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(Databoy) Tencent digital news station next to Ferrari, as long as not too far away, can hear the deafening sound of the engine. Commercial real estate agent Eric • Hutchinson (Hutchison Eric) to change the situation, he assembled a fully electric, completely silent Ferrari car. 47 year old Hutchinson said: if you want an electric Ferrari car, simply can not be achieved, because there is No. We have no choice, this is not very good, I don't want to drive the Prius (Prius).

Hutchinson and neighbors to drink a few times of beer, talk about the matter, and then posted on the Ferrari online forum, to see if there is no one has done, did not get too much information.

subsequently, Hutchinson purchased 1978 Ferrari 308 GTS, spent $13 thousand. If someone is recycling the car, the car's windshield will write a letter "R", which means that the car can run. Hutchinson said: "it is clear that someone will be 'R' mean mistake, this car is almost impossible to run. "

now operates a company called GT Electric, which is located in California, Marcos San, and is working with West EV engineers to renovate luxury cars. "Ferrari GTE" project took 18 months, the team took apart the car components, each part of the engine is almost all open. The team will be redundant components through the network sales, and then sent to the world, the recovery of funds for the completion of the project.

Hutchinson in the commercial real estate industry for 20 years, he will take out his own pension project. Over the past 20 years, he found that his investment accounts basically did not create any income, so he decided to put money into the project, may be able to get a better long-term gains.

" finally, team created a red Ferrari car, in several road tests, it defeated Ferrari automobile gasoline. Electric Ferrari accelerates from 0 to 60 miles per hour as long as 5.5 seconds, Hutchinson said, similar to the gasoline Ferrari needs 7.8 seconds. Electric GT team in the existing Ferrari car installed a new battery, their goal is to let the car in 5 seconds to get the same acceleration.

Hutchinson said: you get a beautiful classic car, in terms of horsepower torque, it is 2 times the old car, this experience is crazy. "Class=

who wants a quiet Ferrari?

even if the performance is even better, Hutchinson said, most of the classic car enthusiasts will not like the idea of electric Ferrari. He said that the community is basically a gasoline car enthusiasts.

even Ferrari CEO Sergio • Marchioe (Marchionne Sergio) is no exception. In 2016, Marchioe told reporters at the Geneva auto show, the manufacture of Ferrari car without the engine of the internal combustion engine, the concept of hate, he also said that Ferrari can not develop unmanned vehicles. Marchioe said: first kill me to develop it.

more and more consumers to accept the electric car, the car industry has also been followed by other companies. Mazda, Nissan, Chevrolet, Ford, KIA, TOYOTA have entered the electric vehicle market. Hutchinson said: "people are involved in the discussion of electricity and gasoline, gasoline automobile industry is evolving, people promote the development of the industry, this is a very good thing. "

"in Hutchinson's view, the development of electric vehicles to the year, the cost is one of the main reasons. A new Ferrari car needs a service fee of $6 thousand a year, and $800 for gas. The maintenance cost of electric GTE is mainly spent on the tires, for once every 5 years or 6 years. Hutchinson said: "every day driving a classic car, I like this idea; if the maintenance costs are not high, I would be happy to.

Hutchinson believes his project and Tesla are somewhat similar: let the public to the electric car. Both companies are of great importance to performance. Hutchinson said: "you have seen the results of the comparison of the car with Ferrari and other cars on the highway, once you really drive it, you will find it very powerful. "

"to global

Hutchinson is currently the company's business model is built on the commission model, the team is being renovated a Fiat car, the car will be shipped to Seattle. In the future, Hutchinson said the team will renovate 5 to 10 cars a year, most of the demand from china.

" China is the second largest economy, the traditional China automobile market is expanding, due to more stringent emission standards, the market is still China shift to electric cars. Hutchinson thinks China is a chance.

source: cnbc

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