The first international third generation semiconductor innovation and entrepreneurship competition held in Beijing

Innovation and entrepreneurship finals semiconductor Beijing international

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11 15," the golden half lead, innovation in the future - the first international third generation semiconductor innovation contest world finals at the Beijing International Convention Center successful ending. The contest in the torch center, Ministry of science and technology of Beijing City Committee of science and technology, science and Technology Department of Guangdong Province under the guidance and support, by the third generation semiconductor industry technology innovation strategic alliance (CASA) and the national semiconductor lighting engineering research and Industry Association (CSA) jointly organized.

competition through the trial, the semi-finals, semi-finals And the finals of the layers of screening, 10 innovative entrepreneurial team come to the finals. The final game is divided into enterprise group and team group, take 10 minutes road show and 5 minutes of the form of defense. After expert review and public review. Online voting, Wuxi eventually Shimeile Laser Display Technology Co. Ltd. enterprise group champion, runner up by Wuhan Hengtai Technology Co. Ltd. and Beijing Wang Yan Rong Chang Energy Technology Co. Ltd. jointly acquired project finished third Suzhou Keyi sky Semiconductor Technology Co. Ltd., Zhuhai Hengqin Huace Optical Communication Technology Co., Ltd. and Beijing and Polytron Technologies Inc. The team won by Tsinghua Paers, the runner up is China carbon core, Beijing wisdom lidar Communication Technology Co. Ltd. and Effective Application of GaN technology third. In addition, the Hebei light crystal Ltd and Luoyang Rui Zhao electronic technology limited company 19 project won the outstanding project award.
project docking: billion yuan hatch the fund, to create specialized investment platform < / strong>
the contest after 3 Month of the project collection, received a total of 269 projects at home and abroad, which through the first trial and with independent intellectual property rights of high-tech projects a total of 108. These technology projects involving semiconductor lighting, power electronics, optoelectronics, microwave and RF fields, including sensors, LIFI technology, OLED display, 5G, UV light, wireless charging, the application of smart city a number of cutting-edge technology and core technology.
in order to better stimulate the internal vitality of innovation and entrepreneurship to improve the technological innovation, conversion rate, the organizing committee set up billion yuan investment fund pool. In the finals of the outstanding performance of the project team, can be directly obtained incubator funds, or in accordance with the areas involved in the project, to obtain counterparts in the business or investment institutions and its depth. The competition completed a number of business groups and leading enterprise projects docking, to achieve the effective convergence of the upstream and downstream industry chain. Among them, many enterprises completed TCL group Limited by Share Ltd, Rococo group, Datang network science and technology limited company, Zte Corp, Rohm semiconductor (China) 9 business proposition Co. Ltd. and other leading enterprises released, which covers many fields of industrial design, consumer electronics, mobile communications, new materials, integrated intelligent sensor etc..
in addition, the organizing committee according to the needs and wishes of team work, help the completion of docking docking policy, in China market law, patent consulting and market, capital and industry incubator space resources, excellent power projects to enter the market China.
Live Online: real-time interaction, build
in order to let more enterprises understand the fighting game , the organizing committee has opened a special network video channel, WeChat group live picture, for all online onlookers contest. According to the organizing committee, in order to better organize network broadcast activities, advance the formation of the 20 live WeChat group, WeChat group by tens of thousands of people the first time to understand the game fighting scene.
in the contest is to implement the innovation driven development strategy and public entrepreneurship, innovation" the excellent situation held on the stage of rapid development of the third generation semiconductor industry into a continuous innovation, the future of the third generation semiconductor will lead the next generation of technology and strategic change the application, will have a huge impact on energy, energy conservation, national security, a new generation of information technology and other aspects of human life. Hold international third generation semiconductor innovation contest to promote the development and application of the third generation semiconductor industry leading technology, general technology and system integration technology, to discover and promote the innovation of the pattern of independent research and development and open cooperation diversified and multi-level coexist, the first step to construct the industry combination of technological innovation system.

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