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ITzhijia· 2016-11-19 16:51:54

mobile phone, tablet, PC may have been unable to meet some of the entertainment and the demand for access to information, the foreign expert shot again, to create a "smart mirror system based on iOS", put it in the home, just like a large size iPhone hanging on the wall, two words - domineering!

" the "Apple Mirror" (Apple Smart Mirror Mirror), you don't put it off to the Apple Corp. The reason is called its "Mirror Apple", because it's intelligent interface is more like iOS interface. It is not sure that this "Apple mirror" is based on the native iOS system, but also just to borrow is the theme of the iOS system. Class= img_box "

this smart mirror the developer named Dymek Rafael, he is a web designer and developer in New York. From the outside, the smart mirror is like an enlarged version of the full size iPhone phone, which can display the time, weather forecast plug-ins, as well as the application software icon. Class= img_box "

mirror is mainly used to display the weather, time and temperature, on both sides of the application software icon. In fact, according to Dymek on the web site description, these icons and plug-ins can be placed in the screen of the screen and move. When there is no program running on the screen, more than 45 seconds, the central area of the screen will automatically become a common mirror.

want to activate the screen, the user only need to click on the screen at any location, the digital interface will appear in the mirror, which is somewhat similar to the operation of our mobile phone. If the user clicks on the map application, the navigation interface will be displayed in the center of the mirror. Video, music applications can also be displayed in the central region of the mirror. Class= img_box "

Rafael in the video demonstrates the Netflix, Uber, news, and other applications of the operation. Of course, users can also use this smart mirror to control the smart lights, thermometer and other smart home applications.

Smart Mirror concept is not something new. Last year, a named Pierce Dylan has developed a similar smart mirror.

can not deny that such products do have its attractive place, but it is much more practical, we have to play a question mark, but also may be the product of these products only developer's brain hole big open creative.

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