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Zhang Yimou, Baoqiang Wang and other dozens of stars into the billions of investment or by changes in

as the capital in the face of a star

times weekly reporter Shi Lu from Shanghai

in deep debt crisis ", Jia Yueting exposes the music as the capital chain tension, after the car factory owed a series of crisis LETV shares as the waterfall flies straight, from November 2nd to November 18th, 6 billion 363 million yuan market value evaporated letv.

and in the meantime, LETV also announced emergency funding through the executives shareholding, Jia Yueting Cheung Kong Graduate School of business students self-help etc., but also can not stop the LETV price downward trend, as of 18 LETV closed at 37.91 yuan / share, already below the August this year, 45.01 yuan / share price set by Sanzhang cattle, Jianping. The public offering of Harvest Fund, the post fund full quilt.

and cattle scattered were stuck together, including Liu Tao, Honglei Sun, Huang Xiaoming, Zhang Yimou and other dozens of entertainment stars. They are mainly distributed in the two plate and film music as music as sports star of the shareholders in LETV capital chain tight, return on investment or will encounter misfortune.

LETV in November 8th announcement that is expected to complete in 2016 into the music studios, and intends to continue to promote this major asset restructuring projects, and in 2017, 2018, 2019 for three years as a film music as the results of the commitment period. Recombinant

suspended film music as the stars of the whole shareholders is stuck. In the current music as a whole ecological crisis hit, possibility to inject LETV LETV pictures capital rich made almost no longer exist. In addition, the star of shareholders in music as sports investment of nearly 200 million yuan, in music as sports hindered the development of the situation, is also facing the risk of "thinking".

all star shares music as

in the film company to attract star shareholders have shares when the music as the film industry is no exception, notably, half of the country music studios, star shareholders almost occupy the entertainment circle.

and these stars shareholders disclosed restructuring plan due to the acquisition of LETV music studios. At the beginning of May this year, LETV announced that intends to 9 billion 800 million yuan price of 100% acquisition of film music as one of 6 billion 820 million shares of +29.7 billion cash to buy 5 billion, and raise matching funds for the development of the company.

injection LETV LETV pictures, this "hand" assets maneuvers, almost become the norm in the A stock market. And can use the Ecological Strategy Conference to stimulate the audience to tears Jia Yueting, but it will play a certain height. The 350 page document reorganization copious and fluent in more than half of all at about star shareholders.

however, music studios attract star shareholders to join, but also look dish with rice". For Zhang Yimou, Guo Jingming and other first tier producers / star, as the price of shares given by the music is significantly better than the other star. Weekly Times reporter statistics, 19 stars that time shares a total investment of about 150 million yuan.

2015 in May 20th, LETV pictures decided to 1 yuan per share price of the transfer of 5 million shares to Guo Jingming. Guo Jingming to film music as 5 million shares, accounting for 0.59% of the shares. Zhang Yimou invested 12 million 10 thousand yuan, the shareholding ratio was as high as 1.43%. Then Honglei Sun invested 2 million 390 thousand yuan, the shareholding ratio of 0.28%, slightly higher than the price of Guo Jingming.

but Huang Xiaoming, Li Xiaolu and Feng Wei's price is significantly higher than Zhang Yimou, Guo Jingming and others. October 2015, Huang Xiaoming to 5 million yuan subscription of new registered capital of 599 thousand yuan, in order to calculate the price of about 8.3 yuan per share.

in addition to the direct ownership, there are some stars to hold music studios indirectly through employee stock ownership. The restructuring plan shows, music studios, star shareholders also gathered in the shadow Le Yun Culture Communication partnership (limited partnership) (hereinafter referred to as "Le cloud shadow") and Beijing Jinyang Asset Management Limited (limited partnership) (hereinafter referred to as "Beijing Jinyang") two platform.

in the shadow of cloud in the list of shareholders, Gao Xiaosong among them, but its shares nearly LETV pictures free gifts.

Beijing Jin Yang shareholders, Liu Tao, Lan Qin, Qu Ying, Chen He, Jia Nailiang,, Huo Siyan, and so on more than 10 star shareholders out of the list.

also, Deng Chao Sun Li and his wife are in the music as the motion picture in the list of shareholders, Deng Chao and Sun Li's studio named Hui - Hui Ying studio, Sun Li studios, music studios held 0.43% and 0.286% of the shares, the shares of two people in September 29, 2015 to spend 30 million yuan, 20 million yuan, the purchase price is consistent with Huang Xiaoming et al., translation after about 8.3 yuan / share.

times weekly reporter statistics, the 19 stars shareholders a total investment of about 150 million yuan of funds LETV pictures. However, there are not willing to join Star Music Studios, Deyunshe Guo Degang had give up Le Beijing Jinyang and shadow star shareholder.

and the May acquisition plan in addition to the many star shareholders is the first exposure, film music as the financial situation was established three years for the first time publicly, people can see the real living conditions of the Internet Movie companies.

it is reported that in 2014 and 2015 as the film music revenues were 760 million yuan and 1 billion 140 million yuan, but net profit is not satisfactory.

revenue is not bad, the net profit attributable to shareholders of the parent company LETV pictures were approximately -8.91 billion and -1.02 billion. This also means that the two music studios, a net loss of 993 million dollars. But after deducting non recurring gains and losses, 2014, 2015, film music as net profit was 64 million 448 thousand and 400 yuan, 136 million yuan.

is a "hit"

music as sports in addition to music studios, as well as the sports star studded shareholder. Among them, Liu Tao invested 50 million yuan, as the largest investment star.

in March this year, the music, as the Sports Culture Industry Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the music as sports) to complete the B round of financing, with a $8 billion valuation of financing 21 billion 500 million yuan.

, according to media reports, in addition to investors in Hainan, Ze culture, star asset investment institutions, as well as 11 star investors, including Liu Tao, Honglei Sun, Jia Nailiang, Xun Zhou, Baoqiang Wang and so on, the total investment amount of less than 200 million yuan, accounting for less than 1% shares.

also developed by Wang Sicong and Ma's PE MIPS investment institutions Yunfeng fund also in music as sports started to become shareholders, Wang Sicong at the end of 2015 was among the music as sports director.

, however, the current weekly Times reporter did not find the name of Liu Tao and other 11 shareholders in the list of shareholders of music as sports. And the list of shareholders is only updated to the end of last year. Business data show that, as the sports because of the lack of publicity annual report is included in the corporate business exception list.

it is worth noting that, in Jia Yueting and he founded the music is facing the survival crisis, the nest's music as sports, even if you want to take a big, can not get rid of the shortage of funds has implicated. Because of financial difficulties, as sports because of lack of money, not only broke up with the national security, but also lost some of the copyright. The

season is the first time to the original "Beijing Guoan Football team as" the name for playing soccer, however, Beijing Guoan Football Club and the music as "love" only lasted over 9 months, but the reason behind is the lack of music as sports.

in September this year, Luo Ning, chairman of the national security club, said: "there is no contradiction between us. Later, the actual situation is difficult, can not give money. Before talking very well, then put it down in black and white are written on the contract, but there is no money, we can't help. "

also because of funding constraints, music, as sports has also lost the right to broadcast live tennis masters. According to

bear sports news, music as sports has attempted to cancel the official signing with ATP ATP and ATP500 Masters Tournament copyright contract. According to the agreement, the music as sports must be in September 30th this year before the deadline to pay the 2017 ATP Series tournament copyright fees, but in fact it did not fulfill the contract. In October of this year's

Tennis Masters, LETV sports failed to achieve video broadcast, using the highlights of the game exist on the upper right corner with a mosaic cover mark handle the phenomenon of copyright of unknown origin. The development of

years, Ali, Suning sports in sports and other public events have to seize the exclusive copyright, exclusive copyright music as sports, only in the round of twelve, AFC Champions League Orangemen and Serie A.

moreover, LETV intelligent business had also sports a whoop and a holler in an embarrassing situation. Last December, LETV announced the title bloomage international sports's Wukesong Stadium "LETV ecological sports center" and pocketed the eye, and will be upgraded to the Wukesong stadium intelligent venues leading, but the two sides in the project has not been substantive promotion.

sports and film and television two business, with the help of the star effect to improve the influence of music as the music is more common in the internal. LETV Lepar partner system online sales has been widely popularized, at the shareholder level, Li Xiaolu, Huo Siyan, Du Jiang and Chen Sicheng are different depending on its subsidiaries shareholders, but the specific holdings is still not clear.

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