How to install B in the baseball field depth

Golf course how

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in football,

as If you love a girl to see you play

we will want in the right before the goddess installed wave force,

let himself in the eyes of her left handsome ball posture.

in your imagination play am

but in reality is that...

although the reality is cruel

or and what is the difference between salted fish!

below Junlai teach you some ball up loaded to force

and in baseball, a big show.


      the highest loading force is good, if you are a good player, so these technologies will let you have a coquettish audience, forcing all let you installed both visual sense.

[ encountered in other defensive players, when he and the distance of about 5 meters, feet around the football to fake, when the other person is dazzling want to foot off the ball, quickly change to the extraordinary, if successful, will certainly cause bursts of screaming female fans.

        is not recommended to use this technique for rookie drunby, too difficult, if you accidentally stepped on football in the process of cycling, or foot slipped, there will be an embarrassing situation as follows.           font-size:14px  

Masai "text-align: justify; font-size: 14px; font-family: color:; RGB (165, 165, 165);" > this trick is by China players invented by Li Yi, later by learning Li Yi's Bengbu roundabout, simplified, and then carry forward by the French player Zidane. Conditions of use: good technology, no lumbar disease, turn around.

with a turn break the two defender with elegance and speed.    


[< span style=] scissor pass "font-family: font-size: 14px; color:; RGB (165, 165, 165);" > is also master the loading force weapon, do not easily imitate the rookie. Otherwise...


span> with passing intentions, do not show it, lifted his foot in the opposite direction before the pass, head towards the direction of the ball. And then pass the ball to the target position. The most important thing is to grasp the opportunity and look shakes to deceive each other. After passing the ball, the opponent will certainly think you are very high football talent old driver.

no look pass, a

[as Henry] on the field with the physical and technical perfect ball, let the opponent helpless, is a kind of loading force skills, can also show you a very strong body and solid.


like Henry ball

but encountered violent temper opponents, this force can't go on pretending

; 0.5em; teaching of civilian

        if you are just a few of the techniques rookie player, do not panic, you have 100 kinds of methods can be used to act.


... >

[] if the goal after continue to run, and then raised his right hand and shoulders parallel to the ring finger (as above ring) kiss on the face, not too joy, will destroy the lens.


  font-size:14px" taunt opponents "font-family: font-size: 14px; color:; RGB (165, 165, 165);" > after the break to calm, there cannot be any celebration, shrugging his shoulders slightly spread his hands, face forced expression the goal too easy "bitter. And, by the way, "their defense is too bad". Risk: if the ugly is not recommended.

president domineering side leakage "font-size: 14px; font-family: color:; RGB (165, 165, 165);" >

there are loaded to force failure...

tacticalboard "font-family: font-size: 14px; color:; RGB (165, 165, 165); background-color: RGB (255, 255, 255);" > Yes you did wrong is the tactics board, which is also a force mounted weapon, if the first half was hit a wave of 3-0, half time the rest do not patronize the drink bragging, took out his tactics board already prepared from the backpack, to give you some painting scrawly handwriting tactics route, you old firm Great location, put the blame off to other people.

[a] after the end of the game, one's own defeat, this is a good time for you to act. Close your eyes first, then a right foot feet paralysis, one knee on the ground, with the left hand holding the right hand to hold the forehead. If there is a cry at the moment, it's a performance of 100 points. The last is to stand up in the team's arm, and then continue to blame, is particularly suitable for captain.

there are many pretend tips, if you are interested in small will share with you. Today's game up here, it is purely entertainment, any similarity is purely copy ~ we see you!


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