The horse will hold "peace and friendship in -2016 joint military exercises

Military exercises staff transport communication and cooperation

tengxunjunshi· 2016-11-19 11:21:50

" data figure:

transport aircraft IL -76 in Beijing on 18 November, according to the Chinese Defense Department official news, "peace and friendship" -2016 Chinese - Malaysia joint military exercises will be held in the region near Malaysia at Ying Da on November 22nd to 25.

exercises to "humanitarian relief joint operations" as the subject, the distinction between the two parts of the general staff and real soldiers exercises. The total force of about 300 people, including 195 Chinese, mainly from the Central Military Commission, the southern theater and Hongkong troops. The Chinese staff in November 18th 3 Il - 76 Air Force transport aircraft arrived in Malaysia.

this is the armed forces joint exercise routine is to deepen the bilateral comprehensive strategic partnership, strengthen military exchanges and pragmatic cooperation, improve the ability of both sides to jointly cope with the reality of security threats and safeguarding regional security and stability. (end)

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