"World of Warcraft" Thanksgiving three adventure activities to help out

Three tour Pathfinder practice

wangyiyouxi· 2016-11-22 11:11:17

"World of Warcraft" version 7.1: return to Cara Chan has launched nearly a month of time, full of surprises and five epic dungeons "return to Cara, like" challenging raid "COURAGE trial, Sulama continues to advance the story line and bring new threats to Hella and other exciting content let the game player are bored. This week, the three big games in the game will help you to take a better look at the game!

" Thanksgiving eat Ai Ze Lars

Thanksgiving is a traditional festival, people of all races in the festival with countless delicacy, give thanks to this land. During the holiday period, the main city will be placed on the feast table, which is full of delicious food. Sitting at the table, you can start to enjoy the food, or the other players with the same table. You eat any kind of food 5 times, you can get a special kind of synergistic food, and when you have tasted each food 5 times each, will receive a "share gain effect of the soul", an hour long prestige to get up to 10%. Don't forget, sharing food with other players will help you gain the gain faster. For every day hard to improve themselves in the Broken Isles faction of the game player, "share the spirit" is a great gain effect, you can also World of Warcraft collocation 12 anniversary celebration packs used together oh! A good opportunity to

" Thanksgiving but also enhance the cooking skills, you can buy recipes and ingredients are most in need of the feast of Thanksgiving from merchant, very convenient to upgrade their skills. In addition, when you finish the Thanksgiving Day holiday achievements, but also the harvest of a fire will be cooked his own pet turkey. There are a lot of the festival for the collection of clothing and fun items, do not miss!

": the world holiday task

this week, we will once again usher in the holiday activities: the world mission, during the event all obtained from the world mission's popularity increased 50%. If you are trying to "Broken Isles Pathfinder" achievement, so don't miss this lucrative holiday. Before venturing to the beginning of the day, don't forget to find the Dalaran violet prison door Archmage feverwort Maier to receive the task, finished 20 in the world after the task, you will get 5000 points occupation hall resources. Open the map right now, and join the world mission!


" holiday activities: Arena practice

in the holiday: before the world began the task, you can still get in the athletic training game increased 50% in an honor, and complete the 10 field practice match victory in the PvP arena after the task, but also to get a PvP box as a bonus prize. Hold your arms and fight like a fighter!

three major events to help players in the broken islands adventure tour will be more successful. Seize this good opportunity, in order to fight with azeroth!

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