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said in a foreign university, every student will be faced with a spell of 3S - study, social and sleep, who are eager for the three consideration, but in fact, because of the limited time and energy, many people can only meet the. Can the 3S spell be broken? The study has been very busy, also has the necessity to go to the social? Home today, you have to talk about this big problem!


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is said to spell in a foreign university, every student will be faced with a spell of 3S - study, social and sleep, who are eager for the three consideration, but in fact, due to the limited time and energy, many people can only meet the. Class= img_box "

Helen" is in such a dilemma. In September she came to the United States University, in addition to learning every day, will adhere to the gym fitness, keep 8 hours of sleep, always in accordance with their own agenda act makes Helen very satisfied, but only let her feel troubled is himself more and more closed, not only can speak only a handful of people around, and their don't want to spend time with their social. "If you are looking for an internship, I will have a purpose to accumulate contacts, but now these so-called social networking in my opinion really does not have any significance. "WeChat takes a long chat, shopping or eating out together play a werewolf, flash is an afternoon, then go back after I plan to do things to do, to compress my sleeping time. " I know it's not right to socialize too little, but always feel that the agency is planning to upset my schedule. can only say that in these three S, social must be in my study and sleep after. "

learning, no doubt will take students most of the time and energy, after all, a beautiful GPA is a necessary condition to graduate school or high paying jobs. On the contrary, if you fail the exam, repair cost is not only the high tuition fees, it may arrange for you to drag the whole course of the hind legs, and even let you delay graduation.

social networking, but also can not be ignored, especially in the United States this exquisite networking culture. No show leadership in the community, not love with strangers on Party greeting, do not know how in the elevator to the God pitch, not open mouth. You will soon find out, if not at the university to participate in the activities of good connections, not only can not really integrate into the local community, is more likely to be looking for internship meet with difficulties.

and sleep , it is necessary to be more obvious. You have to catch the estimate because of busy review several times through the night, the sleep deprivation had to rely on coffee Red Bull for refreshing feel really bad. But, want to keep in the legend of the 8 hours of sleep seems to be a luxury , which is why the first time you are still pretty glamorous dress and make-up, after a few weeks, many people began to wear every day, +legging wore a hoodie, did not wake up in the head were removed in the library.


first, let's see if three choose two, which will give up and choose.


& Sleep, this should be the most China students choose: university dormitory life is almost equivalent to two first-line library. even if you live next door to them, they rarely see them hanging out in the hallway, because in addition to their study, they rarely take part in social activities. Simple and crude, such students are a group of nerds "" (the book) . In addition to the results were pretty good, they most like to brag about how many hours they slept last night.

Social & Sleep

, this simply is PartyQueen or SocialKing, they have removed from a variety of tall social gatherings and forum lecture, love all kinds of pose as a collective and ## ticket ring, Facebook and Instagram. Each brush on their home page makes you feel as if they were living in another world, a world in which there is no need to write essays and exams. , of course, they will stay up late to learn, but the purpose is not to get a high score, but the end of the test can continue to carnival.

Social & Study

, this will usually be worshiped as "Daniel" -- they often from a Midnight Party back, then climbed up to his on course, to organizations responsible for next month's event at noon by the way, the afternoon tutorial filled about volunteering in Africa for the summer. Can be said that their life is lianzhouzhuan, academic did not fall, social events are extremely abundant, but less sleep time was pressing the poor. To meet such people talk so not 3 words will hear them say "I slept for 20 hours a week, is really tired as a dog. "

you asked me if I was three S and there are both physical and mental health of the children's shoes? Of course there will be, but their image may not have imagined perfection. Maybe they do not have the door are A, maybe they also gave up some extra-curricular activities, they may also have to stay up late to do project, but we did not see.

can't give up

I asked Helen, "why don't social think it is wrong? "I feel good about myself, but because people around social are more , I feel like they are not the same. , "she said.". "How do they compare social? I asked. She said a sister, can only sleep in order to learn and social every day after 2 p.m.. "

this kind of sacrifice sleep in exchange for social way I can't do. "in addition to the sacrifice of sleep, there will be other sacrifices? I continue to ask. Someone's going to make it too much. Helen said, "this is what I think is not the place, they often entertainment, will not have the kind of finding that homework is not finished? Or the exam review does not come over? If there is that kind of situation, why can they play so happy? "Class= img_box" =''>


if in accordance with the plan to study life, will not have this kind of situation . "

" you want to plan, is in accordance with their own pace of the things you want to do is good, or to refer to a so-called standard in the eyes of others? "

Helen was silent, and said," maybe this is where I want to be. "

"tangled roots of

how to balance 3 S university life, believe that many students will encounter the same tangle and Helen.

study has been very busy, and it is necessary to go social? What kind of social

is valuable? Does

spend too much time on social life?

if people can make their own decisions, then these questions are very good answer.

"I like to make friends, especially those who have experienced a wealth of people, like to hear them say the story. "

" I just don't love and people who are not familiar with cooked chat, so do not love party this occasion so embarrassed. "

in reality, most people decide to do something not so simply, always have to consider other people's eyes, a reference to the lives of others.

"I have a quiz to do at night, no time to eat with them. But if you refuse to make them unhappy? "

" why she GPA and high, and participate in so many societies, how can I do? "

Helen is such a typical example, a very high demand for their hope that has the absolute sense of control over of their own life, the plans into disarray of zero tolerance. On the other hand, she would unconsciously put himself and others to compare , selective attention to others than their own good place, and then blame themselves good enough.

" to break the curse

so, in Helen's view, do not want to disrupt their plans, not compressed the sleeping time, not to offend friends, participate in their social, is only to own more ruthless, such as improving the efficiency. In her view, if the work efficiency increased, spare time is more, you can go out and play with friends, you will not love to spend the time. Unfortunately, this is not a real solution.

problem is not simply the level of efficiency, but how to arrange a different task in a limited time -- in short, Prioritising (priority). this is the core of the most basic methods of time management. In simple terms, to arrange a task before you have to ask yourself two questions (as shown in the following table): first, this is important not important? Second, who is important, for who is not important?

" on their own, others also important things, no matter how busy you are, this task should be the highest priority. For example, the work. But it should be noted that different people on the same thing is not the same degree of importance. Maybe you think it's important to have a vacation, but others think it's more important to be with your family.

on their own important, not important to others things , such as fitness, also should have a higher priority. Each person's preferences and goals are different, because the habit of gym every day to push off girlfriends afternoon tea party is not selfish. contrary to the wishes of others, and did not give them a direct harm, but the sacrifice of their own habits of daily life will make you feel very passive.

is important to other people, not important to their own things , such as some of the activities are not very interested in. Although as a social animal, we need social support to maintain our emotions. However, if the relationship with others is not close enough, interests and values are not entirely consistent, so smile to be very embarrassed, as declined.

is not important to their own, to other people are not important things , such as self timer P chart invoice circle. While many people are also aware of the image of the social network is deliberately create , but still easy to get deep among them, think this is necessary to maintain and expand the social circle. But in fact, even if you do not update a month, you will be in the reality of friends or so much, will not be affected by too much.

" a lot of people think that foreign universities are unable to break the spell 3S, everyone is busy flying is still dissatisfied with their lives, feel just a little more time. But in fact, we only have a limited time allocated to a number of things that are not necessary, the results of their own do not meet, nor do they care about people happy.

we always think that if there is more effective time management to complete what they want to do is good, but forget to ask what they want to do, want to stick to what is. time management or the balance of university life 3S good, but it is to understand his own heart, don't blindly by peer pressure, chasing the shadow of others to run, but forget their original place to go. This is the

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