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in the field of South Korea's GStar we interviewed "product manager Mr. Yoshikawa Meijing spiral line" realm, there has been a lot of game player played this Japanese two dimensional Mobile Games at home, feedback is quite good. So today we specifically interview with the "spiral state line" of the producers to talk about the game's views and prospects for the future.

like network: first of all, although there are a lot of game player has played the "spiral boundary line", but there are still many domestic and South Korea game player of the game took a wait-and-see attitude, let us first to introduce "the game" spiral boundary line.

Yoshikawa Meijing: "" is our spiral boundary line since 2016 the development of a game, at the start of the project we intend to put it into the Japanese game, because our entire production team including me inside of the Japanese games are plot, and I am also with the Japanese game spent almost 20 years. So we want to make our Japanese game ideal in the "spiral line" in the realm of fully reflected, in addition to "spiral line" and the current state of other games on the market a big difference, is that we pay much attention to the dialogue, story, world view, some of the characteristics of the image, including the role of the character. Including music, voice, and a strong Japanese style of art, this is what we insist in this game content. And then on the line, but also get the players fully affirmed.

like network: just can see from your introduction, the production of fine processing from various aspects, these people include voice game characters, what do you think of the two dimension Mobile Games should be what kind of?

Yoshikawa Meijing: so in fact on the last visit, the two dimension Mobile Games or narrow, some are in some mother of the subject matter, so today we see the second half of the game both the theme and the game player is compared with last year, has made great progress, the representative also no need for me to say, everyone can see, there are individual XX games, now is 2017, hope to be able to see more art style and gameplay by the breakthrough of the game, we will work hard to do this to try something new.

like network: you just mentioned this is a Japanese Mobile Games, then this game on the line since the favorable rate is quite high, according to insiders said, you are the most understand Japanese game practitioners, how do you see this evaluation?

Yoshikawa Meijing: this is the love you, I can at best be the longest game player to play the practitioners, of course I from 2000 since the basic is dealing with Japanese game, so I work a long time, not only is the development and market operations and other fields also have worked for now, so I Mobile Games, in fact I told you are just a few years ago to contact the new field, so can't take what I understand is the Japanese game player, also a few years long years than you really.

like network: let's Mr. Yoshikawa is still relatively modest, we all know that making a game is very not easy, that you feel when making "spiral" boundary line which will take time and will a lot of energy?

Yoshikawa Meijing: I don't know when to see the rest of this article is more common game player or the industry, then from my personal perspective, I was mainly responsible for what game packaging here, so I spent most of the energy it can be with the writer discuss the whole world view settings, such as specific how to locate the role of the game, how to locate the role, how to grasp his characteristics and differences, there are specific how to improve legislation drawing standard. We need to have a large expanse of the world outlook, and on this basis will have the characters and plot, the three story world view character originally is the Japanese game of the most important factors, there is no use to create an attractive role light character lines, he wants to have a image a very good story and gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory, including a role. In fact, now we see the main characters in the game, including the protagonist Allen, Xiao Qiu and some of his players before they actually also made many different versions, according to the characters of the positioning before choosing this image we see now. This process actually began as a most of the time, including the world outlook this probably took almost three months to outline, light worldview introduction text is written 5-6 words.

like network: this market this year on the two dimension Mobile Games still very active, then you think "spiral line" of the game state compared with other same type two dimension Mobile Games what advantage?

Yoshikawa Meijing: advantage but I don't dare to say I have no people, but in some areas such as painting, music, drama, made these things, I think at least I have excellent people, that I will be more effort to spend more cost spend more energy to do these things, this is actually playing the game player the process can also realize that there is a more interesting phenomenon is that we through statistics and analysis of their game player, we found that our game player age than the market so the other two dimensional game in terms of age is high, but not high but high 1-2 years old 3-5 years old. We think this may be because of the higher age and experience of the players may be more able to us in the "spiral" in the practice of the practice of recognition.

like network: since we mentioned the game player problem, then you know that this game is more popular with the boys or girls love love. Yesterday I also played in venues "spiral" Korean version of the boundary line, found the proportion of boys and girls all mixed, so our own data on more attractive which part of game player?

Yoshikawa Meijing: we see the data or the boys mostly, because we have so far, the game's role in females, male characters are relatively small, and the characters of the legislation itself the role of women painted exquisite degree relatively higher, then later we may have some more brisk guy, in fact, several recent update we have updated a couple of guy up, female game player praise is pretty much, because seeing the woman suddenly appeared two handsome is quite seductive, but we won't take "to" female sexuality spiral game to develop, because after all, to the pure female the characters with our game boy image are different, so personally, I will do some more women love game player But at the same time stand in the angle of the male players can accept some of the characters.

": South Korea playing on-line time to disclose what?

Yoshikawa Meijing: in fact this over there is a very important issue is with South Korea held a meeting to discuss the on-line time, our goal is to set before the end of December, but does not rule out further adjustment of South Korea side hopes to do the localization, may on-line time will be more for a long time.

like network: now we have begun to enter the Korean market, what do you think the Korean market and China market what is the difference in essence?

Yoshikawa Meijing: on my own in this a deep understanding of Gstar is that you can see the obvious gaming venues, to more than China seats, although the entire Gstar venues are smaller than CJ, but this part of the proportion of gaming is very high, so you can see the demand in the fight against South Korea this aspect of the competitive proportionately than China game player high, and our "state line" is a spiral PVP play, the new version also adds a comprehensive combat gameplay, the Korean version will also dig to the athletic side.

: "so playing net" in the China spiral boundary line line has a long time, so can not disclose after what new trends, such as the new content of these game player attention ah?

Yoshikawa Meijing: we in the domestic iOS is launched in August 4th, Android was launched in September 20th, then from the start line is iOS so we have been on-line for three months, so we just yesterday in the official website announced that it will expand the linkage in December with "Sakura wars", the famous Japanese AC with us? To carry out the linkage is our next very important direction, and I hope this time with the "cherry blossoms war" linkage can give you a new feeling of not the same. Now you can see the first line of the story is about to end, so now we have begun planning the story of the second.

like network: "spiral boundary line" so in addition to the game now, we have no other trends, such as new games are being developed or what other new projects?

Yoshikawa Meijing: we have some new ideas, but we have not yet finalized, but I estimate that in the Spring Festival there would be certain things down, I can talk to play network exclusive sharing.

thank you very much for inviting Mr. Yoshikawa Meijing to accept our interview. Thank you

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