Fan Bingbing conceal chowhound are uncontrollable nature of Li Chen

Li Chen Fan Bingbing chowhound nature

beiqingwangyule· 2016-11-18 05:56:54

some time ago Fan Bingbing slim left the extra baggage sector sparked heated debate, she also revealed that he was the control diet. Today, Fan Bingbing, but micro-blog said it did not want to control today, there are a lot of a lot of want to eat. This is how long it is, Fan Ye can't keep their mouth ~

today, Fan Bingbing to Chengdu to promote the upcoming movie "I am not Pan Jinlian", as the famous delicacy City, the Fan Bingbing of Chengdu "before" chowhound no resistance, micro Bo said too much to eat, can not you can not control the diet as the opening day today. Netizens have commented, some time ago to control the white, to hold on ah, Bing Bing open to eat! Fat is also very beautiful".

to know that a diet chowhound is too hard, Fan Bingbing is also well known chowhound nature. I would like to buy a meal is not enough, ~

" and her boyfriend Li Chen together to eat out, open the ~

" in her Kangxi it also revealed he never diet, most fat when more than and 130 pounds! For a star, more than and 130 pounds can secure a position, can only say that it is the true genius of fan ye.

" and fall in love with Li Chen, the two feelings stabilized, fan ye may be affected by a great black, in the interview that every day will exercise. Before she was in the micro-blog sun out of the evening swim photos.

" and determined Fan Bingbing seriously over thin skin care as she did, she spent 700 years as a mask, from Givenchy to MOPAIR, what good try, but turned to lose weight the effect of mask madman madman also obviously. A few days ago, foreign fashion week, Fan Bingbing's stunning debut, in the event she actually put on the former did not dare to wear the!

users have lamented, Fan Xiaopang is really thin! "Fan Bingbing is proud to say" on the thin play". So

just arrived in Chengdu couldn't resist the temptation of delicacy, Fan Bingbing is still visible attribute chowhound friends said, the extra baggage sector at any time, waiting for her to go back to ~

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