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Data version lol line speed

tuwanwang· 2016-11-19 10:12:09

let's take a look at the 6.22 version of the line, the overall performance of the LOL. The

6.22 version has been updated for several days now.

new season will always bring a lot of new things, some of the heroes and therefore enhanced, and some other heroes will be weakened. In a new version, most people will choose to use the version of the strong hero, now let us look at the 6.22 version of the line, the overall performance of the LOL.

(Note: the national service on-line time late, the following changes to the data collected from the outside.)

single tank again

" local changes do not more than a single hero part of the design, but the degree of change beyond imagination. The overall trend of

" on the road in front of the hero:

1. occupy the absolute advantage, winning high on the list of previous single has a very strong physique

2. continuous output type single popular, more heroes are not high explosive ability however, sustained damage ability. In addition to the winning

Thain declined slightly, the other tank type hero winnning rate has a good promotion, such as AIKE, this knife sister has excellent performance in the last season of heroes all weakness. So the question is, why do these tank hero so powerful? The answer is:


1. new talent: Colossus of courage. In addition to the two heroes and Swine, the other on a single hero can get great benefits from the courage, in the last version, they can only choose out of the grip, but obviously the courage is more suitable for them, this talent can provide a very scary shield for them, let them have a healthy blood.

2. wear armor properties to replace wear. The armour of the high grade units wear protective effect is better, but for the hundreds of 200, 300 pure heroes tank armor, armor for their effect is clearly not enough, a high piercing assassin can easily cut dead ADC, but eventually fell in the hands of tank hero.

3. most players will choose the assassin hero. Although the assassin in this version hero gameplay is more flexible, but most heroes have high burst damage, but the tank hero crude control skills will have their completely destroyed, so the final victory is the tank heroes.

except in the form of a hero, like maokai such hero winnning rate also increased by 3.14%. And Kennan, Jess, and so on in the last version of the hero's performance fell a lot. May not have arrived in the League of the assassin, but the tank alliance has come back.

jungler - men of God

" let's look at the changes of wild, wild areas were significantly reworked, here also has the very big change.

" the same, we can also be found in junglers high winning list, occupy the forefront of the heroes are partial tank heroes in these heroes, men occupy the top of the absolute advantage, a matter worthy of note the following points:

1. the list inside the assassin

also not pure assassin hero, perhaps we are looking for good their way, but compared to the partial meat and endurance more strong hero, can use "the courage" to play the wild heroes once again prevailed.

2. Carry points more rise

injection of troops, skarner, Wei, Zach this hero, has a very strong ability to kill, they can on the enemy rear output point easily spread in the devastating blow to teammates, this is very effective in version 6.22. Their performance in the team is very reliable, so it is the pig and sister bear.

3. Ai Ai

replaced Nunoo Weng Weng has become a model in the field assisted hero, he looks unremarkable, but auxiliary super ability can often help his teammates to speed up the progress of the game change danger into safety. But this is only in the performance of the high segment, because the play is too complex, he did not imagine the low segment so good.


1." grace and mouse

this spring two heroes is probably the best tank killer, but it is not just that and if a tank killer can dominate the version, the mouth should have a better performance, but not so. The most important thing is, in front of a hero under the protection of tanks, they can hit the output is fatal, in the face of the assassin hero also has the protective measures better, so as long as the pressure is not too bad, they have excellent performance.

2. and her ashes terminator, ogat

due to the outstanding performance in the world championship, and her ashes popularity remains high, in fact they in most games have a very good performance. But in the fight against ogat, the two heroes strengths will be limited the more miserable, so ogat resurgence, winning direct increase of 6 percentage points, in addition, due to the equipment component will be more armor, he is also one of the best choice against AD assassin.

3. bye! Black cut dream stream

due to the introduction of armor system, this lack of breakthrough dominance in the ADC position, which makes the last version of outstanding female gun, Lu Xian ember and somewhat injured. But because the embers do not need these changes to his attack speed, the effect is not large, but the female gun and Lu Xian will need to use the last play, the conventional equipment of female gun and Lu Xian on line suppression, so they fell Chubang, out of the strongest ADC for the position.

so in version 6.22, the attack speed and crit flow Heroes rise again, this is her paradise for lovers.

- old driver

's performance is closely related to the ADC, in addition to a strange Sean in this location on the outside, other auxiliary are dominated by strong protection ability.

1." treatment capacity performance because of the ability to control

in addition to Sean this popular auxiliary, we see in the auxiliary high on the list and not winning is like a cow, even on this stone hammer female hero, and ask them to help protect ADC the hero can take development to occupy the winning list, they play good is not difficult at all, most of the playing field or assassin hero when you see them I will give up Gank, teamfights ADC performance will be better than expected.


protection ability is very important also, bud's presence and winning guilty was improved, his strokes can be reversed in a team battle victory, higher requirements for the skill. In addition, Jie pull and fire men in World Championships after becoming more and more fire, especially the road Jie pull can change the strength of the pattern, she can block other tanks heroic attack, and in the battle group split the battlefield to protect his teammates, should also be strong for a period of time.

3.S7 assisted king will be the wind female

as a very good at protecting the back and can drive the assassin's hero, female wind in a number of the next version of the will is the strongest, if you want to lie on, she absolutely.

unit -- long hand line is king

" on the road hero here, I only said two key

1. all heroes better

ability on the line in the list, no one is not good at Qing line, Qing line speed is very important. Because the assassin type junglers in general, and a strong hero playing field in the early stages of the game are not particularly good at Gank Road, which gives the hero can quickly push line rapid growth opportunities, once they are developed, the threat is very low. The

2. anti tank capacity is very important for

to say that AD did not have an assassin on the list, in addition to Kuqi, the other heroes are basically pure AP heroes, they can cause a lot of damage to tanks and other heroes in the front row, the more dominant pull pull teamfight.


although the intention is to strengthen the fist company assassin hero in the game, but unfortunately, so far, the development is still the hero sent assassins, there was not a strong hero assassin hero! So

in the preseason version, if you want to win the race, we must:

1. away from the Assassin hero, let those who don't care about winning people to develop routines, mature later.

2. choose tank hero, the game won the half.

3. focus on your team in the C bit, more will protect the team award Carry points to win the game.

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