Lang Xianping's 60 year old wife and mistress door exposing its bigamy

Hampyeong three words tears

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source: Journal of family public No. / Huang Qiping

8 the end of the month, the famous real estate economist Lang Xianping and miss Miao battle had shocked the whole network.

" a lot of reports have said that Miss Miao is 2003 and Lang Xianping cohabitation, Shanghai Jingan, Songjiang two homes received from Lang Xianping. 2014 Lang Xianping go back, will miss Miao on the court, the second lawsuit even ex-wife out of court, not only to recover the mistress of two suites, and let the mistress back 9 million yuan of debt. One of these reports, many users can not help feeling that do not understand the economy, do not understand the law, do not be a small three ".

" everything seems to have been settled, but in November, "family" magazine received the Lang Xianping family's exclusive. After multiple confirmation, we found it more inside:

I is the wife of Lang Xianping Huang Qiping, today stand up to tell the truth, I hesitated for a long time, but in the heart of depressed and stuck let me can't remain silent.

this year, my husband Lang Xianping and mistress for real coverage, even my colleague in the United States and Taiwan in the family are known, pointing to me, taunt. In this report, I became his wife, and so on, airline stewardess Fudan campus Belle chuanmeizi, let me very fantastic.

Lang Xianping is still unlimited scenery, I stick to this woman's first wife has become a laughing stock. This is what makes sense? On the media, some of the speculation and false reports, I would like to say that we understand, but also I am a clean, do not attack me this old woman.

I and Lang Xianping in Taipei in May 18, 1980 next year, registration of marriage, gave birth to son Lang Shiwei. Because of Dr. Lang Xianping's reason, at the age of 3, when I was three years old, we were a family of immigrants to the United States, Pennsylvania, a black area.

" (MS Wong and Lang Xianping marriage certificate)

when the conditions are not good, my degree is not high, it is difficult to find a legitimate job, for my husband to read and domestic subsidies, I had family nanny, when Chinatown sewing worker. Food poisoning, black rob have become homely food. This day has been a lot of years, until Dr. Lang Xianping graduated, as an associate professor at the college, life was a little better.

" (Lang Xianping in Taiwan, a family of three)

results before long, 1994 Lang Xianping will go to the Chinese University Hong Kong to teach, but this time I was admitted to the United States postal service work, it is not willing to give up; but he was also said he could not have been far away from life, up to one or two years before going back to the United States, so I did not take their children to go to Hongkong. Did not expect my husband did not return to the United states.

since we have been in contact, he often go to visit during the summer vacation, I often take the children to Hongkong to accompany him, but we still caused long separated the two couples have cold, Lang Xianping began to stay in women.

men out there is a woman, I do this wife can understand, after all, he is not easy to fight a man, but I think everything should have a degree. In 1997, he actually use the loopholes in the law of Hongkong, I was in Hongkong with a registered marriage. Unlike other places in Hongkong, there is no so-called marital status of the audit, as long as the publicity few days after no objection, you can get a marriage certificate. He was lying to himself is single, but also to conceal the so-called "marriage" for up to ten years! It was not until 2007 that I found out that I was divorced from Ms. Zhang.

in addition, Lang Xianping in 2000 to return to the mainland, at first in the north to teach EMBA, after going to the Yangtze River business school. In 2003 he met the same work in the Yangtze River business school miss miao. Though Lang Xianping married, Miss Miao still and he live together, Lang Xianping at her request, bought together with the house and car, the two broke up later due to various reasons, the house and car was Miss Miao away.

results in 2011 two people came together again, this time Lang Xianping in her request, once again generous to buy two sets of the most expensive house and expensive car and a variety of luxury and luxury jewelry. Because foreigners purchase all these reasons, the property temporarily put under the name of miss miao. It is said that the Miss Miao outside the affair, in which two people break up again in 2014, Miss Miao waved again all away.

during this period, I often go back to visit Lang Xianping and my son, grandson granddaughter. Chinese New Year holidays, I will fly back from the United States and the family reunion. But Lang Xianping was at that time and bigamy, always hide to finally broke out I knew. He has completely hurt our family and my feelings for him.

" (Ms. Huang every year from the United States to fly back to Chinese and her husband family reunion)

I am 61 years old, still work hard every day to send letters from door to door, when the postman. I was very much looking forward to retirement at the age of 62, I can return to accompany my children and my husband, even back to the bitter days, I believe I will be happy.

Lang Xianping had no money I don't care what the day before, what had not suffered only today. But he has developed so well in the country, can casually spend, several sets of houses, a few cars to the women who love money. And me? So far in the country does not have a house of their own.

before I was kept in the dark, indistinct hear some news not to care about, after all, children are so big, grandson also soon junior high school, do not want to influence their feelings. But now I don't know what to do.

Lang Xianping generous to buy a car to buy a small three, these should not be a common property of husband and wife? My legitimate rights and interests are not protected? Lang Xianping sent out every penny, do not belong to me?

before the court in Baoshan, Lang Xianping told Miss Miao the things I have been involved, because I didn't know this thing. I didn't know until my son couldn't help telling me. But I was thinking, Lang Xianping so smart people, should be able to get back to our property through legal means, after all, is only because of the purchase of the policy to put her name.

" (in the search for the two time the court verdict Lang Xianping sued the Miss Miao case) online

first session, Bartholomew miss could come up with their contacts three years of recording, that these are interpret out of context, Lang Xianping gives her something. When I finally understand, not every woman can really love someone; they are only through underhanded means to get something that does not belong to you.

angrily, I will be two of them to court and filed a lawsuit to Shanghai City Intermediate People's court, the common property of husband and wife are inseparable, and get what I deserve.

" (Ms. Huang Qiping sued Lang Xianping and miss Miao father the indictment) "img_box"

" (Ms. Huang Qiping sued Lang Xianping and miss Miao the indictment)

I I did not expect the first to safeguard their own rights and interests should be so difficult. In order to prove that I was the only legitimate wife, submit the materials required to prove to the court of the original, I again in New York, Shanghai, Taipei three runs, open the marriage certificate, sent to the notary notarized by the SEF and ARATS notarized certification this process only in Taipei household units, ran six or seven times.

" (Huang Qiping said he submitted to the court all through the SEF and ARATS notary approved marriage certificate of the original "

" (the Shanghai second intermediate people's Court of Lang Xianping told Jiejing Miao case Ms. Huang Qiping apply for third people to join the contents of the verdict, which is not recognized by the materials submitted by the proof of the original)

I provide must be original, but the court does not recognize these original results all materials submitted are go to sea. Shanghai intermediate people's Court refused to give me my file, there is no way, can only submit the same application to the high court of Shanghai, at present also failed.

more let me sad is that the son has also been implicated. Borrow my son's company in 2012 to miss Miao loan, the result was also her court said the unjust enrichment. When the loan contract is Miss Bartholomew personally cover chapter, bank water is proof of loan repayment, this money lending and back to clear the case, why can't the court verdict? Do not borrow money to pay back the money as unalterable principles?

Chinese is the legal community, China law should be fair, this result but I couldn't resist to doubt: a mistress can do so? People who do not know

now I know, have called me, said Lang Xianping and I are one; my own case can not be filed; the media to be used to discredit me and my family; my husband continues to hurt me. I live for nearly 62 years, this old woman did not enjoy a day after retirement now have to worry about the happiness of a family union, how to do. I want to return to my family, and I do not want to trouble my children, even if I was his mother. The children have their own life, I can't squeeze in to disturb them, but these things happen, I was afraid to let children become a drag.

but what else do I have? I only feel unfair, feel wronged. I sincerely hope that the society could give my innocence, I can feel at ease with my son, grandson, enjoy the happiness of a family union.

I have not sinned against you, Miss Miao, please don't hurt me.

for this broke some of the doubts, "family" magazine linked to the family, Lang Xianping's son Lang Shiwei accepted the interview.

family magazine : Ms. Huang in the United States in the past few decades is how to live?

Lang Shiwei : for decades, in addition to take care of me and my brother, after graduation, we return home to start a business, my mother a person's own. In addition to the weekend meeting with friends and family is to go to work, have a boring day. Look forward to returning to visit each time. Before the loan to buy a house, a three bedroom building with a basement, in front of me and my brother in high school, but my dad left, mom that my dad won't come back after that burden is too big. In those years, my dad only had thousands of yuan to go home every month.

family magazine : Ms. Wong in the country there is no real estate?

Lang Shiwei: Yes, my mother sold the house and left for about $100 thousand, a 100 square meters of two small apartments in New York of Queens.

magazine: Ms. Huang family sued your father and miss Miao, why did not the court filing?

Lang Shiwei: fair to say that the court dismissed the case without words, there should be a ruling, but what is not.

family magazine : listen to Ms. Wong said your company has also been implicated?

Lang Shiwei: Ms. Miao told me the company's case, is the beginning of this year, she also deliberately sent a summons to nobody's address. In fact, this bank loan is the professor's lending in 2011, when Miurang my dad bought the antique furniture, in her company name with my dad secured a loan from the bank 9 million. This section is her take now, whereabouts do not know. In 2012 to repay the loan when the professor says he doesn't have enough money, Miss Miao company to borrow from my company 9 million. The new loan is also down to miss Miao, then is my company. To borrow money to pay back the money, I have no interest as unalterable principles. That can actually be accused, there is no reason.

" (Miss Miao to Lang Shiwei company loan agreement)

as of press time, although several efforts, we are still not able to interview the parties Lang Xianping. The professor looks not only an affair, you suffer, also let the wife and son are involved, a restless. In reality, the idea that the story is like striking one snag after another but in a It is often seen., Professor of economics at the body more meaningful. What is the next step in Lang Xianping's story?

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