Wang Ou loves the first sound: you, don't disturb me?

Wang Ou Zhang Ge wedding exposure first love

zhongqingwangyule· 2016-11-22 08:47:28

Zhang Ge earlier traced and Wang Ou married (map)

days before the night "script" storm subsided not long, but because of the heroine Wang Ou "happy camp" once again boarded the hot search list! The former boyfriend Zhang Ge yesterday evening issued a circle of friends, "said is the truth, are singing emotions, listen to all the memories, a few waves and feeling no limit down, is very helpless, if you want to enhance the visibility and presence and I don't mind the just hope, do not involve me and my friends, I am just an ordinary person, just want a good life good acting, insist on the road performing ordinary life, mind you, don't bother me now, okay? My silence is the best protection for you. Thank you this time to care about my many brothers and sisters and predecessors, let you worry, I'm fine, very sorry to her buddies, sorry".


"pictext" align= "center" "" friends circle screenshot

Wang Ou has been accused of being married with actor Zhang Ge, more suspected wedding photo exposure. Earlier the reporter contacted Zhang Ge Zhang Ge said confirmation, know Wang Ou, when asked whether the two married, Zhang Ge said the inconvenience answer, then hastily hung up the phone, until Wang Ou admitted in a relationship with Zhang Ge, Zhang Ge during no sound. Now things in the past some days, Zhang Ge in his circle of friends to send this kind of hope not to involve me and my friends, I am just an ordinary person, just want to be a good person to act...... Mind your people, do not bother me, so far?" The text between the lines, looks very helpless.

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