Liu Zichen said play LOL are smelly grass root at the small desert guide

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tuwanwang· 2016-11-22 22:48:45

11 on the evening of 22 August, Liu Zichen again "male snake demon", broadcast LOL abuse well-known anchor Xiao mo of acrimony. And then become aggravated taunt: play LOL, direct people is full of smelly grass root!

" last night, you never see the small desert regression live, invited well-known players Taobao right together double row, the game has not yet started, there is a large number of Liu Zichen "to enter the studio to paint advertising. In the face of the Navy ads, a small desert light commentary, said he did not love Liu Zichen's live style, will not live to see his.

" did not expect such a normal response has sparked a wave, the unidentified black powder under the Liu Zichen crazy attack began to fan the flames, the small desert, has a hearse, Sima, graves some nasty words. Finally, direct fired all the league game player, said they are all smelly grass root, do not have their own money.

" in the face of such abuse, Xiao Mo finally unbearable, said to live for Liu Zichen to go out to eat a meal, exchange worship once, 1V1, 2V2 can eat. In addition, in Thailand live friend emperor teacher heard it immediately with the small desert, said immediately after the end of the live and return to the small desert together.

is not malicious speculation, openly mocking the majority of game player is up to? This time, want to let him know the Xiao Mo talk about fate, but also hope that the relevant platform can punish the bad mood.

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