Show of affection! Fan Bingbing delivered a pen also did not forget to steal touch Li Chen

Li Chen Fan Bingbing show affection Huayi Brothers

fenghuangyule· 2016-11-17 14:09:41

Li Chen and Fan Bingbing

Li Chen and Fan Bingbing released since romance, regardless of the occasion to show affection is to feed a single dog, Fan Ye also changed the usual domineering strong woman image, sweet little woman immediately incarnation around Li Chen. Two people, and the food is one after another.

" Fan Bingbing felt Li Chen's waist

11 16, Huayi Brothers theater opened, Fan Bingbing and Li Chen fit appeared to help out. The same day, Fan Bingbing wearing a hat backpack, debut, her boyfriend Li Chen a black jacket, also show handsome. In the signature link, when Li Chen signed, Fan Bingbing also did not forget to close touch Li Chen waist, recursive signature pen, for her boyfriend relaxed, very intimate, affectionate feelings of envy others.

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