Li Keqiang interview with the Chengdu beer lane width to foreigners

Chengdu Li Keqiang lane Tsingtao Brewery

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" here is a bookstore ah! "Just walked into the corner not far, Li Keqiang was attracted to the" book "mountain signs, walk right through.

"Why are you called 'see the hills'?" "The prime minister asked.

has not yet recovered from the surprise of the clerk replied: "to live a simple life, rich spirit! "Class=

" you explained well. Indeed, in the book to see the mountain to see the water, see also see the universe of 1,000,000,000 universes, see the world at all times and in all countries. Li Keqiang gives his own understanding of the "see mountain". Then he asked: "is the real book still selling well? "

Bookstore clerk told the prime minister, the usual weekend business here is good, especially the Chengdu cultural categories of books sell very well. Class= img_box "

Prime Minister nodded, began a bookshelf a bookshelf carefully "Amoy" from the book. < p > "you here and Chen's works, and Shi Tao's album, there is such a small 'pocket books' & hellip; & hellip; prime minister while watching side exclamation," before you can often Bookstore now for a long time did not this kind of opportunity. "

back in front of the bookstore, Prime Minister bought two sets of Chengdu style postcards, and the" Old Chengdu -- Hibiscus Qiumeng. "

"Chengdu has a long history! "Prime Minister of rounding up people around said," Han of Sichuan county is today's Chengdu, a prefect is low fan, a song to commemorate his' five Mao song ', you know? "

people are all at a loss. Li Keqiang explained that the former prefect Shujun, do not let people afraid of the night stall, ignition, fire. But after the arrival of the new Taishou low fan immediately abolished the this edict, allows everyone in the evening to do business, but at the same time next to each store is necessary to build a reservoir, once the fire can be put out in time. Over the years, Chengdu has no

"sung a song:" life jacket this five halt. ". Meaning is not to make doing business, even a short sleeved shirt can not afford to buy, there is now the 'decentralization, combined with the discharge pipe' policy, everyone can afford to buy five long gown. "Immediately, the prime minister turned accompanying the responsible person said," therefore, alley can narrow, for the benefit of people's ideas must be wide. "

" you must say the truth ah! "

heard that prime minister, visitors flooded gathered around, competing with Wen Jiabao shook hands and posed and small alley was packed. A coffee shop owner shouted: "the prime minister to come in! Li Keqiang heard "

stop and walk past, and he chatted. "Do you usually do business? Recently compared with the end of last year there has been no change? In addition to the normal tax, other costs? "He has repeatedly reminded the owner," you must say the real situation ah!

owner to the prime minister to ensure that the real situation". He said that the whole business is good in Kuan Alley and Zhai Alley, this year is better than last year. "I sold them when I was in Yunnan a" coffee ", sincerely invite you to come to taste. "

Li Keqiang smiled and heard:" it's really nice. But it is a pity that the coffee to drink slowly, I did not have time to sit down and taste. "

in several other shops along the street, Li Keqiang also went to ask the business change, the tax burden of the situation. He also told a hotel boss authoritative interpretation of the upcoming camp changed to increase: camp changed to increase, your store to buy air conditioners, refrigerators, and even decoration, etc., can be deductible, the tax burden will be lower. "

worry because of his stay in the store" questioning "affect the business, Li in a souvenir shop bought a panda doll. At the corner of another store, he and the young boss from Bangladesh in English "pull" from the "business", and then bought a camel logo, a symbol of "family", "Arabia sand bottle".

in a main imported beer beer in front of the house, the prime minister and several from Australia's University professor in English chat very happy.

"have you ever drunk Chinese beer? The prime minister smiled and asked, then he recommended to the two foreign guests from China's Tsingtao Brewery".

"only hold the root of traditional historical vein, to open doors and windows for the world"

"you are why is it called" three bricks'? "In front of a hotel near the alley exit, Li Keqiang asked the shopkeeper.

because there are bricks on the wall, there is a wall of the city, there are people in the city, there are people with legends and stories. The shopkeeper said in high spirit. Immediately after that, he pointed to the front of the store's Wooden couplet to the prime minister's introduction: "this is I wrote the couplet, for old people, is' three brick kitchen, a tripod also cooking '. "Li Keqiang looked at

near antithetical couplet. "You are the words of the post ah! You see this a the word 'may', this is the sunguoting script. "He said," three bricks can be from the kitchen, "yes, but the people's livelihood, then, people who use the" Ding "? Are all used "pot", so it should be changed to "one pot of health also more appropriate straw. "

" prime minister, you change too well! "The owner repeatedly praised. See roadside on the other a only two or three square meters small bookstore

, Li Keqiang again stopped to buy a record of the ancients in the narrow alley historical books. But the clerk turned over several books, not the prime minister wants Shi Zhilei books.

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