Tour guide talk about the way to invest in Wuhan 50 yuan a day tour suspected of brain"

One day tour tour guide Adan capital operation tour group

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(original title: 50 yuan a day tour has become a ""


导游大谈投资之道 武汉50元一日游疑为

"pictext" align= "center", "" is not an introduction to the tourist attractions, but to the tourists.

导游大谈投资之道 武汉50元一日游疑为


"pictext" align= "center" > price 50 yuan of travel tickets.

"I suspect that the travel company has a relationship with the MLM gang!" Yesterday, has returned to Guangxi Zhao Jun (a pseudonym) told reporters that he talked about a girlfriend on the Internet, Adan, two people meet in Wuhan. Adan took him to participate in a tour group, the results of his discovery Adan deep marketing, and tour guides all the way to promote the concept of marketing gangs and the content is very similar.

yesterday, the Wuhan evening news reporter according to the contact provided by Zhao Jun, signed up to participate in a tour of Wuhan day tour......

see female users of the strange journey

Zhao Jun in September this year in a QQ group in the understanding of a female friend, the other claiming to be Adan, a company in Wuhan to work. Soon, two people on the Internet about the love. At the end of October, Adan about Zhao Jun to Wuhan to meet.

11 this month, Zhao Jun took the train from Guangxi to Wuhan, met Adan, the other side with him in Wuhan play two days, no abnormal. On the third day, Adan took him to a tour group, and he felt that something was wrong.

Zhao Jun said that in the morning, he and Adan boarded a bus, the car is all from all over the country, the tourist". The so-called "one day tour, but only went to the public house, a scenic marshland of Hankou and East Lake. Guide full explanation also makes people feel that something is wrong." Zhao Jun said that the tour guide to explain the contents and other tour guides, on the spot, will be the "hidden economy" as the central idea, explain any attractions can be associated with this center, and constantly promote reform thought tour member ", to accept new things, do not miss the opportunity to change the economy".

"tour guide also referred to the 'capital operation', '1040' such words, I realized that may be encountered in the usual news to see the 1040 project marketing team." Zhao Jun said, he asked about the relationship between Adan and the tour guide, Adan said that there is no relationship with the tour guide, also denounced Zhao Jun make blind and disorderly conjectures.

in the evening and second days, Adan also worked with me in Hanyang Jiangcheng Pearl District saw 6 colleagues, everyone spoke the same content, said they are doing to support the cause of a national secret, let me pay 69800 yuan can earn 10 million 400 thousand yuan." Zhao Jun said he has been determined to meet the MLM, trying to tell the truth to Adan, hoping to bring Adan to leave, but Adan was denounced the courage is too small, no ambition, will not seize the historical opportunity".

and Zhao Jun said, he stayed in Wuhan for four days, Adan and her colleagues when checked his mobile phone, but he did not confiscate anything, did not limit his actions, just go with. Persuasion is invalid after Zhao Jun proposed to return to Guangxi, and in 16, 5 in the morning quietly get up, go to the train station ticket left.

after the departure of Zhao Jun to reporters call, with a "Hubei Wuhan Dapeng International Travel Company Limited" the name card, printed above the Shimou and even a phone.


met the "tourism brainwashing" by Zhao Jun links, Wuhan evening news reporter to foreigners identity and Shimou, even a contact, ask to enroll in the tour. Two people told reporters can take the bus to participate in the second day trip, and by text messages to inform the bus location, time and license plate number.

on the 19 day, the reporter on the license plate number 6560 on the bus in the Silver Lake, "one day tour of Wuhan". Period, the reporter found that the peer has 3 buses, a total of more than 80 visitors from all over the country, mostly from other provinces came. The beginning of the city planning exhibition hall

from the first leg of the public house, surnamed Dong of the female tour guide began to explain, but she spots on the all around, "capital operation" and "hidden capital" and "national support". In Hankou, tour guides take you to visit the seven or eight sculptures, tourist guides in the process of constantly stressed the keywords, encouraging visitors "change ideas, seize the opportunity to achieve success in team help". In a semi dry tree before the tour guide inspired to say: "hidden economy, capital operation, like the real economy, the support of social development, is the national support of the new economic model, the real economy and the actual situation of the combination."

a day during the visit, the reporter has the transfer bus two, two tour guides has issued two copies of brochures (later withdrawn), and has repeatedly said "21", "29" and "520" these figures are very special, these figures are hidden in various tourist area landscape. In order to prove that "the project is supported by the government, but these figures need visitors to find," because the government on the project is not the implicit support, otherwise, the person will participate, no Qian Zuan ".

in front of a monument in East Lake, the tour guide told visitors, there are 520 words on the stone, the stone down to see, you can see the 1040. And the reporter saw, the so-called 1040 is actually a few words HDFD. Some people questioned the scene, the tour guide replied: "that is because you do not have enough understanding, you have doubts, so you can not see."

in Hubei Province, to reporters and a visitor when chatting, he bluntly said: "I feel this is a pyramid scheme." The young man from Guizhou told himself that he had been invited by a friend to come to the Han Dynasty. He had been in the group for 3 days and was told some of the same by different people every day, inviting him to join the project team. "What is the project, they never say clearly, is the only state support, capital operation, the team has not registered company, yunliwuli, said after attending the project team can earn 10 million 400 thousand. I will leave tomorrow, I would advise you not to trust them." Surnamed Huang

members of a group leader Lu chatted with reporters, repeating the same words with the tour guides. He told reporters: the special digital guide mentioned have the implied meaning, "21" refers to join the project needs to be done over 21 copies of "performance", "29" refers to the highest level in the team, these figures hide in the construction of the city, "the government is deliberately designed and arranged".

during the tour, the Guizhou young man for fear of reporters, several times to persuade reporters, do not believe". At this time, the team leader will come to open the reporter: "he felt that we are marketing, which has a MLM will allow you to come out shopping, which has a pyramid scheme also bring you to travel? His view is too small, you don't go too close to him."

as for other issues, the reporter surnamed Huang to don't ask, if interested can take two days to follow him to inspect the project, all the problems will be answered.

reporter in the public house museum holding identity cards to enter, the reporter found a visitor ID card held by the Hubei province identity card said: "my wife is not allowed to participate in, we are all the other provinces, how did you get in here?" Reporters said it was a friend brought in, the tourists have not asked again.

day tour suspected MLM

is clearly a day tour, but was recommended by the tour guide capital operation, has repeatedly been invited to visit the project". What is the project they are saying? Reporters repeatedly stressed that the information in accordance with these people, the online search found that these people and the well-known 1040 project marketing is very similar.

1040 project marketing model has been a national media reported that through acquaintances occupation, occupation, to pay 69800 yuan, purchase 21 copies of "performance" ($3800 per share), and then start a new development line, when developed to 29 people, was promoted to manager, began to take a month "wages", until get the full 10 million 400 thousand yuan, out from the "organization", "capital operation".

by credit information publicity system of enterprises in Hubei Province, the reporter did not find the "Hubei Wuhan Dapeng international travel company, but to search" Hubei Wuhan Dapeng International Travel Service Limited registered information, showing the two shareholders of the company were named "Shi" and the name "even" and Zhao Jun gave reporters the name card phone the same, and registration information in the phone, it is even a name card.

Zhao Jun finally added that he suspected "tours" and the MLM Gang is a division of labor, by the tour guides in the travel process, from the macro level of abstraction to the tourists with repeated "new thinking" and "capital operation by the state support" impression, followed by a pyramid bone dry to a lot of tourists brainwashing.

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