China supercomputer applications for the first time won the Gordon Bell Award

Gordon Bell phase field award winning application field high performance computing

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Gordon Baer award winning


that after winning the Yang Chao

Salt Lake City time November 17th at 1:20 PM (Beijing time at 18 PM, 2016 4:20) the annual "Gordon Bell" award of the mystery was finally held in Salt Lake City international supercomputer Conference (SC16) announced. Had high hopes of Chinese team composed of Yang Chao research team deliver the goods, the CAS software researcher with Tsinghua University, associate professor Xue Wei Fu Haohuan et al Beijing Normal University with joint operating in the "Taihu Shenwei light" on the "global atmospheric nonhydrostatic cloud resolving simulation application" won the tournament, to achieve high performance computing in China the application results in the award breakthrough.

"warm congratulations to Yang Chao young, Xue Wei, Fu Haohuan and other team! Congratulations to the Taihu light development team!" Chinese Academy of Sciences researcher, computer science and high performance computing Specialized Committee Secretary General Zhang Yunquan first time sent a circle of friends to congratulate, and pleased to say: 2016 can be called 'China's super year'!"

, the global total of 6 applications nominated "Gordon Bell" Award nomination, 3 of which are based on the "Shenwei Taihu light" completed. The remaining 2 applications were the National Oceanic Administration and the Tsinghua University, a high resolution ocean wave numerical simulation and the Chinese Academy of network center, titanium alloy micro (micro-blog) structural evolution phase field simulation".

was established in 1987 of the "Gordon Bell" award called "high performance computing Nobel prize", is the application of the field of international high performance computing the highest academic award, issued jointly by the American computer association and the American Institute of electrical and electronics engineers. The Gordon Bell prize is usually applied to a computer system, which is one of the best in the year of the TOP500. For example, the U.S. and Japan researchers with the operation in the United States, "Titan" supercomputer, the Japanese "Beijing" super computer applications, have been in a row to get the award. And in fact, in the past 30 years, the award has been the United States and Japan monopoly.

the level of supercomputing applications is a symbol of China's soft power is. Won the Gordon Bell prize at one stroke, shows that the development level and application level of China's super computing application software has been significantly improved.

according to the SC16 news conference, students cluster in the General Assembly held during the contest, the University of Science and Technology of China team has made an Hong total score and HDL champion, "completed a mission impossible".

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