The British girl died after freezing for "dead bodies"

Cancer body girl liquid

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14 year old British girl was frozen after the death of cancer remains waiting for "back to life"

Chinese daily on 18 November, (Gao Linlin) Broadcasting British Corporation (BBC) reported on November 18th, suffering from a rare cancer of the 14 year old British girl won a historic ruling before he died, after the death of her body can be frozen, so that if the later method there is a cure for cancer, she can "revive".

a British high court to make a ruling, allowing the girl's mother died after her daughter to dispose of the body. The girl died of cancer in October this year, the current remains of her body has been shipped to the United States for frozen. It is reported that the girl in the first few months of his death has been on the Internet to collect information on the frozen body.

is responsible for the case of judge Peter · Jackson had to go to the hospital to see her, he said the little girl in front of the disease showed the courage to make him very touched.

girl wrote to Jackson, said he hopes to live longer, do not want to be buried in the soil. In the letter, she said, "it was always asking me why I had to do something unusual. I'm only 14 years old, and I know I can't live long, but I don't want to die. I feel frozen, so even if it's the last few hundred years, I still have a chance to be cured and to wake up. I don't want to be buried under the ground. I want to live, I want to live long … … I want to have such a chance. This is my wish.

for their own ruling, the judge said, this does not lie in the human body frozen technology on and wrong, but that the parents in how to deal with the differences in the body of his daughter.

it is reported that the girl's parents have been divorced, she and her father had been ill for 6 years without contact. Mother supported her idea, but was opposed by his father. The girl's father said, even after the cure of disease and the child is resurrected, but at that time she was still 14 years old, and in this one of the world's relatives also have no, no memory, all alone in the United States, she will be very desperate. But then he changed his mind to respect her daughter's decision, but also hope to be able to see her daughter in the future.

cryonics technology is a process of freezing and preservation on the human body, if the future of "dead" or cure of diseases related to the resurrection of the frozen people.

at present, there are still many disputes in this technology and no one knows that the human body can not be revived after freezing. In the United States and Russia, there are devices that preserve the human body in low temperature liquid nitrogen. But to permanently cool the body of the human body is not a small number, about 37 thousand pounds (about 320 thousand yuan).

Jackson, the judge said that in the little girl before the England and Welsh area, or other places, no one to submit the same application. He said that this case is a typical case of the development of science and technology to bring new problems to the law, it is recommended that the relevant departments to consider the relevant laws and regulations related to the human body frozen.

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