JDB would insult Qiu Shaoyun to apologize


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" opened the NetEase news to see more wonderful pictures of >

" China youth network in Beijing on 21 November, November 21st, Qiu Shaoyun had insulted the martyrs of the micro-blog marketing. The @ blogger Sun Jie company published a statement of apology and JDB herbal tea in the people's court newspaper version third.

this statement of apology will last 5 days from the date of first publication, Daxing District Beijing people's Court of first instance verdict in September 20, 2016 has been in the past two months; from the martyr Qiu Shaoyun's brother Qiu Shaohua died, the past zero or one days a month.

to finally come to the public apology, netizens have said, "justice may be late, but never absent".

users call me just say: do you know the chicken brother can not see your apology? Is it difficult to be thankful forever?

users @ Jing said: hero already cut thief is a hero, not because of your shameless ignorance does not admit is not a hero.

net friend Morphine said: justice may be late, but never absent. Businesses in order to even the most basic moral bottom line marketing across, really chilling.

JHJ said: the Oriental Castle hammer users money, let the shameless everywhere. In order to give a substance, as human beings should have the spirit level. Those who do not have the integrity of human beings, so take the hero baited, saw the heart good acid.

users @ ah cook to my shoula said: 1 yuan is the requirements of their own that their purpose is not money but the reputation (and I think there is no legal basis, only personal views) if the claim amount is higher, related to the interests of the group, the case will be delayed for a long time, once the event dragged to exit the public view heat, no longer, the final result may There's no telling. Although only claims 1 yuan, but the final win, and this is the progress. It is also the beginning of the legal system of personality disputes in the media convergence environment.

National People's Congress, founding general Yang Dezhi's son Yang Jianhua in an Chinese youth network reporter interview said: "when Qiu Shaoyun martyr sacrifices, jiaduobao still do not know where. These people do not apologize for 100 days. They were dissatisfied with the heart, and the lack of sincerity in the apology. They are not normal thinking ability, there is no 'failed to fulfill its duty of care "reasonable and prudent, but want to try to say the least responsibility. Not forced down "apology" is not really an apology. Without complaining! "

event review:

2015 April 16th, jiaduobao official micro-blog and the @ together, pick up has several stinging public opinion field "barbecue" topic, carry out malicious marketing, triggered public anger.

later, Qiu Shaoyun's younger brother Qiu Shaohua through the Chinese youth network lawyer filed a lawsuit to maintain Qiu Shaoyun's reputation.

2016 September 20th morning, Beijing Daxing District people's Court of martyr Qiu Shaoyun's younger brother Qiu Shaohua Su Sunjie (China), JDB beverage company of general personality rights dispute case verdict, judgment and Sun Jie JDB released apology announcement, apologized to Qiu Shaoyun's brother Qiu Shaohua to eliminate the influence of the martyrs, and compensation for mental solatium 1 yuan. Subsequently, Sun Jie accepted the decision by micro-blog, and to apologize to Qiu Shaohua.

read out only a few minutes, and behind, Qiu Shaohua has been waiting for 17 months.

Qiu Shaohua has been following the progress of the case, more than a year of waiting, let him tired and that sentence, he was admitted to the hospital.

9 month 29 days, Qiu Shaoyun defamation case lawyer, law firm Beijing office director Hu Zhongyi made a special trip from Beijing to Tongliang District People's Hospital of Chongqing City, in the case of a judgment to the hands of Qiu Shaoyun martyr's younger brother Qiu Shaohua.

2016 in October 19th, the Supreme People's court held a news conference, informed the people's court shall protect the hero reputation and other personal rights of typical cases, maintenance of Qiu Shaoyun, Langyashan five heroes hero fame.

unfortunately, October 20, 2016 at 4:38 am, Chinese people's volunteer army first class combat hero of Comrade Qiu Shaoyun's younger brother Qiu Shaohua due to illness in Chongqing died in Tongliang at the age of 86.

Author: Zhang Yanliang

original title: "jiaduobao insult Qiu Shaoyun" incident to apologize: deputies are not amenable to!

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