Get dizzy with success! Man stole the cable to the camera to laugh at the flowers

Lens Guizhou cable man

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" in front of the camera

original title: stealing cable "laugh in the face of thieves arrested

newspaper news (reporter Ren Yong Zhao Hui photo coverage) in Guiyang City, you open a good silver garden communication cable is stolen, resulting in more than 500 fixed line communications surrounding and broadband users blocked for 1000 minutes. 3 thieves will be sold to a cable cable waste recycling business, and then smiled and took a taxi to leave. The afternoon of November 16th, its expensive police station to inform the media has cracked the theft.

climbed the pole beside the road to steal cable

11 11 at noon, police received Guiyang Telecom Wu Lu your alarm call, you open a good silver garden communication cable stolen, stolen cable length of 230 meters, the direct economic loss of 2 yuan. Lead the communication surrounding more than 500 fixed broadband users and blocking up to 1000 minutes.

began to find the network is not open to a bank. November 8th morning, the company's technical staff that is the bank's internal hardware facilities out of the fault. After check out the hardware issues, technical personnel along the network transmission line gradually investigation, found near the communication cable has been stolen. After an emergency repair, communication that night to return to normal.

cable stolen location next to the installation of high-definition monitoring probe. Monitor display, at 3:50 on the 8 day, 20 men stopped at the entrance of the park near the silver beautiful garden in the vicinity of 3. About 1 hours after one of them climbed up the road of a wire rod, the 3 meters high off the ground communication cable cut down. 2 men on the ground should quickly roll up the cable, a load carrying in the pocket. A few minutes later, they climb the wall beside the road to a house, the junction box cable out cut and roll. More than and 10 minutes later, stopped a taxi to leave.

thieves have been laughing, as if in the 5 million

police found that they came to the water park near the fishing town, the cable sold to a waste product recycling business. Then, 3 people take a taxi to leave at the train station to get off near the bridge. Police found a taxi driver.

"3 people on the bus after the more excited, always smile, like the $5 million lottery. "The taxi driver told police," they hear from the chat, they will go to the train station near the Internet cafes to play games, to buy games and equipment.

police concluded that 3 suspects may like to play games on the Internet, should often access to Internet cafes.

"Internet cafes to find one by one, one by one, even dig three feet, also want to find out the 3 people! "The captain of your criminal investigation in Wu Lu Li Mingsheng and colleagues continue to trace.

the thief turned out to be an electrician

11 the morning of 12 August 2, an internet police interrogation to Nanming Chaoyang Dong Road, the original Nanming district near the courthouse, found 3 men.

after the trial, 3 people were 21 year old Yang Qianxi, 25 year old high of a Wuchuan and 22 year old Jin mengmou fabric. Among them, Meng or an electrician, know how to install a professional knowledge of electrical wiring, more familiar with the cable. Before coming to Guiyang, Meng was originally wanted to use their skills to earn some money. Can not find a regular job, and obsessed with online games, become love leisure and hate labour. Often in Internet cafes and know the same night, love to play the game and the high of a yang. In order to change the Internet, they often midnight in the city wandering, opportunistic theft manhole cover, the proceeds for the internet. For a long period of time, 3 people live in the Internet bar.

11 8 at about 1 am, 3 people wandering in the opposite Baoshan deaf school, found the roadside communication cable, but the number is not much, but a lot of pedestrians, it is difficult to start. Tangled up more than 1 hours later, the 3 decided to find another place to start. They walked along the street, and finally choose a more secluded garden near the beautiful silver. Steal 3 bundles of cable, sold more than 2100 yuan, they are used for daily expenses and online play games.

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