Sheyan dilemma: for a stone to tear down an old house

Inkstone stone a dilemma.

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Anhui Shexian, as a "Huimo are" "Sheyan village", not only Huimo development facing Houjifaren dilemma, she is also facing a shortage of raw materials. In recent years, Sheyan raw materials snowball rose, a small piece of old stone frequently tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands, and some villagers and inkstone experts, for the sake of a stone, tear down an old house.

now the Internet age, school education does not pay attention to calligraphy and other traditional culture, and lead to the same brush, Huizhou inkstick inkstone is faced with a crisis. Map carving inkstone tools mostly produce their own.

now the Yantai function has been weakened a lot, into works of art.

but compared with brush and ink, she now also faces a shortage of raw materials of embarrassment, which is why she inkstone material prices an important reason. Here a worker cut Yanshi Yanshi, now mostly from the new pit.

now part of inkstone stone from the surviving treasures are from the tail mountain. The inkstone and jade, are non renewable resources, coupled with the crazy exploitation of recent decades makes inkstone stone especially fine Yanshi less and less, the old pit Yanshi has banned mining in 2008. Map of the ancient city of Shexian inkstone Museum an inkstone, worth hundreds of thousands of.

so the existing old precious stone pit. Hu Qiusheng said that due to the sharp decrease in Shexian inkstone raw materials, high-grade raw materials Sheyan panic buying more and more serious, in recent years, many domestic entrepreneurs and Singaporeans, Japanese, Koreans began to hype Sheyan, virtually raise the price of inkstone. Some people even spend several hundred thousand dollars to buy old house, to tear down the house, buried the Yanshi foundation. Pictured Yanshi Museum on 60s left the century old pit Yanshi, now one is several thousand.

and many of Hu Qiusheng's own museum only the palm of the old stone, as long as a few dollars a piece, now is a good piece of thousands.

although she inkstone material has been gradually replaced by the new pit, but in the eyes of many experts, still can not replace the old pit, in addition to the "old pit pit" effect, the new pit stone regardless of appearance or even texture, ink ink effects are not with the old stone pit compared. A graph is soaked in water after the show stars pattern of the old pit yanshi.

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