Boy sudden asthma two years because of my mother a hobby

Mother boy asthma hospital

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in Yangzhou shortly before the 4 year old Lele

every night in your sleep breathing

particularly heavy panting little face turned blue

by the doctor for a check

Lele suffered from asthma

2 years of history and has let the family that was the thing about

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99% were pathogenic "culprit" mother love for …

; coughing, choking purple face

boy inexplicable asthma has 2 years of

in autumn and winter, Lele wheeze and cough trouble appeared . Class= img_box "

" according to the experience of the past, Le Le's mother, Ms. Feng to Le Le take some medicine. More than and 10 days later, Lele cough not only wasn't improved, but more serious , "especially in the evening, cough is can't sleep sleep, even asleep breathing is very heavy, panting little face turned blue. "

"so, Ms. Feng took his son to the local hospital, after a series of detailed examination, the hospital director of pediatric diagnosis, Lele really suffered from asthma, and has 2 years of history .

actually is the mother of beauty spray perfume

odor stimulation lead to asthma

"the child was only 4 years old how will suffer from asthma? There is no family history of asthma in our family! "Ms Feng is not a solution. After attending a detailed inquiry, the final conclusion, let Lele asthma "culprit" is actually the perfume Ms. Feng long.

"the doctor said, the child's mother perfume contains fragrance ingredients, smell is the leading cause of infant allergy and asthma is a major factor of . "

what is asthma? Analysis of

, also known as asthma bronchial asthma is a common respiratory disease in children, manifested as recurrent wheezing, dyspnea, cough, etc.. On the one hand, the complex etiology of asthma, by genetic factors, on the other hand, is also the most common, is influenced by environmental factors, and this is often the most easily ignored by parents.

autumn and winter asthma prone, summer two times

parents daily habits or cause children allergic to

according to the hospital doctor said: "the number of visits per day visits reached 2 times in summer. "Dr.

said," the clinical findings, many children with recurrent asthma is closely related to the daily behavior of parents, such as parents use cosmetics, perfume, air cleaner, smoking, hot hair dyes . "The doctor said, if the long-term exposure to second-hand smoke, second-hand fragrance of the stimulus, it is easy to become allergic constitution, then by a strong odor stimulation, it is easy to induce asthma.

it is understood that most of the current perfume containing 50 - 150 kinds of chemical components, referred to as the essence, with a certain toxicity.

" perfume in public places would be a serious life-threatening

in public places often put perfume contains a large amount of volatile aromatic hydrocarbons, but also harmful to the human body. In addition, linalool composition of perfume or fragrance can be induced by low mood depressed, but also a serious life-threatening.

causes the child growth retardation in children with

low resistance, if parents often perfume, children will pollute the air to breathe, a long time may cause the inattention, hyperactivity, convulsions, also induced serious retardation.

longer lasting harm, the destruction of male sperm

now perfume in order to pursue the scent lasting, mostly to add a phthalate (DEHP) ingredients. Among them, DBP, BBP and DEHP are carcinogenic, it can be said that the more lasting fragrance, the greater the harm.

P two formic acid ester will make the male appear feminine tendency, sperm activity is low or even death, this composition may contain female hormone, is the main reason for killing sperm.

pregnant women use excessive perfume, baby boy may be sterile

this toxicity can even affect the next generation through fertility. In September 2005, according to a study in the United States environmental health inspection report also pointed out that the excessive use of perfume will make pregnant women, phthalic acid ester two in urine increased, leading to male penis is smaller or cryptorchidism.

be careful! The "culprit" secondhand smoke can cause asthma

"secondhand smoke" direct threat to our baby respiratory tract, oral cavity, and sympathetic nerve growth in the brain, so that the baby is suffering from sudden infant death syndrome, disease risk of respiratory disease, cardiovascular disease, eye irritation, dyslexia, increased significantly, delaying the development of intelligence and height the growth of.

" [

] safety tips and smoking habits of their parents had better be able to quit smoking, it is good for children. If you can not quit smoking, should be in the home and car is set to absolute "no smoking area", no one in the baby around smoking. People in public places smoking, smoking should be as far away as possible.

"second-hand fragrance perfume, air freshener, cosmetics, detergent and other hot Hair Coloring cream, containing aromatic agent, a large number of chemical constituents through the nose and mouth, skin absorption into the baby body, causing the baby sensitive asthma, headache, sneezing, tears, dyspnea, dizziness, sore throat, chest tightness, activity excessive symptoms affect brain development.

" [

] safety tips mom should minimize the use of perfume and perfume containing products. Clean room odor is not recommended to use the fresh agent, you can raise potted plants or put grapefruit skin, etc. to make the air fresh. Excessive amounts of harmful gas such as formaldehyde and benzene containing

pollution in car

car car seat cover, seat cushion and roof lining, the evaporation time of sustainable 6 months or even a year, long-term exposure will cause harm to the baby respiratory system and nervous system, causing eye irritation, throat discomfort, chest tightness, asthma, dermatitis and other diseases.

" [

] safety tips to do the quality of clean air inside the vehicle detection, regular maintenance. Do not buy the car to buy a strong irritant, do not put some perfume or fragrance".

on the road a lot of automobile exhaust tailpipe, lead and carbon monoxide which can make the baby poisoning or chronic carbon monoxide poisoning, nitric oxide and nitrogen dioxide which may also lead to children with central nervous paralysis, seizures and respiratory system diseases, immune function decline.

" [

] safety tips for many children in the suburbs, parks and community activities, away from the streets, roads and bus station. Don't stay long on the road, encountered traffic intensive road, to pick up a baby from a baby cart.

indoor decoration smell

new homes may exist excessive levels of formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia and other strong carcinogens, will make your baby's immune function decline, mental decline, and even cause leukemia.

" [

] safety tips home decoration after ventilation and purification, for a long time "in the room". Prior to check in, please professional testing company to detect the air in the room. Children's room furniture to be in accordance with national standards, the room decoration do not do the ceiling, do not shop carpet, less with the color of the paint and paint. Occupancy should also pay attention to the ventilation.

some mothballs mother love put mothballs or health ball into the closet to prevent the clothes moth eaten. But in the camphor camphor and naphthalene with volatile and highly toxic, through the newborn baby tender skin and mucous membrane infiltrated into the blood, may cause neonatal hemolytic jaundice, even life-threatening.

" [

] safety tips baby clothing supplies away from the camphor ball, health, health, contact the camphor ball clothing, especially underwear, wear before the sun under the sun, or put the clothes to dry a few days in the shade. The best way to keep your baby's personal things clean and non-toxic is to use hot water to wash it again after washing.

the kitchen fumes from cooking is too large, will stimulate the baby respiratory tract, cause cough, dyspnea and other phenomena.

" [

] safety tips, stir frying, do not choose the dishes, cooking oil fire, with new oil, do not use fried or heated cooking oil, reducing the production of soot. Close the doors and windows to the kitchen cooking, smoke disappeared after the open door.

rich floral

spring flowers open, my mother will let the baby smell the flowers, but too thick fragrance may cause the baby discomfort, for example, rose fragrance can let the baby feel oppressed, dizziness, breathing difficulties; the smell of Lily the baby of the nervous central nervous excitement, and even lead to tears, rash, sore throat and other symptoms.

" [

] safety tips for babies or allergies, it is best not to have flowers home. Take the baby to the outdoor activities, should also let the baby of flowers at a distance.

for the children's health

parents please let the children away from all kinds of stimulation smell!

source: Yangzhou evening news

editor: Wu Jianfeng class=

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