"Carrier gods" one big collective exposure

First collective proven Sergeant

tengxunjunshi· 2016-11-19 11:22:30

" ship in Liaoning, there is a group of veterans, their average age is 39 years old, the average age of the soldiers 20 years before working in the carrier force a considerable part of their comrades had promoted senior non commissioned officers are professional and technical backbone of the original unit on the is a proven, highly acclaimed troops experts (more exciting content, please pay attention to the public, "WeChat Tencent military academy" (from): China Navy network) "img_box"

" but when the Republic's first carrier force sounded assembly and again in the face of the motherland and the call of the sea, these veterans heart again surging young blood . Pick up a simple luggage, goodbye and young love children, stands up to the forefront of the construction of the carrier assault team. Over the past 6 years, they are rooted in each station's carrier, plays a key role of "ballast" and "backbone" in the carrier construction process, witnessed the whole of China's first aircraft carrier from the "ship initiative" to "every breakthrough machine on the ship" aircraft carrier, witnessed the construction step of the hardships feel, the carrier handed out the glory, with the taste of China belongs to own success and proud of the carrier. Their military experience and struggle, is a leap in the development of Chinese naval construction vivid epitome and true portrayal. (from: China Navy network) "img_box"

" they are like a film after the baptism of wind and rain is still full of vigor of the "evergreen tree" in whatever position they are deeply rooted in the eyes of the young crew they are leading ship navigation trust rely on bearing they beam with a solid pace in the development of aircraft carrier rings on deeply left his mark (from China: Navy network) "img_box"

" this is the Liaoning ship group senior noncommissioned officers (from: Chinese Navy

": Cao Tianli machine Department of electrical maintenance squadron class monitor and technician (from China Navy network)

" Chen Feng: Department of aviation ship maintenance squadron two (from: Chinese Navy monitor network)

Cheng Haixia: Communication Department Sergeant (from China: Navy network) "img_box"

" Cui Rongde: Department of electromechanical power squadron Sergeant (from China Navy network)

Cui Yuxiao: Three Sergeant, Department of missile weapons team captain (from China naval area network)

self: three sergeant, two team captain of boiler power squadron area (from China Navy network)

": the real Shaohua fire squadron Sergeant (from Chinese Navy network)

": high power squadron Captain (from China: five electrical network


Han Shihai: Department of aviation ship squadron Sergeant (from China Navy network)

" Han Xiaobo: Department of aviation Ship Maintenance Squadron (from Chinese Navy: monitor network)

" where wave: mechanical and electrical department host district leader (from Chinese: Navy network)

" Hu Haigong: Department of aviation ship squadron two (from the pump cabin monitor: China Navy

Huang Aijian: electromechanical Department cabin squadron loss (from Chinese: Navy captain area network)

" Huang Ming live: Navigation Department Sergeant three Sergeant (from Chinese Navy network)

" Jiang Xueyou: Department of aviation transportation squadron Sergeant (from Chinese Navy network)

Li Dongbing: Aviation Security Department of airborne ammunition squadron Sergeant (from Chinese Navy network)

Li Lixiao: Department of aviation officer (from Chinese Navy network)

Li Linqing: Department of transportation transport squadron captain aviation area (from: China

Liu Debo: a sergeant, Captain mechanical department power squadron boiler district area (from Chinese Navy network)

Liu Hongyong: Department of aviation transportation squadron transport team monitor (from: China Navy

Liu Kunlong: aviation security department to stop a class monitor (from: China

Luo Junlei: Department of aviation Ship Maintenance Squadron (from Chinese Navy: monitor network)

Bartholomew Linhai: Department of aviation squadron captain landing arresting system area (from: China Navy

"Qian Tiankui: Weapons Department Officer (from:

Ruan Wanlin: Captain carrier air conditioning area (from:

Sun Wei: Squadron Sergeant (Department of mechanical and electrical section from Chinese Naval Network)

syndrome: New Tang Department ship security center Quartermaster Sergeant (from China Navy network)

Wang Haiguang: electromechanical Department cabin Damage Control Squadron the two District Leader (from China: Navy network)

" Wang Chunhui: Department of aviation ship captain Squadron (from the surface area of oil: Chinese Navy network)

Wang Pijun: electromechanical Department of electric power electrician two squadron Captain (from: China Navy network) "img_box"

": Wang electromechanical Department of power squadron Sergeant (from Chinese Navy network)

" in China: Xu Kai captain electromechanical Department cabin air conditioning area Squadron (from: Chinese sea In the

in: two sergeant, Operations Command Center Technician (from: Navy network Chinese)

Zhai Guocheng: Aviation Department of Ship Equipment Support Squadron (from China naval District Leader:

" Zhang Hua: Department of electromechanical power squadron boiler monitor (from Chinese: Navy network) "img_box"

Changxiao: electromechanical Department of cabin squadron The captain for the team (from the gas zone: Chinese Navy network) "img_box" class=

Zhang Hongtao: three sergeant, Department of electromechanical power squadron host two team captain (from China naval area network)

"Zhang Lijun: Department of aviation airborne Ammunition Support Squadron (from a hanging bomb monitor: China Navy network)

": Zhang Naigang Department of aviation squadron captain landing landing support area (from: Chinese Navy network)

chapter Baisheng: Captain electromechanical Department cabin Squadron (from Chinese oil District District: Navy network)" id= "img_box

Zhong Feng: Ship Department Sergeant (from China Navy network)

Zhu Chao: three sergeant, mechanical and electrical department class monitor host (from: Chinese Navy

"salute, veteran forward, China aircraft carrier! (from: China Navy network)

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