Small video WeChat is not fun? The new version will push the big video

WeChat version video Ben

shoujizhongguo· 2016-11-17 13:00:28

" WeChat video do not know can account for what percentage of people in the circle of friends and chat with them now, but there is indeed a small video release of multiple users in certain scenarios with a picture cannot express the emotion, but many user Tucao is small the length of the video is too small, so that a lot of time often not recorded they want to take the video to slide to cancel recording. But there is news that WeChat is a small range of the new version, the new version will add a video function, do not increase the amount of benefits arise spontaneously.

" can be seen, there has been little some users received from WeChat's new version beta invitation, according to the exposure of the new interface screenshot, the new version of WeChat in the camera interface to join the long recording function, but the actual recording time limit also can make nothing of it but it sure is big, the video function is updated, for mobile phone storage space will bring some challenges, so, this video really is not WeChat and mobile phone manufacturers partnership. Dig a hole?

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