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" doesn't have arms, but over the years has been to develop self-care ability, get up every morning to put socks on his mouth. In recent years, 50, Wang Liwei, runs a public bath, dozens of people shop, he is not only the hand of the disabled, but he is the manager here.

" to take care of the company should be arranged in good order, meeting the statistical work every day. "It's been an accident for 20 years. "David said. Demobilized soldier, he was assigned to work heavy equipment manufacturing factory. On June 1, 1988 a sudden danger, a pile of high iron dumping. David subconsciously reached out to hold it, did not think the gap hands are inserted into the tablet, hands and left arm were rolled into instant meat. David was sent to the hospital, his pupil has been enlarged, the basic body of the blood flow. After an emergency rescue, life saved, but lost his arms.

" some of the details in life, David in the army when they develop, underwear is washed off. The arms of a very sad day, a variety of reasons, he and his wife chose to divorce. After the divorce, a man led the 4 year old son to live, washing and cooking unusual difficult. When washing clothes, first put the dirty clothes on the ground, wet with water and sprinkle on the washing powder, and then kick the foot washing clothes. The son can supplement nutrition, David try cooking, with shoulders and neck with a kitchen knife cutting. The gas tank with their feet with matches, first struck a match and extended to the gas burner, then unscrew the gas valve teeth with … …

<" /p> David never take my own arm from the tragedy, guidance meticulous work. In 1996, David borrowed 7000 yuan from the hands of his mother, opened a 4 table barbecue shop, began his legendary career paths. To BBQ dinner guests on the empty sleeves, arms broken boss is very curious, David is her not to mind taking the trouble happened to everyone he walked into the shop to guests. Slowly, to his store to eat more people up, the best day of the net income of five hundred or six hundred yuan.

" decades of life experience and work hard let David thought very deep in advance.

" computer age although fast, but the manual record has become the habit of David, he said it would make muscle exercise. A few years later, Wang Liwei turned off the grill, earned the first pot of gold to start a new venture, step by step to today, has more than ten million of assets. Now David's wife and he was 16 years old, she shyly replied: "with him, I have never thought of him as disabled, we talk, talk very understanding, two of us are very good, I choose to be with him, he took a fancy to the virtuous heart, think his heart is good. "Class=

"for twenty years, wearing clothing socks are using the mouth, this skill practice for several years. Mobile phone rang, he skillfully bowed his head, with the mouth "arch" coat will be exposed in in with a string bite pocket, with two residual arm clamped mobile phone, a long arm and then connect the key, the mobile phone clip to the neck, so as to complete a telephone answering phone! This is a lot of people with disabilities can not do the arm.

" David is of military origin, but he believes that daily exercise is necessary, in the future and the ideal, must have a strong body.

" David himself in online stock trading. When there is not enough time to have a meal, David with a simple bowl of instant noodles to solve. The wealthy David often do some charity orphanage, nursing homes have donated his figure, he often encourages friends to share their physical disabilities, entrepreneurial story, also free of charge to help disabled friends to get rich.

" that can be used on high-end mobile phone, but David remained the old habit of using mobile phone keys. He has done a lot of things he can't believe in his son's more than a year alone. It is also that time, let him a little self-confidence up, decided to go out of the house, go out into the world!

" David took more than a dozen years his little girl, their love is the result of the strong wind and big waves. A few years need help, Yingying was in front of the crippled man attracted arms. The young single parent family who lost his father grew up a girl, 14 years old came out to work. Two people met a few years later, established a love relationship, 16 years of age gap, and did not let two people feel not suitable.

" David also often participate in the remnant exchange. "Third brother super optimistic, if friends don't see him, even to the white. He was such a man with no hands, so many years have experienced what, how to come out from the pain? We are deeply affected, he learned a lot, feel that there is such a friend is very proud. "This is a lot of friends of the residual evaluation of his.

" David to help disabled friends not only stay in economy, more self-reliance and as a character. His charity intention is not known, just hope the society better than their own people to cherish the life of poor people than their own, don't give up.

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