Li Xiang traced with a mysterious woman and Sun Xiaoxiao love off the hotel for the night.

Li Xiang Sun Xiaoxiao hotel room woman all star

zhongqingwang· 2016-11-17 09:35:58

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Li Xiang and Sun Xiaoxiao really compound hopeless it? Two people broke up in April this year, in October, Li Xiang publicly admitted that he was single. November 16th, the whole star of the exposure of the Li Xiang recently brought beauty travel and go to the bath center for leisure pictures, suggesting that their single life is wonderful.

this morning, all star on exposed Li Xiang in October and November for two times and the mysterious beauty of travel photos, according to the photographer description, one of Li Xiang and the mysterious woman together into the hotel room, not out of the night. In the afternoon, the whole star of the exposure in the live broadcast Li Xiang two times into the bath center photos, suggesting that their single night life is rich. Reporter then contacted Li Xiang I confirmed the matter, but the phone has been unable to connect.

through a variety of revelations may indicate that Li Xiang and Sun Xiaoxiao really have been broken. After two people love the high-profile eight years, often fancy show of affection, even heard the news already secret licensing of marriage. However, in April this year, suddenly broke the news that Li Fei'Er involved in the two love affair, when three parties were denied the revelations. However, in October to join Dai Jun's new book conference, Li Xiang made it clear that his current single, suggesting that breaking up with Sun Xiaoxiao.

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