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"perview_img_p content_img_p" this is a monologue from a cement boss.

"my name is Liang Zhanxu, 65 years old this year, is engaged in the processing of cement has been 27 years, in the past 27 years, I have been brilliant, but also had much sour, sweet, bitter, hot, with the development of the situation, I feel too much pressure to cement overcapacity of production and operation brought by the front of this piece I once ruins are a production workshop, although the shop is not, but I'm also trying to find new change, now I only worry is that after the compensation in place, issued to employees, but also my wish. "

cried a cement boss:" the struggle for life of the enterprise, so it turned into a pile of garbage "

Fengcheng India Cements Limited, an annual production capacity of 800 thousand tons of cement enterprises founded in the last century, in 80s, was the star of the local enterprises, there are eight hundred or nine hundred workers at the peak of the annual profits of about 8000000 yuan. Is such a business, why would be shut down in early 2016 removed it?

, chairman of Fengcheng India Cements Limited Liang Zhanxu:" Hebei "why this time to do so, because of national policy, to resolve overcapacity, so we in this capacity we also know that more intense market competition, also is the main overcapacity brought. "As a key area,

cement capacity to 2014, Hebei province launched the" Hebei province cement industry structural adjustment plan ", in the" 12th Five-Year "period over the country to complete the task orders the elimination of backward cement production capacity by 2017, clinker production capacity controlled within 90 million tons of cement production capacity of 22 tons less than in the control, and the Beijing Tianjin Hebei the capacity of the environment, to adapt to market demand, capacity utilization reached a reasonable level. Specifically, in 2016, Hebei Province, the task of cement production capacity of 1 million 500 thousand tons, to September this year, has been completed in all. Among them, Shijiazhuang City, proposed in 2016 to eliminate 800 thousand tons of cement production target.

Hebei Province, Shijiazhuang City Vice Mayor Hao Zhushan: in this area and there are a lot of so many cement enterprises is not the reality, although the contribution in history, but considering the long-term development, must be eliminated.

, in fact, in recent years, due to excess production capacity to bring pressure on the operation of Liang Zhanxu's cement enterprises, has been very obvious.

, chairman of Fengcheng India Cements Limited Liang Zhanxu:" Hebei "in 2015, most of the time, I started not open, then the cement price (200 yuan per ton) below, it is almost on the verge of collapse. If you get a good 200 dollars is not a loss, you do not 200 dollars a loss, so almost, even is the most serious, is a ton of cement to earn a $50 Fen, is the degree, has felt the overcapacity. "

2015, Liang Zhanxu's Fengcheng India Cements Limited, was included in the list of Shijiazhuang City, the elimination of excess cement production capacity. In early 2016, the company has a history of more than 30 years of cement companies, was shut down.

Fengcheng Hebei India Cements Limited chairman Liang Zhanxu: , I want to struggle a lifetime of enterprise, so the ground was leveled, and Yi is a pile of garbage, was also a crying. 1997, 1998, at that time the situation is the best, when I almost a year to pay taxes on the 8 million, I do not less than 8 million of the. "

this long history of the old enterprise, carrying the memory of several generations of local people, but also to the local industrial development and construction has made tremendous contributions. However, once brilliant, now has become a history. In the face of the grim situation of production capacity, structural adjustment, the local government had to make a decision to shut down the demolition of enterprises.

now, this once covers an area of 120 acres of cement plant, has been basically removed, leaving only three cement silo stands in the rubble, waiting for acceptance. Liang Zhanxu is also seeking a way to himself, he joined a local logistics enterprises to cement assets discount shares, from the boss to become shareholders; and the 54 year old Liang Zhanlin also faces the reality of cement factory demolition.

before being shut down, Fengcheng cement has 120 employees, now, like Liang Zhanlin from the cement factory out of self occupation workers, a total of 29.

" in accordance with enterprise restructuring agreement, Zhanxu beams need to issue certain compensation for resettlement for occupation workers, but due to the removal of compensation funds has not been in place, Liang Zhanxu thought, decided to borrow some money from his stake in the company. Compensation for this group of workers. The development and Reform Bureau Chief Wang Zengkui

of Gaoyi County of Hebei Province: "I am most concerned about, compensation for enterprises to be in full time to the development and Reform Bureau account, in addition, I am going to improve the restructuring plan, the staff let them form a US comparison, we compared the recognition reached such a scheme the same, we finished the timely payment of economic compensation. "

capacity to work is not rude" do subtraction ", Fengcheng cement company started shutting down the work from March 2016, through communication and consultation of the countless times, only the progress of enterprises gradually shut down the. And from the company to do the work agreed to the demolition, to coordinate the proper placement of enterprises and workers, every aspect of the advance, all in the test of the wisdom and patience of grassroots cadres.

hard work has to be done, and then hard "bones" to "bite", because the capacity to supply side structural reform is the primary task of "five tasks", can fulfill the good capacity to target task, related to the overall situation of national reform.

in fact, Shijiazhuang City, has been gradually carried out in 2007 by the elimination of the cement industry. In Shijiazhuang cement enterprise distribution most counties in Luquan, the peak cement enterprises have up to 166, as of the end of 2013, Luquan had only 27 cement enterprises.

then, through 2013, 2014 within the city two centralized demolition, Shijiazhuang city shut down 35 cement companies, a total reduction of 18 million 500 thousand tons of cement production capacity, accounting for the city's total production capacity of 40%, 3 years to complete the task out of cement production capacity of 15 million tons of excess "earlier than planned.

in the process of eliminating cement production capacity, Luquan District, Shijiazhuang District, the Bureau, set up a special cement out of the office. Three years ago, just received the demolition of the task of Luquan District, Shijiazhuang City, Zhang Zhenping, Secretary of the Bureau, felt the hard work of the demolition.

" has been the development of the cement industry inertia for decades in the local, to reduce the shut down in the past few years, it is not easy. In order to promote the capacity to continue the work of Zhang Zhenping, they almost every day and the town staff to do the work to cement enterprises. Director of

in Hebei province Shijiazhuang city Luquan District Bureau of industry and information Zhang Zhenping : for example a business, he said he did not agree with his mother, then was out of the office with the mayor, the mayor we went to the hospital to visit his mother, but also to do the work, the process is gradually peel little do the work gradually then, of course this is a very long process, very suffering process.

in Luquan District, Shijiazhuang City Bureau of finance, CCTV finance economic half-hour reporter saw the removal of the cement companies in the year of the file. Each cement company's production capacity statistics, demolition compensation agreement, demolition plan, compensation payments, etc., have a clear record.

, vice mayor of Shijiazhuang city Hao Zhushan: when we had a current account balance, short-term and long-term debt, the immediate income is reduced, GDP is reduced, a reduction of revenue, but in the long term, we also calculate environmental account, forget the economic accounts, high energy consumption and high pollution industries that we high value-added industries up, this is a sum of economic accounts, environmental accounts calculations, low emissions, excellent environment, there may be more enterprises will gather to Shijiazhuang, these accounts we also have a pen.

simple calculation of economic accounts, Shijiazhuang seems to suffer, take a lot of money, GDP also down. But big account, in the long run, but saw the hope and bright future. 2007, Shijiazhuang City, Luquan District industrial electricity consumption is 2 billion 460 million degrees, the fiscal revenue of 1 billion yuan, in 2015, electricity 1 billion 970 million degrees in Luquan Industrial Zone, fiscal revenue 3 billion 200 million yuan, 8 years, industrial consumption reduced by 490 million degrees, fiscal revenue has increased by 2.2 times.

with a loud bang in Shijiazhuang: goodbye, China's "cement corridor""! 1-5

months of this year, the national cement price fell to the lowest level in nearly 10 years, the first half of the cement market downturn. In May 2016, the State Council issued the "guiding opinions on" building materials industry promote the steady growth of structural adjustment to increase the benefit, the coming period to resolve the cement industry overcapacity and make specific arrangements, put forward to 2020, Yajian a batch of cement clinker, the rate of capacity utilization to a reasonable interval; cement clinker production of the top 10 enterprises the production concentration is about 60%.

at the same time, before the end of 2020, is strictly prohibited for the record and the new expansion of production capacity of cement clinker construction projects. The cement industry is facing enormous pressure of capacity, excess capacity to resolve the task is arduous, but the capacity to work is not simply "off", but to forced local industries and enterprises to speed up the development of high added value, in line with the new direction of industrial restructuring, industrial upgrading. then Shijiazhuang cement enterprises in the "mud" after the job, and how to re - "iron" jobs?

" in December 17, 2013 and February 17, 2014 these two days, Shijiazhuang carried out a total of two cement enterprises concentrated demolition action, shutting down the removal of 35 cement enterprises. An Zhongping cement enterprises despite the large scale, good benefits, but still in the first batch of operations on the demolition of shutting down.

enterprise is located in Luquan District, Shijiazhuang eande Town, is the famous town of cement. In 70s and 80s, with local limestone resources rich mines, many cement enterprises have sprung up like bamboo shoots after a spring rain. Cement companies up to 72. Relying on the development of the cement industry, the town has become a very famous local industrial town. The cement industry's prosperity, but also stimulating the local employment, near the village, almost every family there are people who work in the cement plant, even run transport, the hotel opened the villagers, their business are basically around the cement factory in turn.

in Yi An Zhen of twenty years vice mayor Li Zhigang told reporters, not just in Yi An Zhen, Pingshan County next door, on both sides of the highway in Xibaipo, the same distribution of dozens of large and small cement companies, local people have this whole area known as the "cement corridor".

has just cleared after the removal of the cement plant, an Zhongping moment not idle, began to plan a new project, ready to stage a comeback.

to capacity behind the story: the cement plant was shut down the government lost 10 million! Dong Jiao Cun

Zhongping enterprises located in Yi'an Town, is the central area of the cement corridor ", in addition to many original cement enterprises, but also the distribution of a large number of walnut forest, and in recent years the government industry support, the greening of barren hills around the walnut is very rich in resources. An Zhongping decided to make full use of local resources, the processing production in walnut walnut beverages. Director of

Hebei Huayang drinks Co. Ltd. Changan Zhongping: "when they have someone to talk to me, you said on a production line is about ten million, I said okay, about ten million, the government lost about ten million, let's put the equipment sold almost enough. Class= img_box "id=" id_imagebox_6 "

"inspection technology, construction plant, installation equipment. Xianbuzhu Ann Zhongping, said, but the enterprise just half built, will have a big problem: no money.

fortunately, the government is aware of the security situation in view of his medium, is Luquan's first business transformation of cement enterprises, to encourage the development of enterprises, the district government dedicated to his coordination of the compensation funds 3 million, which finally helped an Zhongping through the difficulties. By the end of 2014, walnut beverage product safety and smooth production medium.

" in recent years, Shijiazhuang city vigorously remediation implementation of the Taihang Mountain hills, green engineering, once the cement corridor has been covered with patches of seedlings, fruit trees. Once the Luquan Yi An Zhen, Kaoshanchishan, vigorously develop the cement industry, make a great contribution to the development of local economy. Now, the cement corridor has disappeared for 20 years to cement an Zhongping Kaoshanchishan, also have a new understanding. The board of directors of

Hebei Huayang drinks Co. Ltd. Changan Zhongping: "in the past are backing we do eat stone, cement, cement plant are made of limestone, now we are backing, we now eat walnuts, eat this walnut and eat the stone is not the same, the environmental protection, nutrition and big, also not what pollution, and engage in cement is a heaven, one is underground.

CCTV finance economic half-hour reporter learned that, from the beginning of 2007, a total of 34 companies to shut down the town of cement, and now there are 9 companies successful transformation or the introduction of a cooperative project.

" out of Shijiazhuang cement production capacity of 50 million tons of gold and silver "beautiful scenery"

Shijiazhuang included in the national and provincial backward work through the elimination of backward production capacity plan eliminated, and the implementation of the blue sky project, since 12th Five-Year since, has been eliminated from the total the cement production capacity of nearly 50 million tons.

2015, the increase of high tech industry in Shijiazhuang city's regulation value increased 11.6%, higher than all the regulations on industrial added value growth rate 5.6 percentage points; the total regulation of industrial proportion reached 17.1%, 3.1 percentage points higher than in 2013. The city's six high energy consuming industries increased by 5.3%, lower than the total industrial added value growth rate of 0.7 percentage points, accounting for 34.2% of total industrial proportion, down 2 percentage points compared to 2013. through the cement production capacity to adjust, is constantly optimize the industrial structure, industrial transformation and upgrading, quality and efficiency has already begun to show results.

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