Kill the alligator live belly 3 suspects were sentenced.

Chinese alligator live sentenced suspect peeling

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recently, Anhui 3 men kill live alligator belly peeling caused outrage users, it is reported that after the incident, Wei, Liu, Wang Moujia surrendered voluntarily to the public security organs. In November 18th, a reporter from the Wuhu County People's court was informed that, Wei, Liu, Wang Mou 3 people convicted of illegal hunting or killing of rare and endangered wild animal crime, were sentenced to four, sentenced to three slow sentenced to two slow three, sentenced to two slow two penalty.

according to the Anhui daily news in July this year, the country and more affected by heavy rain floods, Wuhu County Flower Town Ecological Agriculture aquaculture company collective alligator fled, one of them went to the farm of Alligator sinensis was 4 men, 3 of them will be holding a stick alligator killed after shipment to a canteen, the Chinese alligator belly some people came to the scene to webcast belly peeling process. In November 18th, a reporter from the Wuhu County People's court was informed that the killing of the Chinese alligator Wei Mou 3 people were sentenced before the day.

in July 5th of this year, 11 am, Wei and Wang Moujia, Liu and together with a four, driving to Wuhu County town play fishing. Close to a piece of farmland in the town within the territory of the State Grid near Fu Xing Xing Zheng Cun, wie found a Chinese alligator farm. The alligator was due to flood overtopping, from the flower Town Yihe Ecological Agriculture Co. Ltd. alligator farm escape. Wie found after the first with a stick hitting the alligator, and together with Liu the alligator pulled ashore, with a stick to hit, let Wang Moujia opened the trunk of the vehicle loading. Then, three people driving the Chinese alligator brought to the city of Wuhu Tianmen Shandong road Yongnian group four floor grand chess room canteen.

in the cafeteria, wie and Wang Mouyi will be dead alligator belly, peeling. After a friend of a few people came to the scene of a friend, shooting belly peeling situation, concurrent to live".

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