Acting burst! I offer Huang Zitao his first on-screen kiss

Jamo the screen the first acting

fenghuangyule· 2016-11-17 14:09:17

" yellow Zitao first on-screen kiss exposure

recently, online exposure for a period led by Huang Zitao drama starring love version of "journey to the west" flower for you for ten thousand years. In the exposure of the trailers, kiss and classic classic lines "if you fall in love with one in this period, I hope ten thousand years" has emerged. Huang Zitao first challenge in double angle, and with the uninhibited as timid as a mouse "autotune" and domineering, wild and intractable the "Monkey King" can switch freely, and acting.

trailers, Huang Zitao turned the monkey demon war, whether it is called the bride plot shock, his roar or play as "golden cudgel freely flowing style of writing are some bright spots. Especially at monk's domineering and sharp sword when the eyes relaxed, vivid interpretation.

in the interpretation of it, the bearded look funny, funny, exaggerated facial expressions, it is to play as cast idol burden, comic. So many users have lamented "it is a martial arts foundation, this play really handsome burst", "Tao Tao's acting actually online, so look a bit more beautiful! "There are abused fans said," after the first screen kiss kiss variety, I didn't even kiss the screen tao".

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