Study: Chinese haze is different with the London neutral deadly fog


kejiribao· 2016-11-18 11:40:40

science and Technology Daily reported in November 18th December 1952, a heavy fog shrouded London over 5 days, took the precious life of up to 12 thousand people, the causes for decades now, so scientists understand; over the same haze raging in the Chinese people stand it. What do the two have in common? Is there a difference? The research results of an international research team published in the latest issue of "Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences on" reveals the causes of deadly haze.

although it has long been known, London fog caused deaths may be caused by coal emissions, but the exact chemical processes of fog and pollution "kills two people" in the past 60 years has not been fully revealed. By the United States, Israel and Chinese, British researchers through laboratory experiments and measurements in the atmospheric China found London fog and haze with deadly China chemical reaction process of the same.

sulfate is the largest contributor to the fog, the use of coal-fired power plants and power plant emissions of sulfur dioxide formation of sulfuric acid particles. The latest research reveals the process of sulfur dioxide to sulfuric acid. In the form of natural fog, the nitrogen oxide, another byproduct of coal combustion, also promoted the process. The natural size of larger particles contain tens of microns, the droplet evaporation will be formed after the less acidic haze particles covering the whole city, which caused the tragedy of london. This air chemical process also occurred in the current Chinese haze.

but unlike in London, China haze from nano particles much smaller. In China, mainly by the power plant emissions of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide from power plants and vehicles, which happened with sulfuric acid neutralization of ammonia, mostly from the use of fertilizer and automobile exhaust, the interaction of these substances caused China haze. The concern is that London is a strong acid, and Chinese haze is basically neutral. Professor Zhang Renyi

of Texas aampm University said that the China government in the past 10 years has been committed to reduce air pollution, therefore, a better understanding of the air chemical process is the key to carry out effective regulatory action. The latest research results to unravel the mystery of London at the same time, but also to Chinese governance haze, improve air quality, provides a way to reduce nitrogen oxide and ammonia emissions, this is to curb and reduce or sulfate formation and effective way to haze.

, chief editor punctuate winter city heavy fog, haze word mentioning, everyone anger resentment. Except complain, unexpectedly also all like experts, refers to the day. But how much of our mouth is true science? How much is the parrot, is the number of public ignorance of brainwashing? We need real scientific data to correct the deviation, but also hope that these science can help "relevant departments" as soon as possible to get the effective method of travel. (originally entitled "London ≠ China haze, the same two air chemical process but different composition")

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