What are the reasons for you to buy this "fairy treasure dream of the sun / Moon"?

PSP reduplication Dangbu Pokemon

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" for a long time to lead: "demon treasure can dream the sun / Moon" last week on sale. Twenty years for the first time in the series can be noble dream culture, hidden in some of Chinese trainers are already ready to. This machine nuclear office bought a total of 23 pieces of "demon treasure can dream the sun / moon light", as the old trainer will not say, let's take a look at those seemingly mundane like you and our senior trainer decided to travel together Arolla what is the motive.

Nadya this time to buy the "Wizard of the treasure can be a dream," the reason for the

3DS online features repaired!

first of all, I can not be regarded as the "Wizard of the treasure can dream" loyal players, although from Huang has been playing to the platinum, the period has not been broken, but in my mind I only and others on the war over three or four times. Probably a lot of people play the most fun treasure can dream is to use their own well prepared team to beat others, but I do not really like this. Probably think of the war after the loss to others that feel very uncomfortable, so it has always been customs clearance after the wizard to play everywhere. After the arrival of the black and white generations, I do not remember what it is because of what, in short, playing about 10 hours, as if not even a week to get through. Black 2 White 2 not to say, the basic did not touch. So far I feel a little sorry for missing this generation. But fortunately, after the XY, I re ignite the desire to grasp the wizard, so playing for a long time, of course, this is a long time and there is no experience of war with others. When the light in the office and A Bin advised me to try to fight, I have to shirk "online 3DS bad".

Nadya "elf treasure can dream"

this is the first to buy the cassette because people buy more side, actually I love a lot and I play the same game friends. Because usually have nothing to do when you can talk a few words, once I heard what they do not know the news, I will be particularly looking forward to go home to open the game in the evening to see. There is, I think I can not repeat the mistakes of the generation when Miss White said, what I also want to play well this time in the sun. But the official seems to have encouraged others to fight game player, so I over a period of time may ask small and a-bing, see how into the treasure can be against the world dream.

everyone has their own pursuit of dreams play treasure can be fun, collect the elf is one of them, I particularly admire collect of people... Of course, playing... Will find "elf treasure dream" can be more fun to fight.

Ryoma this time to buy the "Wizard Po can be a dream," the reason

this is an emotional investment, the adult world is not so simple!

to ask me to say this time why buy a treasure can dream, I think this still have to come from me why not buy a treasure can dream about. Why not buy it, I think the main reason may be two. First of all, I don't play. In addition to a gift and "long-term borrowing" (rather than the teacher, students are more willing to put in my), I have never before 3DS bought any console, so from the objective conditions basically missed the series. He said, we didn't play, is to be a dream to buy PSP treasure! There are second reasons for this: no eyes. When taste study students gave me the nickname "don't S her fierce". Life is the most hate lovely things and the reduplicated word, with my adorable sell substantially equal to zhaochou. So basically from the hardware and software, I have a dream of treasure can be insulated.

however, the world of adults can not be someone who cares about what "stick to their beliefs" in the middle of the two juvenile. If you are in a twenty person, only four people do not buy a thing in the office, how to choose is not clear at a glance? And every time you have set a good hotel but was pulled to dinner, is a kind of emotional investment, the adult world is not easy! But when I started to do not conflict, but very happiness within it? Since when do I start enjoying myself as a member of the majority? Are people really going to change? Then someone will say, "don't be sad, I understand you. "

Ryoma a true portrayal of

2016 in November 20th, just set foot on the island of ula ula and I just want to say: "hey hey dream treasure can be really fun! "

a philosopher said:" you deny a thing can have thousands of reasons, but accept it as long as you play for a while. "- BIN. Although Longma this is just beginning to play 3DS, but the "monster hunter X" and "demon treasure dream" has made him unable to extricate themselves, this is a good game charm, regardless of platform, not on the form. Believe me, then you won't believe what this game is from the hundreds of hours.

abing buy "the wizard of the moon," the dream of the moon, the reason:

do not need to worry about online communication as before.

when quite many Pokemon, primary school and junior high school period, GB and GBA series of red green yellow, gold and silver, red sapphire, animation, game cards, and even homemade Collectible stickers have played, it will often after midnight, my parents went to sleep, nest nest secretly brush four kings. But with PSP, and Nintendo further'n... Until this year bought 3DS, bought the disk X and started to play treasure dream series, just as a man playing office, and then buy the sun and moon is very natural thing, not need to worry about online communication.

XY and the new generation but these to me really strange than before, I will carefully watch animation, buy, on the surrounding elves, in the game of love encounter spirit especially excited, but now from the too long, red sapphire after it is not a few elves know so play the game naturally less looking and fun.

abing" in Arolla Geng ghost, or a virus!

is really, a lot of people around you and discuss, can be together online communication environment is one of the reasons for the re - depth of the dream world. This will at least greatly reduce the probability that you will pass the 3DS again. Face to face with nature is best, but now can use the Internet to exchange what communication is also very convenient, for example, the top dog is ghost and I use Internet communication evolved. Abing is a collection of the party, I don't have to worry about can not find people with the evolution of communication. Why buy a tiger

Xiyuan bow "demon treasure can dream the sun / Moon" thank

pay us outsiders behind the unknowable to the institutions and the team

my childhood without Pokemon, although not not a minute, Amway has been XY, also only after playing for hours on the shelf. However, I slowly adorable little monster collection Yo is not interested, instead of using Poke Ball to grass inside the dirty blood is crippled the little monsters head bash, as in the second super robot wars G map with his white horse to reopen the cannonade and money to accumulate experience points to build my own super Getter more readily.

in my life, Nintendo games and treasure can dream series "collection, culture, exchange" elements, always is not my game G. I love relatively direct violent pleasure, rather than to develop a character and color are different with time and emotion, and different level. Adorable furry, Xixi, the new generation platform also joined their sound and dynamic interaction of small animals. Not to mention those attributes of rich and colorful Nirvana performance and esoteric for mutual restraint, and a variety of mega evolution and Z will kill little beast against the depth pushed to new heights, and nothing can touch the dream space in treasure, Pikachu's head, clean the skin (strange crotch "Oh, he is naked" involving more than once said to me, hello) some candy what then looked at the little beasts smiling to you yaotoubaiwei, obviously, I feel any interest in this kind of thing will not. Class= img_box "

" strange force to sell Meng cute bow and tiger ye

this game, I really do not have a point of interest.

so, why I do not like the treasure of the dream of the people, this is one of the purchase of the sun and the moon and Picacho one breath limit machine? The reason is very simple, thanks to game freak, thanks to Nintendo, thank you very much for those hard to dream of the cultural treasure may petition the game player friends, thanks to the behind the scenes outsiders do not know to pay our institutions and the team, thanks to the little light in the Chinese version released that night shed tears are excited.

is the true love deeply love the game player, truly their love to pass out, let me a heavy game idiot, can feel their efforts and enthusiasm. It will go to can't help support them through a small Chinese genuine consumer, so that the same Chinese language area: Zhao Xia, game player, Moby, West swollen shell, ham 42, miss A Bin, Professor McGonagall, Rin, teacher Red, TerryMC, death doll, Mount Jiuhua, a tour into the wet chest the soul, soma treatment, roadblocks, really kill two knife, Zhang Yubo, Ando, Sun Yibing flow, black sheep...... You, me, him, around us each named ordinary game player...... Do not like the treasure to be dream fans so hard, also can enjoy the game more Chinese official.

" is the money, believe that bow "false love tiger" is just a pretext for

business is playfully cold like winter rain, merchants chase money, both launched sequel or, or localization strategy or how much we love. The past series, because the wrong market marketing strategy leads to ineffective, or is the problem of the long development cycle and cost exceed the standard, developers get down from the future strategy board, never said goodbye to the series of game player, producer go elsewhere, role in the story setting is when to seal not goodbye. This is the business logic of adult social reality......

but the people is always warm, after all the games are friends, the game for our game player, also is not a dull and 0/1 combination, we had life and time, and it is mixed with a lot of good memories, intertwined. I think, the game may really be worth us to treat gently, as I treat you, my dear friends, as.

" tiger insists this picture than many

dream treasure to be lovely but to tell a truth is I cannot think a problem: Dr. cucui why so skilled?

friends, what do you think?

Simon bought "elf treasure can dream the sun / Moon" was...

I bought this is to experience what is treasure can dream



conclusion: the last "hum" is actually a joke, this time, "the wizard of the sun can dream of the sun / Moon" in the culture really let us realize the "connected" concept. All the office chatting together to play their own progress, on which only bad, which is only to ELF elf how evolution, reminiscent of childhood and buddy online at the scene, this is Nintendo game charm! Welcome to look at you all to join "elf treasure dream" in the world, small and I will continue to update the contents of the sun / moon after that line to find people to chat together also never mind, machine nuclear treasure can dream month match always welcome your arrival. So, you buy the trainers, talk about "demon treasure can dream the sun / Moon" story.

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