Fried chicken shop named "called a chicken" signs were removed


chengdoushangbao· 2016-11-18 09:26:20

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" "is really embarrassing me! Ms. Chen said the first two days of experience, the truth is difficult to talk about. Since last Sunday to see a shop sign "called a chicken", the four words of her 8 year old son, the two day off. Angry, she to the urban management, industry and Commerce and other departments of the phone to complain about the matter. Chengdu Jinjiang District public security academy street urban management comprehensive law enforcement team in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, the dismantling of the signs, and advise the operators of indecent name change dishes.

" Chengdu Daily reporter today to this fried chicken shop at the Red Road and two street intersection of wucheng. Shops and signs as Ms Chan described. More "spicy eyes" is the store's promotional language and dishes name.

" Chengdu Daily reporter from the Jinjiang District public security academy street urban management comprehensive law enforcement team learned that they already know the situation, and has made the decision. A person in charge of law enforcement team, before setting the signs, the business did not apply to the urban management department, the unauthorized settings. Signature name is also inconsistent with the information on the business license, the business license, the name of the store is the name of the shop is tight to the name of Jinjiang District snack bar. Law enforcement team responsible person, they have issued a notice to the merchant to correct the notice, and ordered it to make a correction to the signs before 20 days. At the same time, the law enforcement team after persuasion, businesses have also agreed to change the store posted menu name, "returned to normal". Class= img_box "

17 "perview_img_p content_img_p" at 6 pm, the reporter saw the store "called a chicken" signs have been removed. The city management committee set up signboards management office staff also said that the urban management department will further increase the signs set regulatory inspections, found similar "called a chicken" such unauthorized settings, content illegal signs, "found one and one".

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