New energy vehicles cheat up the biggest ticket settled Shuoshu Jinlong car fined nearly 800 million

Suzhou Jinlong Jinlong automobile new energy vehicles Shuoshu recommended models

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" Jinlong automobile November 20th evening announcement, a subsidiary of United Automotive Industry (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. (abbreviation: Suzhou Jinlong) received the Ministry of Industry issued a "Ministry of information industry and the administrative processing of this book" (tooling letter [2016]513, hereinafter referred to as the "notice" ".

) announcement shows that in October 2016, the Ministry of finance to the Ministry of the copy to the Ministry of finance" administrative punishment informing letter "(financial supervision letter [2016]6), confirm the new energy vehicles in Suzhou Jinlong companies to declare 2015 the year the central financial subsidy funds, there are 1683 cars by the end of 2015 has not yet completed, but early in 2015 for a motor vehicle driving license. Does not meet the reporting requirements, involving 519 million yuan subsidy funds.

new energy declaration qualification was stopped

according to the relevant laws and regulations, the Ministry of industry and the Ministry of Suzhou company to deal with: first, the Suzhou golden dragon company to stop production and sales of models. Two, the suspension of Suzhou golden dragon company to declare the application of new energy vehicles to promote the application of qualification, and the problem models from the new energy vehicles to promote the application of recommended models to be removed. Three, instructed the Suzhou Jinlong Company for a period of 6 months after the completion of the rectification, the rectification, the Ministry will conduct acceptance of the rectification.

golden dragon automobile said, Suzhou Golden Dragon Company since September 8, 2016 has stopped production and sales problems models. At present, Suzhou Golden Dragon Company production and business conditions are normal. The board of directors, supervisors and senior management personnel of the company attaches great importance to these problems, the company will further confirm with the relevant departments, will inform the content of "book" Suzhou Jinlong Company and the company to make an accurate assessment, and timely disclosure obligations.

golden dragon automobile semi annual report 2016 data show that its operating income of 11 billion 79 million yuan, an increase of 164 million, net profit attributable to listed companies 7.71% yuan, an increase of 10.7%. And its 2015 net profit attributable to listed companies was 535 million yuan, the gold company is expected in 2016 net profit of golden dragon car affected by the impact of reduced to 125 million yuan, down 76.9%.

Jinlong Company also said that after careful consideration, Suzhou Jinlong Company intends to give up the rights of statement and averment, Suzhou Jinlong Company will be in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry to carry out rectification, promotion and application of new energy vehicles recommended models to restore Suzhou Jinlong Company qualification declaration as soon as possible.

to + fined up to 778 million yuan

at present, cheat up business problems mainly involve four kinds, unlicensed vehicles, car electricity, mark does not match, the related party and the dealer idle. Suzhou Jinlong is a typical "brand car": the car has not been produced, and the license has been through non normal channels in the vehicle register, then you can rely on the license number of reporting extremely lucrative subsidies.

previously announced that the Ministry of finance will recover Suzhou Golden Dragon 2015 central financial subsidy funds allocated 519 million yuan, and the amount of the amount of its 50% that the amount of illegal fines of 259 million yuan. At the same time from 2016 to cancel the company's central financial subsidy eligibility, when the recovery will be regarded as rectification, and in accordance with the procedures to re examination and approval.

Golden Dragon car had said in the announcement, Suzhou Golden Dragon cheat compensation penalty matters will cause greater impact on the company in 2016 operating results. "The preliminary estimate will directly reduce the company in 2016 net profit attributable to the parent company of about 315 million 400 thousand yuan, and the amount of the specific impact of accounting audit, CPAs confirmation."

reporter noted that due to the impact of new energy vehicles in the first half of 2016, the impact of new energy vehicles, Suzhou Golden Dragon in the case of sales growth is still a substantial decline in net profit. First half of the total sales of passenger cars 9800, an increase of 13.4% over the same period to achieve operating income of 5 billion 198 million yuan, an increase of 30.54%, but net profit of only 55 million 658 thousand and 500 yuan, down 60.71%.

(original title: new energy vehicles cheat up the biggest ticket settled Shuoshu Jinlong car fined nearly 800 million yuan)

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