Guangdong Xuwen cucumber 1 cents nobody to fill the roadside

Xuwen Guangdong Zhanjiang cucumber

zhanjiangribao· 2016-11-22 18:35:30

" (source: Zhanjiang cloud media text / reporter Jian Chenming correspondent Zhang Zaiyang) recently it is north of Zhanjiang Xuwen County cucumber market peak, a month of continuous low purchase price, but greatly hurt the heart of watermelon. 17, the purchase price of 3 cents from the Jin, Tang Zhen Da Tang Cun dragon fruit watermelon Tang Yu said, cucumber plant acres cost around 3500 yuan, a month of continuous low purchase price, he one family busy for more than two months, lost twenty thousand yuan. 17, the author visited the Xuwen County, Haian, Liuzhou Nanshan Town, heard the crying sound of a watermelon, the understanding of that: from mid October this year, Xuwen County, the purchase price of cucumber around 2 cents a pound or so have been. (source: Zhanjiang Daily News)

" Xuwen cucumber price continues to decline, the 20 day of the purchase price of 10 Fen pound, there are a lot of watermelon unbearable this cruel price, simply put the vehicle down on the highway or cucumber Ditch Street the garbage, and even on the road. (source: Zhanjiang Daily News)

" some farmers do not have the heart to cucumber rot in the ground, the home of salted or suncured … … (source: Zhanjiang Daily News)

"Xuwen Cucumber Melon unmarketable, low farmers, seeing large cucumber in vain drained, Zhanjiang people eat melon kind of pain! More friends of Poetry: melon melon ridangwu, sweat soaking Melon under the soil, like picking hundreds of thousands of tons of cheap price of watermelon, bitter! (source: Zhanjiang Daily News)

" it is understood that the existing Xuwen county vegetable planting area of about 370 thousand acres, the annual output of 680 thousand tons. Of which about more than 40 thousand acres of cucumber. Due to the same period last year pepper acquisition price is low, but the high price of cucumber, farmers planted a lot of cucumber, the yield is too large, resulting in this year's Xuwen cucumber cucumber pulled the market pile up in excess of requirement, shaorenwenjin. (source: Zhanjiang Daily News)

" it is understood that since this year, Xuwen vegetables listed, a good buy melons per kilogram sold only 5 cents, sometimes a car green melon only sold 70, 80 yuan, a little difference do not go out to the fields to be pulled out a lot of watermelon planting cost not only even lost, also have to pay workers to pick out the ground please. (source: Zhanjiang Daily News)

" this year Xuwen vegetables listed cold, emerged unsalable phenomenon. Xuwen County Electronic Commerce Association planning "cucumber shipping to help farmers marketing activities in the electronic business platform, and actively find a market for farmers selling cucumber. The chairman of the Xuwen County Electronic Commerce Association Pan Lianbin said, Xuwen County of Xuwen Electronic Commerce Association to the local cucumber planning a real-time help agricultural marketing activities through the business model, hoping to help farmers solve out the problem, using e-commerce to drive sales of cucumber. (source: Zhanjiang Daily News)

" according to the Xuwen County Agriculture Bureau of the latest news, yesterday afternoon cucumber price per kilogram has picked up 2 corners. Xuwen County Department of agriculture and the professionals will set up a chat show on local television, on cucumber unsalable problems, guide farmers how to deal with the cucumber unmarketable, and guide farmers to strengthen management in order to pick up the cucumber, cucumber market to sell a good price. (from: Zhanjiang daily)

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Guangdong Xuwen cucumber 1 cents nobody to fill the roadside

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