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< p > by the late 1980s, the Soviet Red Army, the Ministry of the interior and the KGB special operations units are equipped with two 9×. 39mm calibre silenced weapons and a is as assault rifles, another is VSS sniper rifle. At the same time, the Soviet Union in the late 1980s rise of organized crime, political unrest, in 1989, is responsible to protect the KGB ninth clearly requires a compact structure, easily concealed automatic weapons, fire it is best to greatly exceed the original stepin non Hodgkin's APS submachine gun. The request has been submitted to the central Precision Mechanical Engineering Research Institute TsNII TochMash, this is a state of light weapons research unit, but also 9×. 39mm special subsonic bullets and AS/VSS development and production units.

MA compact assault rifle < in the initial design of RG-051, over type butt has a strong spring, when the striker press butt locking can automatically" bomb "open to use, but the function extremely" short-lived ", because the presentation made to the KGB, the senior staff at the beginning of the study, a bad leader because it was not clear butt bounce position, when he hit the butt locking, is automatically bounced off the butt of a wounded face. < p > in 1991, the first batch of pilot RG-051 delivered to the KGB. By 1996, already after extensive operational testing RG-051 was formally setting SR-3 and KGB successor -- is now the FSB (Federal Security Service) and FSO (Federal Security Bureau) officially adopted.

folding buttstock SR-3

in the SR-3 hasn't officially finalized when, in the Tula Instrument Design Bureau (kbp) saw the potential demand for this kind of CQB weapon. So kbp Design Bureau in the early 1990s is self financing, the independent development of a new kind of CQB police weapons, the design goal is lighter than 5.45mm caliber of AKS-74U short assault rifle is shorter, but also have better stop and penetration ability. In addition, the production cost of this new weapon and maintenance costs should relatively low. Achieve these targets are new weapons are finalized for the 9-A91, the same is the launch of 9× 39mm subsonic armor piercing projectile, its air gun weight than AKS-74U light almost 1 kg. Although this is a re design of new weapons, but the production line is also in use AK rifle.

early type 9-A91, you can see the speed machine in the machine box of the left

late of 9-A91, machine box on the left side of the speed machine cancel, yielded to the scope rail < through to combat 9-A91 test kbp according to the views of users of weapons was improved, improved launched in 1995, major changes including can be rapidly disassembled mufflers and optical aiming device installation seat. Because the guide rail of the aiming device is in the left side of the casing, the insurance / speed machine handle is moved to the right side of the gun. < p >, like the SR-3. 9A-91 is also conductive air automatic operation principle, long stroke guide gas piston is located above the barrel, but the rotary bolt has four closed suddenly ears. Pull handle bolt in the box at the right side, the early production of pull handle is welded and fixed, and later changed to be folded upwards.

in 1995 before the production of 9A-91 insurance / speed machine handle is located on the left side of the box, easy to use the right hand to shoot the thumb operation. But later vacated on the left side of the machine casing to install sight, from 1995 to get production 9A-91 the insurance / handle speed machine to change on the right. Insurance / speed machine handle has three fixed positions, respectively, for the insurance, single and automatic. Early production of 9-A91 rifle with a beveled muzzle jump preventer device, but 9-A91 later, the production of is in the muzzle is provided with screw threads, connected to the muffler. When you do not use a muffler, usually fitted with a muzzle cap to protect the thread, in fact, is a simple nut. An L-shaped flip type rear sight, installed in the 9-A91 and range setting in the 100 meters and 200 meters. In addition, some users will give the rifle mounted on the red dot scope. The gun casing made of steel plate stamping molding, this design is to reduce production costs, support and a pistol shaped handle is made from polymer. Folding at the top of the casing steel butt when not in use. Photos of

earliest exposure SR-3M, at that time had wrong thought is modified

SR-3 atherosclerosis Val firing mechanism with atherosclerosis and VSS is the same, is somewhat similar to the Czech Republic, vz.58 SA. Assault rifle, to a translation type hammer. Hammer spring is located in the bolt spring below, two groups of springs of the spring guide rods and the polymer bolt buffer is installed at the end of the gun. And atherosclerosis and VSS, SR-3 to AK insurance rotary handle change above the pistol grip on the left and right are some small rotary handle so that both left and right shooting hand can conveniently by shooting hand thumb operation. Speed machine is still form of vas and VSS, is located in the pistol shaped grip at the top of a horizontal push buttons, on the left side of the three markers for fully automated, on the right side of the single point mark for semi automatically. Class= img_box "

and SR-3M of the insurance rod only on the right side of the box, and AS as the same as the AK rifle type design. Speed machine is located in pulling the trigger retainer lever and formal markers and SR-3. On the left side of the 3 point marker for automatic, on the right side of the single point for semi automatic.

in SR-3M on the recovery of the traditional pull handle, bolt is located in the box on the right side, extending from the ejection port. L

SR-3M like the door down with the SR-3, the range of 100 meters and 200 meters, respectively. But SR-3M in the left side of the box there is a typical Russian rail, can be installed PSO-1, such as low magnification sight, or other Russian red point mirror.

SR-3M used as the barrel but no vent, muzzle mounted cage shaped fire flame / muzzle brake, and is equipped with a quick detachable silencer muffler through fire flame of retreat is the appearance of the threaded mounting.

folding butt from AS, composed of steel and plastic backing plate, without the use of folding on the left side of the gun. In addition a folding front grip in the fender below.

according to user reports, SR-3M is excellent CQB tools, reliable performance, the effective range of up to 100 to 150 meters, after passing through the hard obstacles also has quite a good stopping effect. And as a result of 9× 39 is a special sub sonic bomb, so the use of a muffler is also very good. Class= img_box "

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