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Andouble anxious see trump, too late for what?

18 am Beijing time, 17 pm local time, U.S. President elect trump met with visiting Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo in his New York mansion. It was also the first foreign leader to meet with the president of Sichuan Province after the election of the United States.

a hastily arranged meeting, but for the late Ted Andouble".

bet on

say this is because over the past year, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on behalf of the Japanese government departments are full of confidence in Hilary's election, will bet full pressure in Hilary, and even the lack of substantive communication with the wishes of the trump. Even more than a Japanese person on the island Shu said, Hilary will be elected, the election will have what kind of policy and so on.

in this state, in September 19th this year, Abe Shinzo visited the United States specifically held talks with Hilary. At that time, the Japanese media commented that the prime minister in the United States during the election and the election campaign, is a very rare move.

" this is probably the most reluctant to let Andouble recently trump see the photo of Andouble Hilary

is so valued, not only is like the American mainstream media that the errors of judgment, it is due to the policy level, Hilary is the United States to return to the Asia Pacific strategic planners, was also a supporter of the TPP. If Hilary came to power, the United States to return to Asia and the Asia Pacific rebalancing strategy is likely to further overweight, TPP could also promote. According to the WikiLeaks exposure of Hilary mail, she was placed against TPP's attitude, mainly in order to get the support of the Union during the election, will eventually support.

so, in September 19th, when Andouble saw Hilary, the two were on the Korean nuclear issue, China's maritime activities and so on, and to strengthen the U.S. and Japan reached a consensus. This is undoubtedly the most popular style of Andouble.

in addition, so many years, the Japanese side has established a mature relationship with Hilary, the two sides cooperation is very happy". For example, in 2014, Andouble's visit to the Clinton foundation had held the female active theme of the forum site, and in the field with Hilary. According to Wikileaks, this shows that the Japanese side has been with the Clinton family has a full communication channels".

all to carry on. After the election results were announced, the first reaction may be how to deal with Mr Abe's Domestic Foreign Ministry Secretary, the overall beauty lesson "the crime of North America chief ministers", the second reaction should be "how to remedy".

this time, the Japanese Foreign Ministry bureaucrats are trying to estimate daizuiligong, so the use of Andouble to Peru to attend APEC the opportunity to come up with a name in the "New York transit gas", let Andouble in just two months, again "extremely rare" a - you know, the Japanese Prime Minister called on US President elect, and there has never been a precedent. Class=

"perview_img_p content_img_p" Andouble (right)


Andouble see Chuan Pu, two people will talk about what?

talks, Andouble only with a translation in the present; trump, including trump Ivanka daughter couple, and former defense intelligence chief Michael · Flynn (it is said that this gentleman may become the trump national security adviser). The two sides talks about 1.5 hours, but did not disclose the specific content of the talks. Therefore, we can only get information from the Japanese media reports and Andouble told reporters after the talks in a word or two.

, according to Japanese media reports, the two met the main content including TPP problem, the US Japan alliance, and the possibility of China related topics. However, with the "dialogue", the meeting is more Andouble trump to introduce Japanese policy stance, rather than exchange or discussion between two people.

reason is also very easy to understand: because the ruling team, the policy team has not finally settled, Sichuan Pu is currently difficult to talk about the specific policy issues with Abe, can only talk about the overall idea, and not talk too much. But in turn, Andouble very much want to change the idea of the TPP issue, or the U.S. - Japan alliance on the issue of the endorsement". Two people's mentality is completely different.

elaborate position, it is hoped to influence the policy setting. After all, the Japanese side of the general has two major concerns.

first, from the eyes look, worry Chuan Pu veto TPP (although this is almost inevitable).

Andouble has put too many political resources on the TPP. If the immediate withdrawal of the past few years, the Andouble administration's efforts will be cast to waste but also inevitable, to the opposition to attack an excuse, causing Andouble to face unexpected shocks in domestic politics. Andouble may not expect to change TPP the final result of death, but at least I hope trump in the specific procedures to "drag" and "slow", to set aside the domestic political buffer time.

" video on

15 in the Senate Special Committee on TPP, Andouble said: "as the saying goes" a leopard change. ". This is not to say that people in order to preserve their own and make great changes, but for the sake of the country and the people, you can lose face. This is what we should be as leaders. "

second, in the long run, the Japanese side is most worried about the United States and Japan alliance of the United States and the United States, the attitude of the United States and Japan alliance.

previously, trump for the US Japan alliance statement focuses on two: first, the United States has no obligation to help Japan to protect themselves, so the Japanese should shoulder their own defense; two, for a reason, Japan should be added to the U. s.military bear the cost of share, even full funding. These ideas, once true, will shake the foundation of the US Japan alliance to a considerable extent.

in Japan's political origins, Andouble belongs to the "independent conservative faction, originally from the United States is to control, to achieve" ordinary country "; but the focus of Japan's current foreign game, is relying on the alliance with Chinese. If the United States in the Western Pacific Strategic contraction, Japan and foreign policy of the script to be completely rewritten, this impact on the Japanese government is subversive.

therefore, Andouble is bound to emphasize the importance of the U.S. - Japan alliance, in particular, it is possible to mention the impact of the "China factor" in order to persuade the United States to maintain the existence of the Asia Pacific region. But if the trump believe and accept Abe's rhetoric, is another.

understand the content of the above, also know that two people today did not talk about the substance of the content.

after the meeting, Andouble attended the press conference alone. He first said, "I said what I want to say"; after that, "confirm that he (Sichuan) is a trusted leader". If he really made a commitment, or some kind of positive statement, then Abe's argument may be a big difference.


so, this meeting is obviously far from enough. In the relations between the United States and Japan, Andouble faced a "crisis" may be just beginning.

first of all, on the TPP issue, because of the clear opposition, and the Republican Congress can not pass the relevant motion, its end is only a matter of time. The last two days, Vietnam and other countries have begun to follow up the delay TPP.

earlier, Andouble said, even if the United States withdraws, Japan will continue to carry the banner of TPP; however, if the United States and a group of fans, TPP will no longer be TPP. More importantly, the reason why Andouble pushed TPP, is its internal and diplomatic strategy with the domestic economy, such as stimulating domestic economy, foreign exclusion of China's geopolitical impact. As a result, his overall strategy lost the basic fulcrum.

second, even if the trump is not in the Asia Pacific region "strategic contraction", does not require Japan to increase U.S. military expenses (in fact, not a lot of money), Japan had expected "enhanced version return to Asia can not be staged. The Andouble pushing the security transition, China has formed a "game, a fundamental solution of the situation.

next, he may have to face the problem, is how to continue the security policy and the surrounding their implementation for several years, how to complete the Constitution and other problems in this environment. This is perhaps Andouble never thought of "great change" -- no wonder the Japanese media, "trump impact" than the "Nixon shock" (Nixon refers to the sudden change of Sino US relations on the impact of Japan).

finally, as technical details, the Japanese side seems to have a headache for the general understanding of the japanese". From 70s to 90s of last century, the business development period of the "merchant" in Sichuan is the most intense period of the economic and trade game between the United States and Japan. From all the past day speech involving trump, he of protectionist policies, the Japanese government Japanese enterprise competition means veiled criticism. If the future of the Sichuan Pu on the Japanese understanding of the projection to the policy formulation process, it is clear that the Japanese will be more uncomfortable.

has been in short, from the news, Andouble or the "meeting" in foreign transcripts, but apparently there are too many substantive issues to be resolved. Today's press conference, Andouble looked tired, poor face, perhaps also indicates that the relations between the United States and Japan in the future contains "clouds", will be shrouded in a period of time in his head.

coincidentally, two months ago, Andouble met with Hilary when the hotel, from Trump's mansion is just 1.5 km. At that time, he may be difficult to predict the situation today. It should be a sentence: "I guess the beginning, but could not guess the outcome".

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