Carolina and Delaware, very popular. "The chain smoked" spirit of America (American Spirits, cigarette brand) "point on the opposite side of the restaurant, laundromat and barber shop:" are these places to sell tobacco, but not necessarily sell to you. "

"chainsaw didn't see a house, he is just a bottom distributor, but he this layer of profit is still huge.

they are in the street booth via anonymous telephone contact, Paypal or other online payment, sub batch delivery. There will be nothing black to eat black.

"to know that this is a mature business, industry rules, standardization and standardization means higher efficiency and lower costs - it is now not in New York in 1920. "Say it like a chainsaw to wear a fake hermes belt of senior white-collar workers.

" earned taxes are poor downstream in the supply chain (underground is more in the downstream businesses), they take goods in more smugglers there, and then go through various means such as New York transported to the lucrative state.

generally speaking, this state smuggling is a small case of smuggling, but the number of batches, a large number of. In the compartment, the trunk of a car tire inside the goods are the usual way.

" Jamie is a former Silicon Valley computer prodigy, as the Oracle Corp's senior database engineer, he can earn $200 thousand a year.

"my friend took $100 thousand to North Carolina every 2 weeks, and then shipped back to the car. He earns 1 million 500 thousand dollars a year. The "

" switch, I earn more than he. "

"of course, terminal sales is not the interstate smuggler business scope, they put the smoke delivered to the destination such as New York, have specialized distributors. The bulk of the profits, always in the hands of the giant. They control the upper reaches of the supply and the most downstream distribution channels, is the real mall elite. Pinhooker al · Crusoe was arrested after a multinational cigarette smuggling route was fiddling FBI Duandiao, this line out of 100 million cigarettes from North Korea's Rajin port zone after several twists and turns to the west coast by shipping every year.

" and the impact on consumers is that Bronx District old smoker found that smoking into the mouth of the Marlboro flavor changed.

"this is not my familiar Marlboro flavor, 10 years I only smoke in the smoke, no one can deceive me.

however, "more than 7 people in Bronx district are Chinese smoked Marlboro goods. "Crusoe said. Class= img_box "

more than 900 boxes of smuggled cigarettes were seized in a warehouse in Bronx. Photos from New York and the Ministry of finance tax

but this is just like Caruso dealer middle-level cadres, is the loss of his arrest, but not so great loss. And even if the bulk of the cigarette smuggling case, the punishment is only in prison for 4 years, but also bail out, out of a business elite.

the same value of the drug trafficking case is life imprisonment. Class= img_box "

was informed by the police of a cigarette smuggling gangs. But in fact there are BOSS behind BOSS.

Mafia's big brother has its own advisory team, they are in the office of the Wall Street to schedule the whole country's tobacco smuggling business, thanks to globalization, they are doing cross-border business. The godfather of New York Mafia, aged

67, is committed to promoting the fairness, integrity and contract spirit in the globalization of cigarette smuggling. He proposed the separation mechanism of the intermediary regulation, the administrative arbitration and the trade agreement in the international trade, advocated the balance and guaranteed the trade freedom.

the smuggling industry Montesquieu made a great contribution to the improvement of global cigarette smuggling, and that from the southern Chinese via Indonesia, this route and then to Mount Ali free port named after his nickname. Class= img_box "

"perview_img_p content_img_p" a cigarette smuggling route

international trade profit in the end how high it? The sky can make 400 billion cigarettes every year, the cost of production of a pack of Marlboro is 20 cents, with 500 thousand packs of cigarettes can be a container, cost $100 thousand, to the United States to sell for $2 million. Eventually to the retail market, it's worth $5 million.

a cargo ship can be loaded with the number of containers? Cigarette smuggling

industry "img_box"

" Customs seized is very mature, the contract is in between the Off Shore Company, the financial flow is very difficult to track. Each link is done in different countries and by different companies.

Chinese is already the world's most perfect, the most severe crackdown on smuggling countries, forcing the smugglers will be transferred to the outside of the sorting and packaging of North Korea and Philippines, and then from the original of Dubai and Singapore to take a turn to hide these containers, some will turn on at sea for three months before reaching the land transport. And the whole lot of goods of high profits, even if a container was seized, the loss is not terrible.

" is full of thousands of tons of wood cigarettes

the container to Losangeles Long Beach and new Walker port, the collusion of the local gang will discharge rate at high efficiency and quickly distributed throughout the warehouse.

"integrity is the basis for cooperation between the two sides, for these small Oriental, you must maintain respect. No one dared to black them, and they even had to supply the Irish Republican Army! "Class=

"terrorism is also aimed at the lucrative industry. A music teacher in New York, the sound of smuggled cigarettes were arrested, the police investigation found that he had smuggled all the profits to hamas... The man suspected of terrorism was jailed for 18 years in New York

convenience store association report pointed out that the New York cigarette tax evasion optical recording of the year, resulting in billions of dollars in tax revenue loss and lost 6700 jobs.

" by the Mafia and private fame and fortune, law enforcement agencies and tobacco giant to expand the depth of cooperation to maintain the market order.

of the American tobacco industry leader Reynolds tobacco companies (camel is his family) and Altria group (Marlboro is his home) vigorously support the government to combat cigarette smuggling crime.

Reynolds tobacco companies spokesman Brian Hacci M said: cigarette market is a nationwide problem, the government lost billions of dollars, to spend money in the fight against smuggling enforcement action, is obviously a high return on investment business.

Altria spokesman David · Sutton also said that his company will cooperate with law enforcement agencies, to help police identify counterfeit products, and tried to lobby state within a reasonable tax adjustment, in order to avoid the ravages of interest by the black market.

" cigarette smuggling gang has FBI and the New York police undercover, New York police department is a Mafia. The reality of the Infernal Affairs always staged a drama is the greed of human nature.

the world is not so clean as we imagined, but only know the ugly, will be more aware of what is good.

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