How to live the way you like?


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sparkling life,

, this is like you Do you like it?

just past eleven, do not know if you have the night Ma become people". Hold express box instant happiness is joy, but the next second looked at it, and regret for hand off his regret "behavior". After all, most of us are ordinary people, but also worry about fuel.

  0EM 1em; line-height: 25.6px; text-align: justify; "> although some children, they do not work, but live, wanton publicity. Because of their rich parents will pay for their frivolous and capricious.

we cannot decide the parents, but the hearts of the total hiding a sparkling example" - he may be your general manager, young management of nearly 100 people in the sales department, one of the Top10 is the company's own. The annual salary of nearly million, the family business is very robust and is a very good man.

is one such person, once see the example, see the possibility of their own.

but if you truly know yourself?

  0EM 1em; line-height: 25.6px; text-align: justify; "> when I was young, we always lost to the child next door. She always finish the homework, grades one hundred; physical exercise; Zaoshuizaoqi, eat never picky eaters, the process of living near perfect. So, we tried very hard, want to get the recognition of parents and teachers, began to live in the next door to the child's appearance.

"my son is going to be a doctor in the future."

" oh so smart girl, was still a graduate student, this is after going abroad to read Bo ah."

" president to do good, have no interest in going to the * * * company internship?"


sometimes, we live is not a bit like myself. with parents, teachers and strangers too much hope, life seems to set the invisible shackles. "Treasure, do not be too hard, do their favorite is good." In the end, it's just like Grandma.

  0EM 1em; line-height: 25.6px; text-align: justify; "> but life still continue, never stop time. endless overtime, entertainment, take the spirit to another Case. The computer is ready to use it to wipe the nose of toilet paper, like a cold have a month was not good. Noon call takeaway simple to deal with, tired on the table on the table for a while.

you think this is the effort to look like, but I feel strange, does not seem to want to keep working and living state. All roads lead to the distance, which is the only one with their own adaptation of it?


the Master said was invited to the 13 years of leadership in China project promotion, teaching, counselling and Instructor Certification experience domestic top consultant Jerry , to explore the direction of career for young people .

Mr. Shen Junsheng nearly twenty years in China, Japan and the United States successfully LED technology and sales team, as well as the operation of the company's overall business experience. In the last 13 years, Shen Junsheng, a teacher who teaches situational leadership, stands for more than 500 of the leadership courses and has trained more than 10 thousand professional managers from all walks of life.

his teaching style and true, for passion to solve the problem of system, and encourage action.

current guests  

  • Leadership Research Center       managing director of

  • America;   vice president of sales

  • America;       vice president of sales

Theme: how to find the most suitable for their own occupation development direction?

11 17 September (Thursday night) 20:00


(registration please pay attention to this.)

N.E.W.S. so found can help you find a sustainable, strong internal motivation.

in the development stage of each person is different, there are key bottleneck. N.E.W.S." color: RGB style= is from the inside of the change and grow.

-   what is a good job?

N.E.W.S.1." North "

2." West "plan and the implementation of the

3. "south" the inner bottleneck "

4. "East" - the core value of

-   24px;


clear their direction of development

2. find hinder their growth habits and limiting beliefs, and overcome them the method of /span>

3. connect personal values and goals, to obtain < /p>

4." fon

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