Korean made to take effect? Hanbyul performances were approved after September


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" limit to Han has been circulating for several months in the circle, although there is no official papers, but many programs to remove the Korean information of film and television works to Han obvious signs, seems to be explained "the Han Ling" does exist. Sina entertainment from the official website of the Ministry of culture for South Korean star in the China activities found in September after approval, no information about Han performance in China, "the Korean order seems to really come into effect.

box-sizing: > border-box;" in the official website of the Ministry of culture information, application category search "Korea" in foreign performances, in September only three activities approved, August four, July two, including EXO, Shin Hye Sung, Zheng Jinghe, Kim Hyun A, Kim Jun Su's performances. But there's no more information about South Korea's performance since September.

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