USNews how big is the gap between the United States and the world university rankings?

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" USNews World University Rankings came out yesterday, we all looked at it? Is there anything you want to say?

people will find the same rankings published by USNews USNews, American College of yesterday's USNews world university rankings and released September rankings, with an American school to list in the position of such a big difference?

this year, the Princeton University in the United States to continue to occupy the first university rankings, while in the world university rankings ranked ninth, behind Harvard, MIT and other universities in … … but at Harvard University in the United States ranked second in the world university rankings, it is first.

yes, as the United States from the United States USNews ranking is undoubtedly the most authoritative ranking of the United States, the same school, there is such a big difference, we should look at which one?

first, the United States has a number of agencies to rank universities, the most influential is "by US News & World Report" (U.S.News&WorldReport) in the United States ranked university released the annual eight or nine month, we often say that the USNews ranking.

second, to clarify the point is, USNews rankings, can be divided into three categories: BestColleges, BestGraduateSchools, BestGlobalUniversities.

the following BestColleges can be divided into NationalUniversitiesRanking national university rankings, LiberalArtsCollegesRanking satfranklin etc.. NationalUniversitiesRanking National University ranking is actually the most commonly seen Chinese people most often say that the United States University rankings.

NationalUniversitiesRanking National University ranking only using undergraduate indicators, exactly just the undergraduate ranking. Does not include: Master, PhD, post doctoral education. And this university rankings did not consider the number of instructors Nobel award, the number of American academicians, academic level, the federal government huge funding, the huge state government funding, etc.. So it caused: the U.S. public universities have been seriously underestimated the 30, 50, 100 or even 150. For example, University of California at Berkeley: the world's fourth ranking, ranked 20 in the United States; University of Washington: the world's eleventh, while the United States ranked 54. But these two universities are the world's top universities! > > > select the ten universities, it is possible to enter the Chinese circle of the Chinese people, oh! The following factors

NationalUniversitiesRanking university ranking:

Graduationandretentionrates graduation rate and freshmen retention rate: 22.5%

Undergraduateacademicreputation undergraduate academic reputation: 22.5%

Facultyresources faculty: 20%

Studentselectivity new level: 12.5%

Financialresources economic strength: 10%

Graduationrateperformance graduation rate performance: 7.5%

Alumnigivingrate: 5%

alumni donations ranked by the 7 major indicators to calculate the weighted average income. After

, with the globalization of higher education, USNews officially launched the 2015 world university rankings BestGlobalUniversitiesRanking in October 2014, causing widespread concern in the world. This year is the third edition of the world university rankings released by USNews.

GlobalUniversitiesRanking World University Rankings includes undergraduate education in American universities, graduate education, doctoral education, comprehensive evaluation of doctoral education and the whole team of professors, truly reflects the whole university level.

now you will understand why USNews has a huge gap between the GlobalUniversitiesRanking and the world university rankings NationalUniversitiesRanking. The original is not just a school rankings so simple. I also tangled so long ah ah ah … …

to speak of this gap, also referred to the "American news and World Report" in the two ranking of the difference between the evaluation criteria. In 2011, "U.S. News and World Report" according to the ranking method of university development and social trends of American universities made changes, put more emphasis on results oriented, such as improving graduation rates, student retention rate weight and adding high school science adviser evaluation etc.. At present, these indicators have been ranked in the system to occupy a large proportion of. But in the

world university rankings, considering each region's economic situation is different, facing the employment pressure is very different from other reasons, "U.S. News and World Report" is more emphasis on the study of strength and international reputation, such as the omission of undergraduate admissions data and graduation rates and other factors. "U.S. News and World Report" editor in chief of the BrainKelly Washington Post in 2014 for his interview, said: "we believe that the &hellip factors on staff productivity and prestige; … sense of something, the other things are not always meaningful. "

so, when we look at the USNews university rankings, we can have a comprehensive understanding of the strength of the University's research and graduation rates. While looking at the USNES global university rankings, it has a clear understanding of the strength and international reputation of the comprehensive study of each university. Integrated these two rankings, we will have a more comprehensive understanding of each university. Only in this way can really make good use of the rankings, to provide better support for their study abroad.


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