The smell of Joseph Lau Kempe marriage hearing Lv Lijun said

Joseph Lau 23 best TV drama.

fenghuangyule· 2016-11-22 18:27:15

" Wen Joseph Lau gumbi marriage hearing, Lv Lijun blessing

according to Hongkong media reports, Liu and Joseph Lau traced to Gambi has applied for registration of marriage, they had as early as November 18th licensing registration, the rapid escalation of Liu too do do. Like the TV The path winds along mountain ridges.

is the Hong Kong media interview, Lv Lijun also said: "the exclusive response certainly wish him happiness, happiness is the best healing!

Liu days ago issued a statement refers to the relationship with Lv Lijun in the early days of the 2014 break, both air moves, first of all, Lv Lijun said in response to media "(Joseph Lau) see you so hard, our heart is very painful", Liu then interview, accused Lv Lijun of "Lv Lijun", then immediately re insatiably avaricious in response to "husband" call Liu, also issued a statement that "Liu is a pillar of the family". But Lv Lijun

yesterday issued a statement that has not issued legal proceedings against Liu, and refers to the fact marriage does not apply in Hongkong, Lv Lijun said the marriage is not contracting, "the rights and interests of divorced spouses partners were not married." "in the case of law focus will be placed on the children. Rather than partner, but the statement seems to suggest that any variable, because the statement said" if the court, the court would safeguard the best interests of the child "in the absence of the case of marriage, the law will put focus on the children, rather than the companion" attitude obvious softening.

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