Guangdong man fishing encounter five or six white dolphins

Guangdong dolphin man Zhongshan

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16", Mr Wen and more than and 10 colleagues in Hengmen waters of sea play, suddenly saw this rare scene! Mr. Wen said, in the cross gate beach to open water encounter white dolphin. At first, we thought it was a big fish, and later found that it was a white dolphin. After 20 minutes, about five or six dolphins always follow the boat to jump forward. Until the ship turned on the water, the dolphin was gone. Good sticky people have wood have? (from: Zhongshan release)

" although the photo Shanghai dolphin body is white, very similar to the Chinese White Dolphin shape, but whether the two are the same species? After Zhongshan Marine Fisheries Bureau of more than a number of professionals to compare and observe, and finally confirmed that Mr. Wen sent a photo of the species is the Chinese white dolphin. Experts said that if the photo is true, it should be two years on the waters of our city, once again captured the Chinese White Dolphin photos. The last time a photo was recorded in January 2014. On the morning of 10 pm, fishery detachment Hengmen team of 3 officers, driving "China Haijian 9026 law enforcement boats in the water area of cruise, sailing to the white light channel five east around the sea across the Lek, suddenly flashed a white walk in front of the object. (from: Zhongshan release)

" in the waters near the situation is more complex, law enforcement officials worry that white dolphins hurt, a slow air followed by its "escort". About 10:45, "escort" 3 miles to the east or near white dolphins to Qi'ao Island and close to the direction of safety free reserve, law enforcement personnel to ease off. These Chinese white dolphins are just passing by, or to settle in Zhongshan? Marine Fisheries expert analysis, they should be from the Pearl River Estuary, the Chinese White Dolphin National Nature Reserve, the waters of the cross gate also belong to the scope of protection, can be settled in this. According to the protection of the data, from 2011 to start the construction of the Pearl River Bay Bridge in, the protection zone for 6 consecutive years to carry out the work of the Chinese White Dolphin resource monitoring, there are currently 2060 dolphin resources have been entered into the database. (from: Zhongshan release)

" in the waters of Zhongshan to take the Chinese white dolphin, the greater significance is that indicates that significantly improve the water quality of Zhongshan. Experts said that the Chinese white dolphins on the water quality requirements are higher, only appear in the waters of good environment. In recent years, the probability of the emergence of the Chinese white dolphins in Zhongshan waters increased significantly, and even some people in the River Delta has also found the Chinese white dolphins, which shows that the water quality of the waters in Zhongshan has been continuously improved. (from: Zhongshan release)

" on the one hand, in addition to the city's plans to increase fry delivery, strengthen the management of waste waters, more public participation in water also raise awareness of love. I believe that through the universal love of the waters, will attract more Chinese white dolphins, the public and this "sea giant panda" chance to encounter will continue to improve. City of marine and fisheries sector to remind the Chinese white dolphins when they met should slow down the speed, do not disturb or catch them, but can not try to capture. More important, everyone should cherish water resources, white dolphins in the coastal waters of the beautiful scene will be more common! Figure for network data (from: Zhongshan release)

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Guangdong man fishing encounter five or six white dolphins