Five primaries to achieve "sweep" the king of Sichuan?

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zhongxinwang· 2016-04-27 23:19:41

in the evening of the five state election, Trump in each state of the support rate of more than 50%, can win at least 100 votes, the total number of its representatives will also be more than 950 votes. won the victory of the night Trump made no secret of their confidence. He said he had assumed he was a Republican candidate.

in accordance with the rules of the Republican party primaries, candidates need to win 1237 votes in the party can lock the primary election victory. < p > however, trump 26 victory did not let his rival Ohio governor Kasich and Texas Texas Senator Cruz ended the campaign. Cruz said the situation in Indiana next week will change after the primary election. Some media believe that Indiana is likely to be the last chance two people stopped Trump. < p > in the Democratic Party in leading Hillary 26 in Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania primaries beat the opponents Sanders, the latter only in the Rhode Island State primaries pulled a city.

Hilary 26 evening in Philadelphia's election rally to rival Saunders extended an olive branch". She said that she and Saunders consensus than differences, all Democrats should unite. The Associated Press said Hilary, the move shows that she has turned its attention to the next stage of the national general election.

Saunders congratulated Hilary that night, but said he would not quit, will continue to fight.

26 days later, Hilary will be at least 2156 votes, including her hands in the hands of more than 502 tickets. This figure means that she has won 90% of the votes needed to win the primary election.

Indiana primary election will be held in May 3rd. By then, the Democratic Party will decide the 92 delegates belonging, Republicans will decide the 57 delegates belonging.

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