Huayi and Wanda scores, Pan Jinlian is just a yaoyinzi

Pan Jinlian Wanda Huayi yaoyinzi

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11" on Sept. 18 at noon, director Feng Xiaogang published an open letter in micro-blog, accusing the Wanda cinema movie "I am not Pan Jinlian" row piece of injustice. Feng Xiaogang also specifically with "Pan Jinlian" in the name of Wang Jianlin bashing, "this small mind reflects the small pattern, and this pattern is not a small achievement chairman Wang grand blueprint", "would you please give me by the zero row piece, let Pan Jinlian emerge of itself and perish of itself! "

soon, Wanda home childe Wang Sicong in micro-blog and Feng Xiaogang to choke a round:" trouble you don't speak mystifying, listening to the sick. "The open letter

Feng Xiaogang Tucao Wanda" row piece rate "is true? Really because of Wanda "mind small" it?

"Pan Jinlian" really injustice, the whole row piece rate is not weak

by the Huayi Brothers, McIlroy film, the ferris wheel culture jointly produced the "I am not Pan Jinlian" (hereinafter referred to as "Pan Jinlian"), originally scheduled for the National Archives released, after the film side to the "National Day row piece too close" on the grounds, announced the change in November 18th. According to micro-blog users "ad 1874" said, "I am not Pan Jinlian" in order to allow row space, Huayi to radio advice: will this be with the North American release of the film "magic 11.18" where the animal back a week. In the end, the latter announced changes to the file to December 25th.

" Huayi had suggested the administration of Hollywood movies "magical animal" where is the file transfer

according to the statistics of the opal film, "Pan Jin Lotus" 18 days in a row of piece rate of Wanda cinema is 12.2%, much lower than Shanghai and the 47.2%, the actress in the United States and 42.2% Guangdong earth 46.1%. According to sources, Wanda's theater, "Pan Jinlian" in the direction of the guide is about 10%. A City Wanda theater manager said to the entertainment capital, despite the film award, has high production high amount of words, but the sale performance is outstanding, all there is no large-scale row piece.

" on the premise of the lack of strong competitors, "Pan Jinlian" on the first day of the row piece has more than 75 thousand, and the National Day vacation on the "grand track" on the first day of the highest ranked film but 69 thousand games. According to the statistics of art grace, "Pan Jinlian" on the weekend slice rate (19-20 days) as high as 50%. What is the reason "to all

cinemas with more than half the screen to" Pan Jinlian "? What about other movies? "Chinese film industry research experts, visiting professor of Beijing Film Academy Liu in an interview with PingWest to play, if Wanda will row piece 10% on prime time, so Wanda instead of losing money, but also enhance this part of attendance. Perhaps the overall revenue of Wanda, but the highest, because the slice of the structure is more abundant.

therefore, Feng Xiaogang may be biased in the description of the open letter, "Pan Jinlian" is not in a row on the vulnerable, which accused Wanda "monopoly" injustice is more like a game for anything - Huayi Brothers and wanda.

Huayi, Wanda two degree game: ye Ning fate is the fuse, "Pan Jinlian" into the victim

Feng Xiaogang in an open letter released soon, "Pan Jinlian" producer Du Yang in his micro-blog forwarded and commented: "the development of

for four years I was a diffuse diffuse, producer of the Li Xuelian, bitter ah. Why is it so hard to insist on doing a good job? I have always followed Wang Jianlin for many years, I believe this is not Wang's intention, please Wanda cinema embrace of the "I am not Pan Jinlian". "

four years ago, was still working in Wanda's Du yang to buy the" I'm not Pan Jinlian "copyright, so, this movie is the beginning of Wanda's children. However, Du home field Wanda, and partner Song Ge (former general manager of Wanda television) the establishment of the ferris wheel also took pictures, "I am not Pan Jinlian". With the Huayi Brothers into the Council, Feng Xiaogang took over, and in overseas winning fame, this was not remarkable art film, also became a lack of content Wanda films heart headache.

let Wanda and Huayi Brothers deepened resentment, is another Feng Xiaogang in an open letter called "small Plaster" -- before the man at the helm, Wanda films now Huayi Brothers, general manager of Ye ning.

" Huayi Brothers pictures General Manager Ye Ning

public information, ye Ning in 2002 to join Wanda Group, Wanda cinema in 2008 as the general manager, he served as vice president of Wanda cultural industry group, in charge of Wanda, Wuzhou, Huaxia film distribution times, popular movies and other companies. Ye Ning in the Wanda cultural industry group outstanding performance, in 2015, Wanda annual meeting, ye Ning even get Wang Jianlin named. However,

in February this year, but came Ye Ning had to leave the message, ye Ning told the media to explain his reasons for leaving Wanda, "if you just do occupation managers, I won't leave wanda". In March 1st, ye Ning announced to join the Huayi, as Huayi Brothers film CEO post.

this obvious poaching approach has angered Wanda, who began to boycott the Huayi Brothers film.

in July this year, Huayi produced animation "rock dog" is the first victim. The first weekend average row piece rate of only 6%, Wanda is only 2.4%, the production cost of $60 million "rock dog" finally to less than 40 million at the box office results dismal. "Rock star" cast, famous rock singer Zheng Jun said, his six years of hard work to the cinema unspoken rule.

"Pan Jinlian" at the box office for the overall performance of Huayi Feng Xiaogang, adrenalize

and Huayi cooperation for many years and holding Feng Xiaogang, naturally do not want to see "Pan Jinlian" because Wanda is banned and suffered a tragedy, because this is the Huayi market performance this year.

2012 years, Huayi Brothers released the movie grossed 2 billion 160 million yuan, accounting for 30% of the box office; in 2013, the issue of the movie grossed more than 3 billion yuan, accounting for about 25%, continues to lead the domestic private film company. 2014, this ratio has declined to 7%. 2015, Huayi Brothers market share fell to about 4.5%. Although the

last year "old gun", "dragon tactic" good results, Huayi in 2015 the main push of the "rock", "Lu Yao know Tibetan mastiff Ma Li" and other films has suffered a reputation both at the box office and pouncer. Therefore, whether it is for the whole of this year, Huayi or the downturn of the film market, I am not Pan Jinlian can not be lost.

" Feng Xiaogang in the "I am not Pan Jinlian" also uses the radius of experimental frame

to be honest, "Pan Jinlian" is a masterpiece of domestic film this year, it was worth it to go to the theater to see. This is adapted from Liu Zhenyun's novel of the same name film, tells the story of a top "Pan Jinlian" the woman to infamy innocent ten years continue to complain, the president of the court, magistrate and mayor Dean, in one fell swoop drag down, ironic story absurd situation of officialdom.

and do not say, Pingdao this is really injustice or false injustice, Wanda really willing to lose money not row piece you. At the same time, Wanda Huayi boycott practice and nothing is wrong, as long as he is willing to bear the loss of resistance at the box office, and the 12% row piece is not low. Also as Wang Sicong reply Feng Xiaogang micro-blog said: no one and the money can not go, if you are a good movie at the box office, we will certainly be in accordance with the procedures of the increase in the process of. "The more exciting content, please click on the

gods fight, kid. "The other Wang Jianlin Feng Xiaogang anger" is essentially a commercial conflict, Wanda, Huayi two companies around the personnel, market share, IP copyright launched fierce battle enemies.

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