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"anchor pseudo charity": to the elderly feet, afterwards gave the old man twenty or thirty yuan of "hard money" (video screenshot)

source: Chengdu daily

- live together even more than

pseudo Charity Day, Chengdu daily news reporter learned from relevant departments of Liangshan, Liangshan live in pseudo charity team, more than one, including exposure to "Jie brother" "OK" "in" "black brother" Uncle "and" Shandong Mui "etc..

- why do pseudo charity live

according to the relevant departments for investigation, their real purpose is not charity, but "powder" and make money. "Fast black uncle" in the live video in a flag of public interest in broadcasting, a monthly income of up to six digits.

- the investigation is still in charge of relevant departments of the state of Liangshan

said that the police for further investigation, if the composition of fraud, will be accountable to someone's anchor, "there is no progress, such as the relevant departments will be released. "

in early October of this year, a network anchor in the big Liangshan to engage in false charity live video has brushed off the network (Chengdu business daily had a continuous coverage). 19, the Chengdu Daily reporter multi day investigation, in fact, do pseudo charity live there are a number of teams in Liangshan, all kinds of live content, and the purpose is to make money powder.

for this kind of pseudo charity phenomenon, quick broadcast platform also released the latest progress, announced on verified using the live pseudo public cheat powder "Jie brother" permanent Title treatment. Currently, the platform is continuing to conduct a comprehensive investigation of the alleged false public welfare behavior of the other 6 users, but also temporarily shut down its broadcast rights, and has been doing public welfare in Liangshan, 21 accounts to be banned.

" a villager recalled, "my brother" is asked the villagers to put money up Wang Xin photo

< strong> reporter broadcast team has several people live to the elderly feet

in October this year, a video was exposed: "fast Jie brother" in Liangshan. The money sent to the villagers, after the money back. Later, this fake charity event triggered concern.

day, Chengdu Daily reporter learned from relevant departments of Liangshan, Liangshan in this pseudo charity broadcast team, more than one, including exposure to "Jie brother" "OK" "in" "black brother" Uncle "and" Shandong Mui ", the broadcast team in Liangshan before the a few months of public broadcast.

yesterday, according to people familiar with the local, a village in the township and Butuo County McGregor, a month ago, three people came to the village to find an old man, feed them, help feet, back to the old anchor a few hundred dollars, let the old man holding a shot, finally, the old people just put take the object, the anchor who sent the money has been recovered, only to the elderly twenty or thirty yuan as "hard", also send only a few noodles and a dress.

raised 30 thousand villagers visit after taking back only 200 yuan less than the goods by

reporter verified, the first exposure of the "fast brother Jie et al" pseudo charity place is nine Dajuecun Butuo County township. According to local villagers, a day in October, when several men carrying something to the village, said to send something, but also to send money. One of the villagers cheated memories, adults and children are arranged in a roadside stand in two rows, then a tattoo man (Jay quickly began to come up with the money to brother), a person with a small pile of concrete, a lot of money is not clear. "They're taking pictures of their cell phones. "The villagers said, when these people also called the villagers to put the money in his hand, do not put into the bag, also called" (US) handle up, not down, or what not to.

according to the villagers, when the (shooting) after the end, these people put the money back, only to send a number of towels, toothbrush and other living supplies, back to each of the children made a pencil and eggs.

it is understood that the "30 thousand yuan - Jie brother" to live in a village, after all, was recovered. Eventually, the anchor to the villagers of the total value of less than 200 yuan.

just to find the truth behind the village is called "anchor village's 15 poor households"

according to the local village cadres, on that day, a total of 17 people participated in the filming, 10 adults and 7 children. "Young people are working outside, the village is mostly a number of elderly and women and children, we do not know what the child is called live. A number of villagers said, when things were online and television exposure, as well as the relevant departments to investigate the village, we only know cheated.

in the exposure of the video, "fast Jie brother" in the broadcast said, these people from the village of 15 households in the poorest families. Chengdu Business Daily reporter learned that the investigation, these people are not the village of the most needy, a number of villagers said that the people involved in the shooting that day are in the village to find the.

cheated villagers said that they first feel well wishers sent money to receive money is joy, surprise, after the bitter disappointment, to know the truth of the angry, "we are not welcome here. "Now, the villagers of the arrival of strangers, have been on alert, adults also tell their children," if there are strangers to (the village), do not talk to them. "

these days, the local people have been the year, we are busy preparing for the new year things, do not want to talk about this matter.

30 - AHA is a van driver in Zhaojue County, he was exposed for "fast Jie brother money man in the video. According to him, the morning of October 8th, he was living in Zhaojue County, a foreign man (hand brother 300 Yuan Jie) to rent a car, the man said to engage in charity, with the daily necessities are issued to the villagers. On the way, the man asked him to take a place, "where the poor, where to go. "

when it was exposed, local people believe that AHA is the anchor for the accomplice. Recently, the public security departments of Butuo, Zhaojue and other places have also found his investigation, he said they are under great pressure. He said he was guilty too. "I have been cheated, if I know that is to engage in this (pseudo charity), I will certainly not take them to. "The latest progress of

quickly responded again:" 21 brother "account Jie permanent title to do public service in the great Liangshan has banned

in this regard, the person in charge of the relevant departments of the Liangshan state police said further investigation, if the composition of fraud, will be accountable to the involved host." there is no progress, such as the relevant departments will be released.

11 15, micro-blog re released on the official quickly broadcast the latest progress of the matter, claim of verified using the live pseudo public cheat powder "Jie brother" permanent Title treatment. CEO - Su Hua said that after the scandal, and then confirm the authenticity of the first time to contact the user, and take the initiative to request the police investigation report. He explained that, according to the user agreement, not verify the truth, then the right to delete users in the past to upload the contents can only suspend the broadcast and upload permissions. In fact check illegal "Jie brother", made permanent Title treatment.

Su Hua revealed that the current platform is continuing to conduct a comprehensive investigation, the other 6 users suspected of false public welfare behavior, but also temporarily closed its broadcast rights. At present, 21 accounts have been quickly in the Liangshan public will be banned. The loss caused by these illegal accounts to deceive users, after all the police to verify the implementation, the platform will be compensated by the organization. The local

response to

local authorities: Contrary to the essence of charity and resolutely crack down on pseudo charity

Liangshan local government departments concerned Chengdu daily in an interview with reporters said, admittedly, there are many public organizations really push the local poverty alleviation work, but there are some people always under the guise of charity, make false a charity event in Liangshan, exaggerating local poverty, posing and rendering of local life show. "There have been a number of similar incidents in Liangshan, such fraud, the way to create a poor way to damage the image of Liangshan and the local villagers, seriously damage the public's trust in charity. "

for Liangshan all pseudo charity event, Liangshan Charity Federation official responsible for the Chengdu daily in an interview with reporters said that this behavior morally reprehensible, but also discredit the charity, but also hurt people; from the legal perspective, this behavior has violated the provisions of the" obvious "the charity law. "Poverty alleviation is the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation, and these do not have the purpose of individuals or organizations, under the guise of charity to do some illegal things, distort the purpose of charity, in violation of the essence of charity. "

Liangshan Civil Affairs Bureau official said, for this charity make false behavior, the relevant departments will adopt a" zero tolerance "attitude, and resolutely investigate and deal with illegal acts related to charity, for this kind of malicious cheat donate behavior, will give a heavy blow.

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